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One More Summer

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 35
Season Number: 2.17
Air Date: 2/11/1982
Writer: Reuben Leder
Story: Del Reisman, Reuben Leder
Director: Rod Daniel
Producers: Rick Weaver, Andrew Schneider
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Guest Stars
David Wilson (Dorsey Bramlett), Louise Sorel (Eleanor Greeley), Kimber Hinkson (April Ann Metro), Paul Tinder (Delbert Nolton), Pat Morita (Jack Metro), Dick Butkus (Clarence), Robert Cain (Dr. Harvey), Bill Edwards (Coach Bell), Gus Rethwisch (Clyde Sromosky), Jerry Schmeer (Walt Chambers)
Episode Brief
When an old Naval Academy friend and teammate, Dorsey Bramlett, now a professional quarterback, is nearly murdered, he asks Magnum to go undercover at his football team's training camp to protect him. Magnum's job is made all the more difficult by the strenuous workouts he must endure in training camp!
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1 The pro football team seen in this episode is the fictional "New Jersey Blazers". The football stadium that is featured in many of the scenes is Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, home of the University of Hawaii Warriors football team and the site of the annual NFL Pro Bowl game. Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus (Clarence) guest stars.

2 Dorsey Bramlett was Magnum's backup quarterback at Navy during his senior year (Dorsey was three years behind him). Dorsey says Magnum was a great scrambler and had one of the best arms he's ever seen.

3 Magnum wears his camouflage SEAL cap for the first time! It will be seen many more times to come.

4 Despite receiving guest star billing, Pat Morita (Jack Metro) is barely featured in this episode and has very few lines.

5 The establishing shot of the Jack Metro's house in the opening pool party scene is a stock footage shot of Casa Encantada (House of Enchantment), the famous old Conrad Hilton estate in Bel-Air, California. The estate is one of the most expensive in the U.S., valued at over $92 million dollars! (ID'd by rubber chicken)

6 A wonderful "zoom out" Crane shot of the estate (with Higgins dialog) can be seen in this episode. The camera (facing the main house) starts somewhat close in on Higgins and Zeus/Apollo, then slowly "zooms out" while elevating up. In the final pause, a fantastic view of the estate grounds can be seen, with Higgins and Zeus/Apollo barely visable on the lawn.

7 During the football practices, Magnum wears #16 and T.C. wears #88.

8 Magnum mentions "5-0" again, further evidence that Hawaii Five-0 exists in the same "universe" as Magnum P.I.. "5-0" will be mentioned and referenced in several more future episodes.

9 T.C. was an All-American tight end at Grambling State University.

10 As a side story, the episode includes Delbert Nolton (Paul Tinder) not only as a second string Blazers quarterback, but also as some kind of a religous zealot who informs Dorsey Bramlett he's "praying for him" or "warning him about his life-style" in numerous scenes. We first see Delbert with his girlfriend Patsy both oddly attired in formal evening wear at the introductory pool party. (Noted by J.G.)

11 The big game at the end of the episode is the fictional "Honolulu 5th Anuual Pro-College Bowl", a game that pits a pro team versus the Pac-10 All-Stars. During the game, the name Semeri Ulufale can be seen on a closeup of the scoreboard. Semeri played at the Univ. of Hawaii ('77-'81) as a "wedge buster" on kickoffs. He was a fan favorite and his nickname was "Suicide Sam". He later played arena football for the Honolulu Hammerheads in his early 40s.

12 In 1949 in Benares, Higgins coached the regimental rugby team, working closely with military doctors. One time, Corky Bostwick brought in two "untouchables" to the team. This is the first "Corky Bostwick" story of the series. Higgins will mention Corky again in several future episodes (see "Mr. White Death").

13 Also in 1949, Higgins' polo pony in Gwangju had an injured fetlock treated with Lidocaine. The Sunday of the Queen's birthday party, Corky Bostwick lost control of a mare when the stallion on the other team gave a passionate whinny.
Higgins: No wonder they dislike you so intensely. How beastly! How savage! I'm appalled by your wanton and blatent cruelty to animals, simply appalled. This is a grave matter, one that will affect our relationship adversely.
Magnum: What doesn't?
Higgins: Magnum, you can hardly compare this atrocity to your other indiscretions.
Magnum: All right, Higgins. I'm not going to argue with you. I've taken all the abuse from both you and your Lads. Enough! You're not gonna have Thomas Magnum to kick around anymore!

Dorsey Bramlett: I love this game, I really do.

(Regarding Magnum, who has recently moved out of the guesthouse)
Higgins: Isn't it glorious lads. I find the silence and serenity sublime. No screeching of tires past my window in the early morning hours. No strange sounds emanating from the guest house. No more sordid and tawdry guests. No more abuse of private property. No more Magnum.
Zeus: Ruff!
Apollo: Woof!

(On finding Magnum wearing an old American Football helmet)
Higgins: Even for you I find this evening's attire most bizarre. A rough divorce case pending?
Magnum: Higgins...
Higgins: Or is it some exotic fantasy you engage in after the sun goes down. Win one for the Dipper something or other.
Magnum: Gipper!
Higgins: What?
Magnum: It's Gipper, not Dipper!

Magnum: Even in the Hawaiian sunshine, football, to me, smelt like fall in New England. Someplace there should be a prep band playing, pretty girls in short skirts, and I was 21 again with an arm that could throw passes all afternoon. (Narration)
1 During the pool party in the opening scene, Jack Metro (Pat Morita) gets dunked in the pool in his clothes. A minute or two later, he's wearing the same clothes and is completely dry!.

2 When Magnum interviews another player at field side, the player advises Magnum in part Spanish-part broken English that he is the "team kicker." However, he is equipped with shoulder pads of a defensive lineman! Kickers wear much smaller, more lightweight shoulder pads. (Noted by J.G.)

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