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The Kona Winds

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 110
Season Number: 6.4
Air Date: 10/10/1985
Writer: Chris Abbott
Director: Jerry Jameson
Producer: Chris Abbott
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Guest Stars
Cynthia Sikes (Lauren Henderson), Frank Converse (Sam Henderson), Kit McDonough (Cindy), Dick Jensen (Big Ed Kanakoa), Tina Machado (Big Ed' Date - uncredited)
Episode Brief
As a Kona storm front bears down on Hawaii, Magnum rescues a woman who fears for her life after witnessing her husband murder his partner. Meanwhile, Higgins tries to defend Robin's Nest against nature's wrath.
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1 This episode showcases elements of Film noir and features one of the best twist endings ever seen in the show!

2 T.C. and Rick only appear in one scene each in this episode.

3 This episode was included in the 2011 The Best of the 80s: Magnum P.I. 2-disc DVD set from Universal, along with six other classic Magnum P.I. episodes ("Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii", "Memories Are Forever", "Home From the Sea", "Blind Justice", "Limbo" and "Resolutions").

4 The opening preview contains a different take from the scene where Magnum rescues Lauren from the ocean. In the preview, when Magnum carries Lauren out of the water, her dress has risen up and she can be seen pulling it back down. In the actual episode, the dress is hanging down the whole time. (Noted by Tim)

5 The garage of the gatehouse is seen for the first and only time in the show (in the scene with Magnum working on the generator). At first glance, it appears that the scene takes place in the outdoor "maintenance wing" of the main house, but several clues point to it as being the garage of the gatehouse (window in the back, no base molding on the column, etc.).We also see a couple of new indoor sets at Robin's Nest, an upstairs room with a fireplace and the laundry room. (Garage ID'd by Pahonu)

6 Magnum's "Kona Winds Narration" scene was filmed at the famous Halona Blow Hole near Sandy Beach on the south shore of Oahu. The narration is reminscent of the opening text of Raymond Chandler's 1938 Philip Marlowe short story, "Red Wind" ("There was a desert wind blowing that night. It was one of those hot dry Santa Anas that come down through the mountain passes and curl your hair and make your nerves jump and your skin itch..."). Chandler and his stories have been mentioned and referenced in several Magnum P.I. episodes. (Chandler Connection Noted by Little Garwood)

7 Similiar to Rick in "Computer Date" (2.14), Magnum has an affair with a married woman! And Magnum again falls in love with a distressed, emotionally unstable, woman almost instantaneously, although here it can be somewhat excused due to the effects of the "Kona Winds"!

8 The theme of weather affecting behavior is seen again in "Pleasure Principle" (8.2).

9 The KKC "Anuenue Room" (or "Rainbow Room") set is used for a brief scene. This rarely used "Party Room" was previously seen in "I Witness" (4.21) and will be used for several future episodes, including many in Season Seven.

10 The scenes at the Henderson house were filmed at a private residence in Kahala. The property was owned by Japanese billionaire real estate invester Gensiro Kawamoto, the largest property owner in Kahala.

11 Magnum and T.C. both wear their Da Nang caps in the same scene. The only time this has happened previously is in Season Five's "Blind Justice" (5.7). (Noted by Jay-Firestorm)

12 In a rare sight, Magnum is seen driving the Ferrari with the top on!

13 Well-known local Hawaiian singer/entertainer Dick Jensen (Big Ed Kanakoa) makes his third of five appearances on the show. He previously appeared in "Three Minus Two" (2.22) and "Blind Justice" (5.7), and will later appear in "Death and Taxes" (7.6) and "Kapu" (7.10).

14 Magnum wears the rarely-seen grey "U.S. Naval Academy" t-shirt.

15 The voice of the hotel operator at the "Hotel Waverly in Melbourne" is provided by Magnum P.I. Hawaii casting director Margaret Doversola (uncredited).

16 Sam Henderson's secretary is seen reading a paperback copy of Judy Blume's Smart Women, which, like this episode, has an extramarital affair theme.
"The Kona Winds Narration"
Magnum: There's something hypnotic about the climate in Hawaii; every day it's sunny and 80 degrees, every day there are gentle trade winds to take the edge off the humidity, every day ... until the Kona Winds come up. The Kona Winds come from the south, from somewhere in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. As they travel toward the unprotected chain of islands sitting vulnerable in the huge expanse of water, they pick up power, and speed, and force, finally crashing into the scattered pits of land. But the Kona Winds do more than whip the sea into a frenzy, they stir the blood and tear at the emotions, thrusting even temperate men into destinies they may later regret. I've always felt drawn to the lands end to watch the winds come in, as if I were somehow... part of the drama. (Narration)

(Higgins is planning defences against the approaching storm)
Magnum: This isn't a war you know. I mean, once nature sets it's course, you can't do anything to stop it.
Higgins: You can if you're British!

Lauren Henderson: Do you feel that? It almost feels as if the air's alive.
Magnum: The Kona Winds.

Rick: You do two things when a storm comes in. One, you lock your windows. Two, you lock your doors. Then you boogie, boogie, boogie until ya drop!

Sam Henderson: Even a fool has limits.
1 When Magnum is talking to T.C. beside the chopper, there are frequent and sustained views of cameramen and production crew in the reflection on the helicopter. (Noted by Timmer33)

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