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Notable Guest Stars

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Oahu-based Actors & Celebrities

Guest Star Episode(s) Character(s)
Frank Sinatra Laura (7.18) Michael Doheny
Orson Welles Appeared in (4) episodes (voice only) Robin Masters
Angela Lansbury Novel Connection (7.9) Jessica Fletcher
Elisha Cook Jr. Appeared in (13) episodes Icepick & Others
Carol Burnett Rembrandt's Girl (4.14) & A Girl Named Sue (8.7) Susan Johnson
Cesar Romero Little Games (5.12) Doc Villoroch
Ernest Borgnine Mr. White Death (3.9) Earl Gianelli
Sharon Stone Echoes of the Mind (5.1 & 5.2) Diane/Diedre Dupres
Jose Ferrer Lest We Forget (1.10) Judge Robert Caine
Ian McShane Skin Deep (1.6) & Black on White (3.6) David Norman & Edwin Clutterbuck
Ted Danson Don't Say Goodbye (1.15) Stewart Crane
Pat Morita One More Summer (2.17) Jack Metro
Eileen Brennan The Love That Lies (8.6) Brenda Babcock
(Carol's biological mother)
Tyne Daly The Jororo Kill (2.13) Kate Sullivan
Mako The Arrow That is Not Aimed (3.14) Tozan
Gwen Verdon Appeared in (5) episodes Katherine Peterson
(Magnum's mother)
Sylvia Sydney Birdman of Budapest (3.16) Elizabeth Barrett
James Hong Forty (7.17) Han Quing
Mercedes McCambridge Don't Say Goodbye (1.15) Agatha Kimble
Patrick Macnee Holmes Is Where the Heart Is (4.18) David Worth
James Cromwell Photo Play (6.21) French Policeman
Phil Hartman The Legacy of Garwood Huddle (5.4) Newsreel Narrator
Gerald McRaney Ki'i's Don't Lie (3.3) Rick Simon
Robert Forster All For One (5.1 & 5.2) Tyler Peabody McKinney
Henry Gibson Mixed Doubles (3.10) Ronald Mills
Dennis Weaver Let Me Hear the Music (5.18) Lacy Fletcher
Dennis Haysbert Blood and Honor (6.10) Lt. Jameson, USN
John Ratzenberger The Legacy of Garwood Huddle (5.4) Walt Brewster
Anthony LaPaglia Who is Don Luis Higgins? (6.19) Albert Stanley Higgins
(Higgins' father)
Donald P. Bellisario Faith and Begorrah (3.23) Motel Desk Clerk
Stephen J. Cannell A.A.P.I. (7.5) Ray Lemon
Geoffrey Lewis The Return of Luther Gillis (4.16) & I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway (6.12) Lloyd DeWitt & Donald Gilbert
Roscoe Lee Browne Of Sound Mind (3.13) Carlton
Alan Hale Jr. All Thieves on Deck (6.15) Russell Tate
Nehemiah Persoff Torah, Torah, Torah (5.21) Rabbi Asher Solomon
Beverly Todd The Treasure of Kalaniopu'u (6.9) Donna Clemens
Noah Beery Jr. All Roads Lead to Floyd (1.13) Floyd Lewellyn
Marcia Wallace Beauty Knows No Pain (1.18) Barbara Terranova
Vic Morrow Wave Goodbye (2.8) Sgt. Jordan
Darren McGavin Mad Buck Gibson (2.9) Buck Gibson
Keye Luke Forty Years From Sand Island (3.18) Saji Goto
Mimi Rogers Italian Ice (2.16) Margo Perina
James Doohan The Big Blow (3.22) Archie MacPherson
Jessica Walter Novel Connection (7.9) & Magnum on Ice (Murder, She Wrote crossover) Joan Fulton
Hermione Baddeley Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (4.17) Bernice
Eugene Roche Appeared in (5) episodes Luther H. Gillis, P.I.
Richard Roundtree Two Birds of a Feather (3.20) Peter Jordan
Dana Delany Out of the Sync (7.19) & L.A. (7.1 & 7.2) Cynthia Farrell
Brock Peters Old Acquaintance (6.3) Pres. Kole
Robert Loggia Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii (1.1 & 1.2) Philippe Trusseau
Mildred Natwick Limited Engagement (4.5) Madge LaSalle
Francesca Annis Deja Vu (6.1 & 6.2) Penelope St. Clair
Doug McClure Paniolo (6.8) John Quillan
Paul Burke Memories Are Forever (2.5 & 2.6), Did You See the Sunrise? (3.1 & 3.2), & Blood and Honor (6.10) Admiral Kitchner & Admiral Hawkes
Amy Yasbeck Tigers Fan (8.4) & Resolutions (8.12 & 8.13) Diana
Arthur English Deja Vu (6.2) Newspaper Seller
Marcia Strassman Heal_Thyself (3.12) Dr. Karen Harmon
Erin Gray J. "Digger" Doyle (1.17) Joy "Digger" Doyle
Judith Chapman The Black Orchid (1.16) & The Woman on the Beach (2.3) Louise Jackson & Sara Clifford
Dick Shawn Squeeze Play (4.7) Buzz Benoit
Tom Shadyac Murder 101 (5.8) Danny
Scatman Crothers Lest We Forget (1.10) Tickler
Dorothy Loudon Novel Connection (7.9) & Magnum on Ice (Murder, She Wrote) Pamela Bates
Sheree North The Return of Luther Gillis (4.16) Blanche Rafferty
Ron Masak Skin Deep (1.6) J.J. Stein
Kim Richards Mixed Doubles (3.10) Carrie Reardon
William Windom All Thieves on Deck (6.15) Captain James T. Lyle
John McMartin Rembrandt's Girl (4.14) & Novel Connection (7.9) Bill Campbell & Jason Bryan
Susan Oliver Let Me Hear the Music (5.18) Laurie Crane
Peter Davison Deja Vu (6.1 & 6.2) Ian Mackerras
Kenneth Mars The Woman on the Beach (2.3) & Fragments (5.6) Joseph & Archie
Beverly Garland Three Minus Two (2.22) Florence Russell
June Lockhart Lest We Forget (1.10) Diane Pauley
Michael Constantine Death of the Flowers (7.12) Judge Hannibal Kearns
Lew Ayres The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club (1.11) Sidney Dollinger
Tate Donovan Summer School (6.13) R.J. Masters
(Robin's nephew)
Celeste Holm The Love That Lies (8.6) Abigail Baldwin
(Carol's mother)
Carol Channing Distant Relative (4.4) Herself
Miguel Ferrer Lest We Forget (1.10) Robert Wickes, USN
Norman Fell Solo Flight (7.16) David Albertson
Morgan Fairchild Ki'i's Don't Lie (3.3) Catherine Hailey
Barry Nelson Double Jeopardy (2.19) William B. Knox
Hal Williams Resolutions (1) (8.12) Dave the DJ
Lance LeGault Appeared in (12) episodes Col. Buck Greene & John W. Newton
Stuart Margolin ...By Its Cover (3.21) Rod Crysler
David Hemmings Compulsion (5.14) & Out of Sync (7.19) Binkie Smythe-White & Danny
Barbara Rush Blind Justice (5.7) & The Aunt Who Came to Dinner (7.20) Ann Carrington & Phoebe Sullivan (Magnum's aunt)
Shannon Doherty A Sense of Debt (4.8) Ima Platt
Annie Potts Legacy From a Friend (3.19) & A.A.P.I. (7.5) Tracy Spencer
Anthony Newley Legend of the Lost Art (8.10) Peter Riddley-Smythe
Howard Duff Resolutions (8.12 & 8.13) Thomas Sullivan Magnum II
(Magnum's grandfather)
Leo Gordon The People vs. Orville Wright (7.21) Mobster
James Luisi Forty (7.17) John Costa
Irene Tedrow Going Home (6.7) Mrs. Wilson
Bo Svenson Did You See the Sunrise? (3.1 & 3.2) Col. Ivan
Kathleen Nolan The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii (1.8) & Double Jeopardy (2.19) Gloria Marston & Myrt Callahan
Christine Belford Adelaide (1.14) Adelaide Malone
Kabir Bedi Legend of the Lost Art (8.10) Malcolm
William Lucking Two Birds of a Feather (3.20) Sam Houston Hunter
Donnelly Rhodes Of Sound Mind (3.13) Wilson MacLeish
Melora Hardin Luther Gillis: File #521 (4.2) Nancy Perkins Gillis
(Luther's daughter)
Red West All Roads Lead to Floyd (1.13) & Let Me Hear the Music (5.18) Bull Radney & Billy Cockrell
Chuck Mangione
(Flugelhorn Player & Composer)
Paradise Blues (4.15) Jimmy Norlan
John Saxon Jororo Farewell (4.11) Ed Russler
Pat Hingle The Legacy of Garwood Huddle (5.4) Garwood Huddle
Joanna Kerns The Last Page (2.20) & Two Birds of a Feather (3.20) Mary Kanfer & Jenny Hunter
Danny Nucci The Great Hawaiian Adventure Company (8.9) Budge
Dustin Nguyen All For One (5.15 & 5.16) Joe Hanamut
Gregory Sierra Pleasure Principle (8.2) Miguel Torres
Alfonso Ribeiro L.A. (7.1 & 7.2) & Missing Melody (7.11) Kenny
Roy Jenson One Picture is Worth (7.3) Jack Wilkins
Margaret Colin Legend of the Lost Art (8.10) Connie Northrop
Kay Lenz Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (4.17) Sally DeForrest
Katherine Kelly Lang The Aunt Who Came to Dinner (7.20) Lani
Leslie Uggams Paradise Blues (4.15) Alexis Carter
Henry Darrow Paniolo (6.8) Will Kenikowa
Jill St. John Three Minus Two (2.22) Jan Kona
Paul Gleason Kiss of the Sabre (5.11) Ronnie Meeder
Jenny Agutter Little Games (5.12) Krista Villaroch
Judge Reinhold Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii (2) (1.2) Seaman Wolfe
Albert Popwell Missing Melody (7.11) David Crawford
Jameson Parker Ki'i's Don't Lie (3.3) A.J. Simon
Ed Lauter Operation: Silent Night (4.10) Capt. Quintin
Denny Miller Three Minus Two (2.22), A Sense of Debt (4.8) & Photo Play (6.21) Leon Platt & Others
Julian Glover Deja Vu (6.1 & 6.2) Duncan Scott
Frank Converse The Kona Winds (6.4) Sam Henderson
Dana Hill Basket Case (3.15) Theresa "Willie" Henderson
Gregg Henry Forever in Time (8.5) William Keyes
Stella Stevens
(Playboy Playmate)
Find Me a Rainbow (6.18) Loretta van der Post
Dennis Haskins Autumn Warrior (7.13) Del Haynes
Kathryn Leigh Scott The Black Orchid (1.16) Christie DeBolt
Robert Tessier Tran Quoc Jones (5.9) Enforcer
Thaao Penghlis All Thieves on Deck (6.15) Phillipe Dumout
Joe Regalbuto Going Home (6.7) & Resolutions (8.12 & 8.13) Don Eddie Rice
Darby Hinton Beauty Knows No Pain (1.18) Buddy Moran
Jeff Celentano Dream A Little Dream (4.20) Larry
Cindy Pickett Dream A Little Dream (4.20) Karen Teal
Kenneth McMillan Innocence... A Broad (8.3) Joe Hatten
Dick Butkus One More Summer (2.17) Clarence
Carl Anderson
L.A. (2) (7.2) Special Guest Vocalist
David Sanborn
(Saxophone Player)
L.A. (2) (7.2) Special Guest Saxophonist
France Nuyen Torah, Torah, Torah (5.21) Miss Chou
Soon-Tek Oh Appeared in (5) episodes Gen. Hue & Others
Nancy Lee Grahn Try to Remember (2.15) Wendy Gilbert
Michael V. Gazzo The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii (1.8) Victor DiGorgio
Alan Trammell
(Baseball Player)
A Sense of Debt (4.8) Himself
Lou Whitaker
(Baseball Player)
A Sense of Debt (4.8) Himself
Jean Bruce Scott Appeared in (11) episodes Lt. Maggie Poole
Jack Kruschen Laura (7.18) Doheny's Partner
Patrice Martinez Forty (7.17) Linda Lee Ellison
Lisa Blount Out of Sync (7.19) Andrea Nicholson
Marta DuBois Appeared in (5) episodes Michelle
(Magnum's ex-wife)
Lyman Ward The People vs. Orville Wright (7.21) Frank Foley
Shavar Ross Appeared in (5) episodes Bryant Calvin
(T.C.'s son)
Barbara Rhoades The Elmo Ziller Story (2.21) Marcella Ziller
Nobu McCarthy Tigers Fan (8.4) Barbara Ikeda
(Tanaka's sister)
Sinjin Smith
(Beach Volleyball Legend)
Legacy From a Friend (3.19) Marcus Phillips
Peter Brown Heal Thyself (3.12) Robert Brighton
Jeff MacKay Appeared in (24) episodes "Mac" & Others
Harry Townes Murder 101 (5.8) Albert Leonard
Bryne Piven On the Fly (7.15) Pasqual Valez
Nicholas Hammond Foiled Again (3.8) Clarke Troubshaw
George Coe A Girl Named Sue (8.7) William Wainwright
Jon Lormer Ghost Writer (2.12) Barker, the Butler
John Dennis Johnston The Elmo Ziller Story (2.21) Texas Gunman #2
Fritz Feld Birdman of Budapest (3.16) Lars
Charles Aidman Computer Date (2.14) James Randolph
June Chadwick The Case of the Red-Faced Thespian (4.12) & Echoes of the Mind (5.1 & 5.2) Lady Cynthia Warrington-Stout & Sara
Tim Rossovich
(Pro Football Player)
One Picture is Worth (7.3) & Resolutions (2) (8.13) Nelson & Hank
Katherine Cannon Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too (1.4) & I Do? (3.17) Linda Booton & Marsha MacKenzie
Lenore Kasdorf Smaller Than Life (4.3) Savannah
(Magnum's girlfriend)
Donald Gibb The Eighth Part of the Village (3.4) & A Sense of Debt (4.8) Mr. Harms & Condley Willard
Burr DeBenning The Jororo Kill (2.13) Ed Russler
Hari Rhodes Old Acquaintance (6.3) Mr. Wanda
Sal Viscuso No More Mr. Nice Guy (4.13) Herbie Franklin
Lilyan Chauvin Italian Ice (2.16) Maria, the Sicilian Cook
Med Flory The Elmo Ziller Story (2.21) Texas Gunman #1
Don Lamond Three Minus Two (2.22) Allan Russell
Julie Sommars Texas Lightning (2.18) Jeannie Lowry
David S. Cass Sr.
(Stunt Man & Stunt Coordinator)
A Little Bit of Luck... A Little Bit of Grief (6.20) Benny
Dick Warlock
(Stunt Man & Stunt Coordinator)
On Face Value (4.19) Jimmy Kiedash
Al Leong
(Stunt Man & Stunt Coordinator)
Mac's Back (5.3) Bodyguard #2
Buddy Joe Hooker
(Stunt Man & Stunt Coordinator)
On Face Value (4.19) Mark Kiedash
Dick Durock
(Stunt Man & Stunt Coordinator)
Appeared in (3) episodes Jansen, Norm & Enforcer
Robert F. Hoy
(Stunt Man & Actor)
Appeared in (4) episodes Cornell Dye & Others
Vince Deadrick Sr.
(Stunt Man & Stunt Coordinator)
This Island Isn't Big Enough... (6.16) Matt
George Fisher
(Stunt Man & Stunt Coordinator)
Appeared in (3) episodes Boxer & Henchmen
Tom Lupo
(Tom Selleck's Stunt Man & Stand-in, Stunt Coordinator)
Mr. White Death (3.9) & Others Various Roles
Lenny Montana
(Pro Wrestler & Mobster)
Italian Ice (2.16) Marquis' Bodyguard
James "Tally-Ho" Blears
(Pro Wrestler)
Mr. White Death (3.9) & Squeeze Play (4.7) Referee & Bartender
Tor Kamata
(Pro Wrestler)
Mac's Back (5.3) Bodyguard
Michael Spilotro
Thicker than Blood (1.12) Federal Agent
Oahu-based Actors & Celebrities
James Shigeta Forty Years From Sand Island (3.18) & Paper War (7.8) Richard Enoka & Mr. Obotu
Branscombe Richmond Appeared in (6) episodes Gerald Akoa & Others
Clyde Kusatsu Appeared in (7) episodes Col. Ki & Others
Al Harrington
(Hawaii Five-O regular)
Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too (1.4) Mano
Dick Jensen
Appeared in (5) episodes Chief Mano & Others
(Hawaii Five-O regular)
The Jororo Kill (2.13) Hotel Doorman
Kam Fong
(Hawaii Five-O regular)
The Last Page (2.20) & The Love-For-Sale Boat (5.17) Kam Chung & Kanki
Jimmy Borges
Small roles in (4) episodes Officer Lee & Others
Carole Kai
(Entertainer/TV Host)
Murder 101 (5.8) Rental Car Agent
Kimo Kahoano
(Entertainer/TV Host)
Paper War (7.8) Foreman
Joe Moore
(KHON-TV News Anchor)
Small roles in (6) episodes Russ Griffith & Others
Jade Moon
(KGMB-TV News Anchor)
Mac's Back (5.3) Lady at Poker Game (uncredited)
Kirk Matthews
(KHON-TV News Anchor)
Small roles in (3) episodes Reporter & Mr. Finch
Henry Kapono
(Musical Artist)
The Elmo Ziller Story (2.21) Rodeo Worker
Don Muraco
(Pro Wrestler)
Foiled Again (3.8) Sugar Mill Worker
Jim Hutchison Limited Engagement (4.5) & Find Me a Rainbow (6.18) Harvey Cole & Det. Howell
Seth Sakai Appeared in (6) episodes Ito & Others
Herman Wedemeyer
(Hawaii Five-O regular)
The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club (1.11) Coroner
Doug Mossman
(Hawaii Five-O regular)
Appeared in (3) episodes David Kaimi & Others
Tommy Fujiwara Appeared in (4) episodes n/a
Danny Kamekona
(Hawaii Five-O regular)
Appeared in (6) episodes Sato Osawa & Others
James Grant Benton
Appeared in (8) episodes Kika & Others
Tremaine Tamayose
Adelaide (1.14) Ring Announcer
Ed Kaahea
Paradise Blues (4.15) Frank
Mark Tuinei
(Pro Football Player)
Italian Ice (2.16) College Student
Rell Sunn
(Pro Surfer)
Dream A Little Dream (4.20) Surfer (uncredited)
Randy Rarick
(Pro Surfer)
Dream A Little Dream (4.20) Trophy Presenter (uncredited)
Moe Keale
Appeared in (3) episodes Kaholo & Others
Manu Tupou The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club (1.11) Charlie
Palani Vaughan
Forever in Time (8.5) Singer
Jo Pruden Appeared in (4) episodes Lenor Vandercliff & Others
Kawaikapuokalani Hewett
Forever in Time (8.5) Kumu Hula
Sol K. Bright
The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club (1.11) Makua
Marlene Sai
Kapu (7.10) Makua Wahine Luka
Harry Endo
(Hawaii Five-O regular)
Ms. Jones (5.19) & Unfinished Business (8.8) Mr. Matsuda & Judge Homer Haruda
Clay Wai Appeared in (6) episodes n/a
Kwan Hi Lim Appeared in (27) episodes Lt. Tanaka
Richard McPherson Appeared in (4) episodes Moody & Others
Elizabeth Smith Appeared in (3) episodes Mrs. Macao & Mrs. Akawi
Elissa Dulce Hoopai Appeared in (9) episodes Rosine & Tiffany
Mel Cabang
Birdman of Budapest (3.16) Taxi Driver
Connie Kissinger
On Face Value (4.19) & The Aunt Who Came to Dinner (7.20) Nurse Wilson & Hall of Records Clerk
Krash Kealoha
(Disc Jockey)
A.A.P.I. (7.5) & Innocense... A Broad (8.3) Security Guard & Bartender
Ray Bumatai
(Comedian/Recording Artist)
The Love That Lies (8.6) Reporter #1
Rick Quan
(KITV Sportscaster)
Never Again ... Never Again (1.7) & Little Girl Who (7.7) Intern & Young Vietnamese Man
Karen Keawehawaii
Fragments (5.6) & Kapu (7.10) Singer & Bag Lady
Glenn Pinho
Tran Quoc Jones (5.9) Dan
Keokeokalae Hughes
Murder 101 (5.8) & One Picture is Worth (7.3) Elena & Keo
Josie Over Appeared in (4) episodes n/a
Don Nahaku Appeared in (3) episodes n/a
Don Eads
(Musician & College Professor)
Of Sound Mind (3.13) Live Band Keyboardist (@ Masquerade Ball)
Laurie Foi Try to Remember (2.15) & Did You See the Sunrise? (3.1) Crouching Lion Hostess & Nurse
Kathy Paulo
The Great Hawaiian Adventure Company (8.9) Receptionist
Elizabeth Lindsey
(Miss Hawaii 1978)
Lest We Forget (1.10) Kiki
Harry Chang Appeared in (3) episodes (2) Doctors & Desk Clerk
Tina Machado
(Miss Hawaii)
Appeared in (7) episodes Lady in Corvette & Others
Lei Maa
(Dancer/Miss Hawaii)
Forever in Time (8.5) Victoria Keyes
Lourdes Estores
(Playboy Playmate)
Find Me a Rainbow (6.18) Lady on Beach
Cynthia Yip
(KITV Reporter)
Unfinished Business (8.8) Defense Attorney
Wallace Landford Appeared in (4) episodes Artie Keanu & Fat Jack
Teri Ann Linn Three Minus Two (2.22) & Faith and Begorrah (3.23) Wendy & Angie (aka "Legs")
Shirley Rogers Don't Say Goodbye (1.15), Three Minus Two (2.22) & many others as an "extra" Denise & Miss Jones ("the snorkel lady")
Peter Kalua Appeared in (6) episodes Kono & Others
Wisa D'Orso
The Legacy of Garwood Huddle (5.4) Mavis
Devon Guard Appeared in (4) episodes Martina Orsatti & Others
Roland Nip Appeared in (6) episodes Luang & Others
Kanani Choy Appeared in (3) episodes Eunice & Big Sally
Warren Fabro Round and Around (6.6) & Autumn Warrior (7.13) Sammy Garns & Moki
Geoff Heise Appeared in (3) episodes Goffrey Bonner & David Kirk
Michael Hasegawa Appeared in (3) episodes Capt. Thanat & Others
Deborah Takushi
Adelaide (1.14) & Billy Joe Bob (2.1) Waitress & Mary
Farmer Boy Ipo
(Pro Wrestler)
Mr. White Death (3.9) Big Zongo
Sam Peters Billy Joe Bob (2.1) Phil
Francesca Dodge Try to Remember (2.15) & Forty Years From Sand Island (3.18) Juanita Keole & Nurse
Ardi Maioho
(Honolulu Police Officer)
Legacy From a Friend (3.19) Sylvia, Rose's Henchwoman
Chris Duque
(Honolulu Detective)
Torah, Torah, Torah (5.21) Dick Ling
Warren Aki
(Honolulu Fire Chief)
Death and Taxes (7.6) Kana
Gabriel Aio
Appeared in (3) episodes Kimo & Little Tony
Puluelo Park
(Hula Teacher)
Forever in Time (8.5) Pali-Uli Keahikapu
Dave Kimura
All Roads Lead to Floyd (1.13) & The Last Page (2.20) Ishil & Yo Yo
Reggie Ho All For One (5.15) & Missing Melody (7.11) Keo & Bernie the Bookie
Reri Tava Jobe Appeared in (5) episodes Gloria Bower & Others
Maile Kinimaka Appeared in (3) episodes Maile
Howard Kaohi Thicker than Blood (1.12) Pickup Truck Driver