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I Do?

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 57
Season Number: 3.17
Air Date: 2/17/1983
Writer: Rob Gilmer
Director: Ivan Dixon
Producer: Chas. Floyd Johnson
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Guest Stars
Katherine Cannon (Marsha MacKenzie), Dick O'Neill (Harry MacKenzie), Nicolas Coster (Andrew MacKenzie), Mary Jackson (Grandmother MacKenzie), Doreen McLean (Greta), Charles Peck (Otto), Kathy McCullen (Mary Jane Lodato), Wayne Ward (Minister)
Episode Brief
To smoke out the thief in a large family-owned business, Magnum feigns marriage to the CEO's niece, who drives a mean limousine and can't quite make up her mind how she feels about men, marriage, and Magnum.
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1 Katherine Cannon (Marsha Mackenzie) previously appeared in Season One's "Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too" (1.4).

2 The Honolulu Elk's Lodge is used for a brief King Kamehameha Club dining room scene. This was the original location for the King Kamehameha Club, but it hasn't been used since the end of Season One when the Marks Estate took over as the primary filming location for the club (for all non-beach bar shots). This is the last time this filming location will be used.

3 The church scene where Magnum and Marsha are "married" was filmed at St. Andrew's Cathedral in downtown Honolulu. St. Andrew's Cathedral was used four episodes earlier in "Of Sound Mind" (3.13).

4 Magnum's saxophone rears its amusing, ugly head again! And Magnum enjoys some Fig Newton's dipped in milk, a favorite snack.

5 Magnum has cable TV in the guesthouse. He mentions watching a repeat of the USC/Notre Dame football game "on cable". The game he is referring to is probably the '82 game (since the '83 game had not been played yet) where USC wins in the closing seconds, 17-13, on a controversial call. USC running back Michael Harper appeared to fumble before scoring but was given the touchdown.

6 At the honeymoon cottage, Magnum watches the original version of Gunga Din (1939).

7 Kathy McCullen (Mary Jane Lodato) appeared in seven episodes of Black Sheep Squadron (as Lt. Ellie Kovaks).

8 In Alexandria, Egypt (date unknown, but probably between 1938-1940), Higgins was forced to feign matrimony (reason undisclosed) with not one, but three daughters of a Bedouin Prince. "As a young Lance-Corporal who had experienced but one affaire de coeur in [his] 22 years, the prospect of an impending wedding eve with three hot-blooded Bedouin was indeed an awesome one. Fortunately, as the youngest daughter dosed the dying campfire and plunged the tent into pitch blackness, Higgins recalled a particularly relevent chapter from Rommel's classic treatise on tank warfare"...
Higgins: My God, Rick, how can you drink that swill? Malaria-infested Burmese swamp water was more palatable.

(to Rick)
Higgins: Would you stop bobbing your head like some ludicrous car ornament and tell me who is responsible for these infractions.

Marsha MacKenzie: What are you doing? WHAT are you doing!?
Magnum: ... You kissed me.
Marsha MacKenzie: (laughs) Oh, "I kissed you", that's typically male. Why would I want to kiss you??
Magnum: I don't know, but it's nothing to get upset about.

Marsha MacKenzie: Well, I guess I made a pretty rotten wife, huh?!
Magnum: No, I didn't make such a hot husband...I guess this relationship stuff takes a lot of practice.
Marsha MacKenzie: It's kinda like golf for me. No matter how hard I try practicing, I never seem to break a hundred. You know what I mean?
Magnum: Yeah, I sure do.
Marsha MacKenzie: Well...
Magnum: Hey, we didn't do so bad after all. You know, all things considered.
Marsha MacKenzie: Right, all things considered. (smiles)
1 Magnum refers to himself as a "Private Detective", rather than "Investigator", committing one of his own pet peeves.

2 At the 6:26 mark, right after Uncle Harry finishes his dance with the bride, his suit suddenly has cake on it (when a split second before it did not). The cake on his suit was from a scene that happened eariler. (Noted by Ray Klopp)

3 When Magnum is seen wearing the long white "lab" coat while trying to get into door #8, several crates fall on top of him. After Magnum ends up on his back you can see on the left side of his coat the rectangular pattern of protective padding! It is very defined with the corners protruding distrupting the natural form of the coat. (Noted by IslandHopper)

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