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Don't Say Goodbye

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 15
Season Number: 1.15
Air Date: 3/26/1981
Writers: T.J. Miles, Babs Greyhosky
Story: T.J. Miles
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Producers: Rick Weaver, Andrew Schneider
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Guest Stars
Andrea Marcovicci (Amy Crane), Ted Danson (Stewart Crane), Mercedes McCambridge (Agatha Kimball), Wally Landford (Fat Jack), Kanani Choy (Eunice), Jim Reynolds (Frank LaRue), Harry Chang (Doctor), Shirley Rogers (Denise)
Episode Brief
Magnum's services are once again called upon by Agatha Kimball after she has been contacted by a blackmailer claiming to have some important information about her granddaughter, Amy, but a botched money drop has Magnum thinking they're in far worse trouble than he's been led to believe.
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1 Oscar winner and legendary radio actress Mercedes McCambridge (Agatha Kimball) guest starred with Tom Selleck in the 1979 television movie The Sacketts, a Western based on a Louis L'Amour novel. McCambridge is also well-known for providing the dubbed-in voice for the demonically possessed main character in the classic 1973 horror film The Exorcist. Orson Welles called her "the world's greatest living radio actress."

2 Ted Danson will start his long-running role on the classic television sitcom Cheers in the following year (1982) and will later star with Tom Selleck in the hit movies 3 Men and a Baby (1987) and 3 Men and a Little Lady (1990).

3 Andrea Marcovicci (Amy Crane) guest stars again in "The Sixth Position" (2.11).

4 Agatha Kimball (Mercedes McCambridge) is a friend and former client of Magnum. Amy Crane was a former girlfriend. Neither will be seen or mentioned again in the show.

5 Tom Selleck stated in a 2010 Parade magazine interview that part of his fight scene with Ted Danson on the boat was ad-libbed. When Danson grabbed the large boat hook, Selleck pushed Andrea Marcovicci into the water and then jumped in himself to get away. This wasn't part of the script, but they wound up leaving it in anyway at Selleck's insistence.

6 The beautiful piano piece that Amy Crane (Andrea Marcovicci) plays for Agatha Kimball is a variation on Alessandro Marcello's masterpiece "Adagio in D minor". Andrea Marcovicci played most of the piece herself. The first four bars of the melody can also be heard in the background at the beginning of the episode and then again at the end, with each being a slightly different variation on "Adagio". (ID'd by Raudino & Bernd-Christian Schulze)

7 The parking lot at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve (then known as Hanauma Bay Beach Park) is used as a filming location.

8 Agatha Kimball's house was filmed at a private residence at 3766 Old Pali Road. (Noted by rubber chicken)

9 The estate's main phone number is "555-2131". The number will be different in several future episodes.

10 Magnum is again seen parking the Ferrari in a 'No Parking' zone.

11 Rick's date (Denise) is played by the stunningly beautiful local actress Shirley Rogers. Shirley will later memorably appear in Season Two's "Three Minus Two" (2.22) in the famous "snorkel shot" scene with Selleck (used in the opening title sequence for seasons 2-8). Shirley was also an extra on the show in several early episodes.

12 The end credits feature a couple of brief outtakes from the filming of the episode - 1) Magnum grabs at a piece of paper, but then drops it. 2) T.C. flicks water (or whatever's in his glass) in Rick's face. (Noted by Carol the Dabbler)

13 Local Hawaiian actor Wally Landford (Fat Jack) makes his first appearance on the show. He will go on to appear in three more episodes - "Mad Buck Gibson" (as Jim the bartender), and "Luther Gillis File 521" and "The Return of Luther Hillis" (as Artie Keanu).

14 When Magnum leaves Agatha Kimball's house (the 2nd time) in the Ferrari, T.C.'s Island Hoppers van can briefly be seen parked on the street in the background. (Noted by wilko)
T.C.: Like I said, I ain't goin' nowhere...Unless you got some kind of money, you know, gas money, somethin'.
Magnum: Aw, come on T.C.
T.C.: No money, no Maui.
Magnum: I bought you lunch.
T.C.: Junk food.
Magnum: Here, that's all I got.
T.C. (laughs): Man, you need to take that to a church somewhere! I'm talkin' about real money. You know, not chump change!
Magnum: I do have a couple hundred here. I just got paid.
T.C.: Scuddily Wugglies! Man, where did you get this from!? You didn't do nothin' illegal did you?!
Magnum: No, that's mine! I just got paid on a case, this case.
T.C.: Yeah, well, maybe I better hold this. We got some past debts we need to discuss, ah...on our way to Maui! Come on, let's go!
Magnum: T.C. wait, I never counted that. I thought there was only a couple hundred bucks in there.
T.C.: Yeah, well, you better call up your accountant, because there's a lot money in here.
Magnum: T.C., how much money is in there!?

(Amy Crane is playing a variation on Alessandro Marcello's "Adagio in C minor" on the piano)
Agatha Kimball: It's lovely.
Amy Crane: You really think so? I thought you'd closed the door because of all the sour notes that I've been hitting.
Agatha Kimball: Nooo, I was talking about your cologne scent, it's lovely. But your playing is lovely, too.

Amy Crane: What if the words won't come out of my mouth?
Magnum: They're not supposed to come out of your mouth. They're supposed to come out of your heart.
1 When Magnum gives up the car chase and turns the Ferrari around to head back to the scene of the shooting, the built up queue of traffic behind the truck has seemingly suddenly disappeared, allowing him to turn straight around with ease. Also, it is quite obvious that the driver is a stunt double, not Tom Selleck.

2 Also during the car chase scene, when Magnum stops the Ferrari, two Magnum P.I. production crew members can be briefly seen in the driver side, side-view mirror. (Noted by Giuseppe Raudino)

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