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Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 162
Season Number: 8.13
Air Date: 5/1/1988
Writers: Stephen A. Miller, Chris Abbott
Director: Burt Brinkerhoff
Producer: Rick Weaver
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Patrice Martinez (Linda Lee Ellison), Jean Bruce Scott (Lt. Cmdr. Maggie Poole), Kathleen Lloyd (Carol Baldwin), Phyllis Davis (Cleo Mitchell), Gillian Dobb (Agatha Chumley), Joe Santos (Lt. Nolan Page), Elisha Cook Jr. (Icepick), Shavar Ross (Bryant Calvin), Fay Hauser (Tina Calvin), Lance LeGault (Col. Buck Greene), Jeff MacKay (Jim "Mac" Bonnick), Amy Yasbeck (Diana), Kristen Carreira (Lily Catherine), Elissa Dulce Hoopai (Rosine), Carmella Barut (Carmella), Martina Stringer (Melody Calvin)
Guest Stars
Howard Duff (Thomas Sullivan Magnum II), Tim Rossovich (Hank), Peter Elbling (Emile), Lauren Levinson (Sally Ann), Richard McPherson (Whitney Fisher), Clint Carmichael (Mark), Joe Moore (Minister), Nicky Blair (Maitre d')
Episode Brief
As Rick's wedding looms ever closer, Magnum continues his surveillance on Linda to try and catch the psychopathic killer who is stalking her. T.C. faces a reconciliation with his estranged wife. And Magnum gets some surprising news about his theory that Higgins is really Robin Masters, as well as the true fate of Lily.
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1 Cut! The final episode of the series! Final numbers - 8 seasons, 162 syndicated episodes (148 one-hour episodes, 7 two-hour episodes), ~ 122 hours of footage. The show goes out on top, as the finale is the highest rated TV show (or movie) of the week. Magnum reactivates his commission with the U.S. Navy (as a Commander) and becomes a full-time father to his daughter Lily. T.C. (apparently) reconciles with his wife. Rick weds Cleo Mitchell, although we never actually hear him say the words, "I Do". Higgins (apparently) remains at Robin's Nest and continues to work on his memoirs.

2 In the Complete Eighth Season DVD, most of the end credits "montage sequence" that was seen in the original broadcast has been cut. The end credits have been speeded up and all of the clips that were used from previous episodes have been omitted.

3 The mystery of Robin Masters' identity is never really resolved. In response to Magnum's questions, Higgins (finally) implies that he is Robin Masters, but then later, at Rick's wedding, he enigmatically tells Magnum, "I lied". By saying "I lied", does he mean he lied about saying he was Robin Masters? Or does he mean, "I pretended to be Robin Masters all these years" (i.e. "I lied" the whole time you were here)?

4 The Complete Eighth Season DVD features excellent episode commentary by longtime Magnum P.I. producer and co-executive producer Chas. Floyd Johnson. The commentary is only for "Part II" of the finale.

5 The in-episode credits appear on the right; they are usually on the left.

6 This is the only time in the show's run, including her appearance as a different character in Season Three's "Almost Home" (3.11), that Kathleen Lloyd does not receive "Special Guest Star" billing. (Noted by Jay-Firestorm)

7 The beginning of "Part II" features one of the best (if not the best) bar fight/brawls of the series. It takes place at a strip club joint in the Hotel Street vice district and features Magnum, Higgins, T.C. and Rick. Rick is quickly knocked out, but Magnum, T.C. and Higgins scrap for a good three minutes. To top it off (so to speak), the naked breasts of one of the dancers is seen briefly in two separate shots! Someone how this slipped by the FCC.

8 Rick's full name is stated as Orville Wilbur Wright III by the clergyman at his wedding. This is in contradiction to what was seen on his birth certificate in Season Seven's finale "Limbo", which listed his full name as "Orville Richard Wright". Cleo's full name is Alice Cleopatra Mitchell.

9 Waimea Falls on the North Shore, the Parke Chapel at St. Andrews Cathedral, the Fort Street Mall, and Honolulu International Airport are all used as filming locations.

10 Tim Rossovich (Hank, the big guy in the bar brawl) was Tom Selleck's roommate at USC. He also played Linebacker in the NFL, most notably for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1968-1971. He previously appeared in Season Seven's "One Picture is Worth" (7.3).

11 Higgins again mentions that he was in Operation Hambone (more commonly refered to as "Operation Copperhead"). He begins to talk about it, but then stops with, "Oh forget it, that's a stupid story". He previously mentioned his involvement in "Operation Hambone" in "Pleasure Principle" (8.2).

12 The minister at Rick and Cleo's wedding is played by Joe Moore, a longtime news anchor in Hawaii. Joe had minor roles in five Magnum episodes, starting with Season Three's "Basket Case".

13 At the end of the closing credits there is a brief scene of Magnum and Lily walking on the beach (with their backs to the camera). Suddenly, the scene is projected to the TV set in the guesthouse. The beach scene ends and we briefly see the Universal production logo. The camera then zooms out from the TV set and we see Tom Selleck in a tan Navy uniform. He points a TV remote clicker at the camera and says simply, "good night". The screen goes blank, end of the series!
(after hearing Higgins say he is Robin Masters)
Magnum: That's it?
Higgins: You asked for an answer. I gave it to you. What else is there to say?
Magnum: Well, you could start with why such an elaborate scheme to hide your real identity? Why did you feel it was necessary to pretend you arn't Robin Masters, or that he isn't you? I think you at least owe me that much of an explanation.
Higgins: Tradition.
Magnum: Tradition? (looks at camera) Tradition?

"The Captain": A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.

T.C.: What did you do, re-up?
Magnum: Exactly!

Higgins: Magnum, remember what I told you about Robin Masters?
Magnum: Yeah...
Higgins: I lied. (smiles)

Rick: I...
1 After getting in a bar fight at his bachelor party, Rick ends up with a butterfly bandage over his left eye, but in the close up shots of Rick during the wedding scenes, the bandage is gone, then reappears on wide shots.

2 During the scene with T.M. and his grandfather at the guesthouse, Magnum clips the head off a cigar that has no band on it, but when he lights up the cigar there is a band. (Noted by IKnowWhatYoureThinking)

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