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One Picture is Worth

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 130
Season Number: 7.3
Air Date: 10/8/1986
Writer: James L. Novak
Director: Ray Austin
Producer: Rick Weaver
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Kathleen Lloyd (Carol Baldwin)
Guest Stars
Stephanie Dunnam (Linda Andrews), Linda Ryan (Art Gallery Owner), Tim Rossovich (Nelson), Roy Jenson (Jack Wilkins), Melanie Phillips (Mrs. Wilkins), Keokeokalae Hughes (Keo)
Episode Brief
A gifted deaf painter is the only eyewitness to a bank robbery in which four people were killed. Carol persuades Magnum to secure the young woman at Robin's Nest and act as her bodyguard when her life is endangered after identifying one of the perpetrators in a police lineup.
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1 Magnum's back from his trip to L.A., but there is no mention of the trip, or of Cynthia.

2 Higgins' impersonation of Magnum in this episode, complete with Hawaiian shirt, Detroit Tigers baseball cap and sunglasses, presages "Pleasure Principle" (8.2) where Higgins and Magnum swap personalities. We also see Higgins driving the Ferrari, a rare sight!

3 Roger E. Mosley's stunt double (and Magnum P.I.'s stunt coordinator) Bob Minor and Tom Selleck's stunt double (Tom Lupo) have minor uncredited roles in this episode (in addition to stunt work). Bob Minor appears as a janitor and Tom Lupo is a security guard. Both get killed by a shotgun blast inside the bank. In the scene where Magnum jumps over the railing and fire, Selleck's stunt double can easily be spotted in the "straight on" shot. (Noted by rubber chicken & IslandHopper)

4 Roy Jenson (Jack Wilkins) is a legendary Hollywood "bad guy" (and stuntman). He appeared in numerous Clint Eastwood movies, doubled for Robert Mitchum and was Roman Polanski's henchman in Chinatown. He appeared in almost 200 television episodes and films, starting in the early 1950s.

5 Tim Rossovich (Nelson) was Tom Selleck's roommate at the University of Southern California. He also played Linebacker in the NFL, most notably for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1968-1971.

6 The Ramsay Gallery in Chinatown is used as a filming location.

7 The classical piece heard at the beginning of this episode is Antonio Vivaldi's "Spring", from the Baroque masterpiece The Four Seasons. (ID'd by Carmen)

8 Higgins knows sign language and has above average painting skills.

9 Magnum refers to Carol as an "Assistant D.A." (not a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney).

10 Further evidence that T.C. is a "closet" Renaissance Man. He has a strong appreciation, and passion, for art and he collects the paintings of Linda Andrews (fictional).

11 Local Hawaiian newscaster Russell Shimooka (KGMB) has a brief appearance as a TV newscaster.

12 Keo the Robin's Nest maid is seen for the second time. She was briefly seen in Season Five's "Professor Jonathan Higgins" (5.13). The actress who plays her, Keokeokalae Hughes, previously appeared in "Murder 101" (5.8) as one of Magnum's students.

13 The indoor set of the living room of the main house at Robin's Nest has been slightly re-designed, and features a new couch.

14 In 1944 in the Pacific, Higgins spent hours before battles doing water colors. One day a lovely island maiden dragged him into her hut to view her primitive art. He spent several wonderful weeks with her and mastered the technique, but not her talent.
Magnum: There's something I've noticed over the years about movie bad guys. They're always bad; the henchman, the hitmen, the big bosses. They all have that "one dimensional evil". We don't like to think about the fact that they might have families, or about what their families have to go through because of them. I could see that Jack Wilkins was just that scary enigma and I was counting on the possibility that he would have the same universal household problems we all have. (Narration)

Higgins: Officer, I can explain about the muffler. Uh, there was a mongoose.... a rather... large... mongoose...

T.C. (to T.M.): Does it ever occur to you to just ask for what you want, without any games? Don't you think if it's really important to you I'd probably say yes? *

* Magnum said the exact same words to Carol earlier in the episode!
1 When Magnum and Linda get shot at for the first time by one of the three men, Magnum says to her "We're going out the back, come on" and she responds by saying "No, I can't. I can't swim". Linda was not in a position to read Magnum's lips, so she could not have known what he had said. (Noted by Mark Seaman)

2 Magnum is seen spraying dangerous chemicals (under the sink), yet he is only wearing a simple dust mask, not the necessary respirator mask. (Noted by Tim)

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