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Opening Title Sequence (1:01) (3.2 MB)

'Opening Title Sequence' Flash Video ClipThe opening title sequence (and iconic theme song) from Season Three, the peak of the show's popularity. The title sequences were slightly different for each season, but many shots were used for all eight seasons, including "The Clip Slam", "Navy Whites", "Ferrari Glance", "Tai Chi Pose", "Detective Calvin", "Cruisin'" & "The Look Back".

E! True Hollywood Story (41:21) (206 MB)

'E! True Hollywood Story' Flash Video ClipThe complete Magnum P.I. episode of E! True Hollywood Story from 2001! Featuring excellent behind-the-scenes video clips and photos, as well as interviews with Donald P. Bellisario, Larry Manetti, Jean Bruce Scott, Kathleen Lloyd, Chris Abbott, J. Rickley Dumm, Harvey Shephard, Glen Larson, and Fred Piluso. The episode was produced by Andrew Swift and narrated by Kieran Mulroney. This episode pretty much never airs anymore on E! and is very difficult to find. Special thanks to Magnum Mania! forum member Sam for providing this hard-to-find recording!

The Merv Griffin Show - Magnum P.I. Cast Interview (36:16) (238 MB)

'The Merv Griffin Show' Flash Video ClipRecorded in the summer of 1986 just before the Magnum crew filmed the Season Seven opener "L.A." in Los Angeles. Tom Selleck is interviewed first. He is then joined by John Hillerman, Larry Manetti and Roger E. Mosley who each come out separately as "surprise" guests. Lots of interesting anecdotes are offered up by Tom, John, Larry and Roger. A very special thanks to Max Schueneman for providing this long lost footage!

America's Top Sleuth (4:52) (15.2 MB)

'America's Top Sleuth' Flash Video ClipThomas Magnum was voted "America's Top Sleuth" by thousands of voters in a Sleuth Channel 2006 on-line poll! The Top 10 were featured in a half-hour special narrated by veteran broadcast journalist Keith Morrison. The special airs regularly on the Sleuth Channel and is also included in the Magnum P.I. Seventh Season DVD. Way to go Magnum!

Magnum vs. T.C. (4:06) (12.9 MB)Thicker than Blood (1.12)

'Magnum vs. T.C.' Flash Video Clip T.C. is in trouble with the law after helping an old buddy from 'Nam who saved his life, who is on the run. Magnum tries to help him, but soon finds himself brawling with T.C., one of his best friends. This is the only time in the show that Magnum and T.C. come to blows and is a great, realistic fight scene!

Sam Spade (2:28) (7.8 MB)The Black Orchid (1.16)

'Sam Spade' Flash Video ClipAn early classic scene from the series. Selleck gets to ham it up as Sam Spade, one of Magnum's idols. T.C. and Rick get to play the bad guys. Judith Chapman is perfect as the rich dame in distress - "Some wives drink, some take lovers...but I play."

Higgins & Magnum's "Rocky Beach" Scene (2:14) (11.6 MB)The Taking of Dick McWilliams (2.10)

Higgins & Magnum's 'Rocky Beach' Scene Flash Video Clip A wonderful little Higgins-Magnum scene that poignantly illustrates the complex but caring father-son relationship that they share. The scene is truly a "gem in the rough", and flies in the face of those with dismissive views of Magnum P.I. as yet another 80's "musclehead" cop/detective show.

"You Stay Right There!" (2:52) (14.5 MB)Ghost Writer (2.12)

'You Stay Right There!' Flash Video Clip Magnum is subtly propositioned by his client Virginia Fowler (which he declines, "it just wouldn't be professional") and then later finds himself in the crosshairs of a sniper... in his own house! But wait, there is also an intruder in the house! Magnum confronts the "intruder" (who turns out to be an elderly limo driver) and then amusingly trys to find and load his gun, while continiously saying, "You stay right there!".

Goodbye Ivan (4:24) (13.8 MB)Did You See the Sunrise? (3.2)

'Goodbye Ivan' Flash Video ClipProbably the most famous scene of the entire series! Shocking, unexpected, controversial. Thomas confronts the ruthless Soviet agent who held him prisoner in Vietnam for three months, and who later killed one of his best friends ("Mac"). "Ivan, did you see the sunrise this morning?"

Good Morning, It's 1936! (1:41) (5.5 MB)Flashback (3.7)

'Good Morning, It's 1936' Flash Video ClipAnother one of my favorites. Magnum has just woken up and finds that everything has changed - his furniture, his clothes, even Higgins hair style! Everything appears to be from the 1930s! Of course, Magnum thinks Higgins is playing some sort of "crazy practical joke" on him. A classic, hilarious scene.

The Masquerade Ball (8:05) (40.2 MB)Of Sound Mind (3.13)

'Masquerade Ball' Flash Video ClipA highly amusing scene from one of the funniest episodes in the Magnum P.I. catalog. After inheriting $50 million dollars from a wealthy, eccentric millionaire, Magnum and friends attend a charity masquerade ball at Magnum's newly-inherited estate. Magnum (complete with leg in plaster from a fall) clanks around as a Knight in a full suit of armor, T.C. is a French King, Rick is T.C.'s French Queen (!), and Higgins is, no surprise, King Henry VIII! The great Roscoe Lee Browne is Magnum's "manservant".

Macaw Attack! (:57) (3.1 MB)Birdman of Budapest (3.16)

'Macaw Attack' Flash Video ClipThe camp gets ratcheted up a notch here. A senior citizen KGB agent (screen legend Sylvia Sidney) sics her military-trained Macaw on Magnum! A quick-thinking Higgins scares the parrot away by making Peregrine Falcon calls! The poor bird is then pureed by T.C.'s chopper!

Magnum Smackdown (2:47) (8.7 MB)Legacy From a Friend (3.19)

'Magnum Smackdown' Flash Video ClipMagnum gets his ass kicked by two female "enforcers" with tight pants, headbands, and long fingernails! Magnum never had a chance. Featuring Susan Mechsner and Ardi Maioho as the female "enforcers", Julia Nickson as the street merchant, and a pre-Designing Women Annie Potts as a wannabe cop.

The Lighthouse Toss (1:12) (4 MB)Faith and Begorrah (3.23)

'Lighthouse Toss' Flash Video ClipRick's boring surveillance work is suddenly jolted when his subject Angie (aka "Legs") is tossed from the top of a lighthouse! A surprising, shocking denouement from Season Three's exceptional finale. Like T.C. says, nothing is ever "boring" in Magnum's cases.

Luther Gillis, P.I. (3:20) (10.6 MB)Luther Gillis: File #521 (4.2)

'Luther Gillis, P.I.' Flash Video ClipAn amusing clip on many levels. Magnum, head hurting from a bullet graze, brings "old school" St. Louis P.I. Luther Gillis (the always-great Eugene Roche) back to the estate where they encounter Higgins and his senior citizen "Kung Fu" group practicing on the lawn. Luther is a fan favorite.

Dock Fight! (1:27) (4.6 MB)Letter to a Duchess (4.6)

'Dock Fight' Flash Video ClipHere's a great dockside boat fight, another staple of the show. Magnum takes out three or four bad guys, while Higgy Baby dishes some hurt out himself with his walking cane! Selleck really knows how to throw a power punch - great form, with near perfect weight transfer! Notice how the bad guys usually end up in the drink!

Roof Jump (1:12) (3.9 MB)No More Mr. Nice Guy (4.13)

'Roof Jump' Flash Video ClipMagnum and Carol escape capture by jumping off a rooftop and into a garbage truck. Kathleen Lloyd's stunt double jumps a little too far away from the roof and hits her left heel on the top edge of the truck! Ouch! Watch closely as her shoe is launched up into the air!

Guesthouse Party, 80s Style! (2:25) (7.7 MB)Rembrandt's Girl (4.14)

'Guesthouse Party, 80s Style!' Flash Video ClipGet down with Rick & T.C. and party like it's 1984! That is, until Higgins barges in! The British hostess is American Jillie Mack, Tom Selleck's wife of 20+ years. The lovable Agatha Chumley also makes an appearance.

Poker Face (6:45) (34.8 MB)Mac's Back (5.3)

'Poker Face' Flash Video ClipJeff MacKay returns to the show (after a two-year absence and one year of filming on Tales of the Gold Monkey) as a new "Mac", Jim "Mac" Bonnick. Featuring the great Lance LeGault as Col. Buck Greene, future longtime KGMB (Hawaii) news reporter Jade Moon (a brief uncredited appearance in the poker game scene), famous Asian American stuntman/actor Al Leong, and the Ferrari!

The Lemon Brawl (2:01) (6.3 MB)The Love-For-Sale Boat (5.17)

'Lemon Brawl' Flash Video ClipWatch as Magnum delivers some "Lemon-Aid" to help his friends in distress. The boat brawl features a large henchman with a meat cleaver, a guy who knows karate, three beautiful, bikini-clad Japanese ladies & Jim "Mac" Bonnick, whose mantra is "run from danger". A classic Magnum brawl!

Magnum's Jump (1:02) (3.4 MB)The Hotel Dick (6.5)

'Magnums Jump' Flash Video ClipAnother great denouement and one of the best "final frame" shots of the series. As the house detective for a Waikiki hotel, Magnum has been trying to catch an elusive catburglar who has a unique escape route - a long rooftop jump. Magnum bailed out the first time, but not the second time. Magnum always gets his man!

Mama (6:25) (20 MB)Death and Taxes (7.6)

'Mama' Flash Video ClipMemorable, watershed scene from the show. Magnum searches for The Ripper's next victim as Genesis' landmark 1983 song "Mama" memorably plays in the background to great effect. This was the first time the show featured a contemporary pop/rock song as featured in-episode music.

New Delhi is Lost! (3:17) (10.4 MB)Paper War (7.8)

'New Delhi is Lost!' Flash Video ClipHighly amusing opening scene from one of the best episodes of the series. Magnum sneaks into Robin's security computer to play a little "Siege of the Seventh Galaxy" (that's right, TM's a computer gamer) then inadvertently reformats the hard drive, "erasing" part of Higgins' memoirs (five whole chapters on New Delhi)!

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (6:48) (21.2 MB)Laura (7.18)

'Tonight, Tonight, Tonight' Flash Video ClipAnother great sequence featuring the music of Genesis. This time it's "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" from their 1986 album Invisible Touch. This dark and gritty scene was filmed on location at night in Chinatown (N. Hotel Street), and features the legendary Frank Sinatra in his last major film or television role.

Warehouse Shootout (3:36) (11.3 MB)Limbo (7.22)

'Warehouse Shootout' Flash Video ClipWhat a way to open an episode! The very first frame shows a shotgun blast and sets the tone for this dark, intense scene. We find Magnum in the middle of a fierce, one-on-three gunfight in a crate-filled warehouse. Running out of bullets, he is forced to make a break for it. Magnum usually wins these battles, but not this time.

Magnum in Limbo (3:02) (9.3 MB)Limbo (7.22)

'Magnum in Limbo' Flash Video ClipSet to John Denver's classic song "Looking For Space", Magnum says his final goodbye and then casually strolls off to heaven. The show was originally set to end on this doleful note, but overwhelming fan support, and the backing of Tom Selleck, ended up bringing the show back for one more season (where we learn that Thomas, at the last second, pulls out of his coma).

Unfinished Business (6:15) (19.7 MB)Unfinished Business (8.8)

'Unfinished Business' Flash Video ClipAfter witnessing the murder of his ex-wife and daughter on videotape (car bomb), Magnum has some "unfinished business" to attend to as he seeks out information on the whereabouts of Quang Ki, the cold-blooded North Vietnamese killer. This skillfully done montage sequence is set to the Genesis instrumental piece "The Brazilian" from their 1986 album Invisible Touch.

End Credits Montage (2:28) (12.5 MB)Resolutions (8.13)

'End Credits Montage' Flash Video ClipThe memorable end credits "montage" (with several clips from previous episodes) from the series finale, featuring a special theme composed by Mike Post. This was only seen in the original broadcast, as most of the "montage" was inexplicably removed (with the end credits speeded up) from the Region 1 & 2 Complete Eighth Season DVD's. Two other scenes from the original broadcast of "Resolutions" were removed for the DVD and syndication airings - parts of the U.S. Naval Academy reunion scene, and a scene with Magnum and Lt. Page at the estate tidal pool.

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