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Blood and Honor

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 116
Season Number: 6.10
Air Date: 11/21/1985
Writer: Phil Combest
Director: Mike Vejar
Producer: Chris Abbott
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Paul Burke (Admiral Hawkes), Elissa Dulce Hoopai (Rosine)
Guest Stars
Simone Griffeth (Alex McPort), Jeff Yagher (Lt. Andy Hawkes), Dennis Haysbert (Lt. Jameson), Chris Mulkey (Tony), Peter Hansen (Capt. Collins), Terry Cook (Lt. Cmdr. Dantley)
Episode Brief
Magnum is called back to service by Admiral Hawkes, who has reason to suspect that there is a security leak at his base that is leaking coded information, and Magnum's prime suspect is the fiancee of the Admiral's son.
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1 Admiral Hawkes (Emmy nominated actor Paul Burke, of Naked City, Twelve O'Clock High fame) previously appeared in "Did You See the Sunrise?" (3.1 & 3.2). Here, he is credited and addressed as an 'Admiral' (just like in "Sunrise"), but his rank insignia and name tag identifies him as a 'Rear Admiral' (2 stars). In "Sunrise", his rank insignia identified him as an 'Admiral' (4 stars). To make things even more confusing, Paul Burke also played another Admiral in the show, Admiral Kitchner in Season Two's "Memories Are Forever" (2.5 & 2.6).

2 Magnum's khaki military uniform is seen with the silver oak leaves of a Commander (0-5). The name badge on his white uniform also states "CDR" (Commander). This matches what was seen in "Memories Are Forever (2)" (2.6) when he was promoted from Lieutenant to Commander.

3 The Falls of Clyde (the only surviving sail-driven oil tanker in the world) at the Hawaii Maritime Center is again used as a filming location. It was previously seen in "Memories Are Forever (2)" (2.6). A scene is also filmed next to Aloha Tower (facing Sand Island).

4 The "Carole Kai Annual Bed Race" is a real race! Carole Kai is a well-known local Hawaiian entertainer, recording artist, TV host, and philanthropist. Carole started the bed race in 1974 to benefit the Variety School of Hawaii, a local school for children with special needs. The annual race is still held today, but under a different name. The other race seen in the this episode, the "3rd Annual Waikiki to Kaneohe Bicycle Endurance Race", is fictional.

5 Towards the beginning of the episode, a brief outdoor King Kamehameha Club scene is filmed at the historic Clarence H. Cooke House driveway (later known as the Marks Estate). This location is normally only used for close-up and/or "establishing shots" of the King Kamehameha Club.

6 The second floor of Ali'iIolani Hale building is used as a filming location for Magnum's preliminary military hearing. Admiral Hawkes' first meeting with Magnum was filmed at Diamond Head State Monument. (Noted by Tim)

7 Simone Griffeth (Alex McPort) guest starred in the classic 1975 cult action film Death Race 2000 with David Carradine.

8 Lord Byron's epic poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage is quoted by Admiral Hawkes ("Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean - roll!"). Magnum easily identifies it as "Lord Byron".

9 We learn that Magnum left the Navy "six months early" in 1979.

10 Future star Dennis Haysbert (24) will later appear in Mr. Baseball (1992) with Tom Selleck. In this episode, there is a great scene with him (as Lt. Jameson) brawling with Magnum in the latrine, while both are in uniform. Thomas wins.

11 Luau Louie's is mentioned by the announcer at the bed race at the 43 minute mark. Luau Louie's was the nightclub where Lt. "Mac" MacReynolds was killed (by a firebomb that was attached to the Ferrari) in Season Three's "Did You See the Sunrise?". (Noted by Robert Rinehart)
Admiral Hawkes: ...Lately you've been losing bits of coded data. It's serious, but not critical.

Admiral Hawkes: "Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean - roll! Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain; Man marks the earth with ruin - yet his control stops at the shore."
Magnum: Lord Byron.
Admiral Hawkes: Some things never seem to change.
Magnum: "The Man doesn't choose the Sea, the Sea chooses the Man."
Admiral Hawkes: Who said that?
Magnum: I'm not sure. I heard it from my dad.

Lt. Cmdr. Dantley: Is Admiral Hawkes your contact? Do you report to him?
Magnum: I don't report to anybody.
1 Several flubs involving Magnum and his military service record (DD-214):
  • Magnum's date of birth is listed as 5-7-1947, which contradicts the DOB's identified in "Memories Are Forever" (2.5) & "Try to Remember" (2.15).
  • Magnum's pay grade appears to be listed as O-10 (difficult to tell as it is a little fuzzy), however, as a Commander, Magnum's pay grade should be O-5, not O-10.
  • Magnum's SSN (upper right hand corner of the DD-214) is different than the SSN identified in Memories Are Forever. It is difficult to tell the SSN exactly, as it is a little fuzzy, but the SSN here appears to start with 571- and is definitely not the same SSN as identified in Memories Are Forever.
  • The section of Magnum's DD-214 that lists his decorations, medals, badges and citations only includes: (i) Vietnam Campaign, (ii) Vietnam Service, and (iii) Purple Heart. It fails to mention Magnum's S.E.A.L. qualification and badge or his Surface Warfare Badge that he wore on his uniform in the "Pilot Movie". Magnum's other ribbons are not listed either.
  • As Magnum turns to the next page in the service record, you will see that it has nothing to do with military service at all. It is a trial docket from June 1984 regarding a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit. This was obviously added as filler for the file, but you can tell that it is a trial docket and has nothing to do with military service.
(Noted by IslandHopper)

2 An extremely poor post-production audio overdub can be heard when "Alex McPort" says, "We've gotta get back to Pearl".

3 At the end of the episode, Admiral Hawkes is lifted into the back of the ambulance after speaking to Andy. In the next shot, as Magnum is speaking to Alex, Admiral Hawkes is once again being lifted into the ambulance behind them.

4 When Magnum and Lt. Jameson go into the bathroom, two SP's are posted outside for "security" reasons. As an uncovered (i.e. not wearing a hat) officer walks by, they both salute him. This is a flub, as Navy NEVER salutes any other Navy member that is uncovered and they NEVER salute indoors unless it's a formal situation. (Noted by Coops)

5 At the bed race, after they cross through the finish line ribbon, T.C. has part of the ribbon around his shoulder. When Higgins calls for T.C., you can still see the ribbon on him, but not a second later it is nowhere to be seen. (Noted by Mark S.)

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