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Image Item Source Price Notes
Thomas Magnum Shirts
Jungle Bird Shirt Red Hawaiian
Jungle Bird Shirt $53 The most iconic Magnum shirt!
Star Orchid Shirt Hawaiian
Star Orchid Shirt $50 Used mostly in the early seasons.
Calla-Lilly Shirt Calla-Lilly
Paradise Found
Aloha Shirt $54 Used in many episodes. Available in Black and Eggplant/Purple.
Blue Hawaiian Shirt Blue Hawaiian Shirt $5,000 Used in Seasons 5-7. "Heidi" brand label in the interior collar.
Olive Field Shirt Heavy Khaki &
Olive Field Shirts
L.L. Bean $39 Magnum's had scalloped pocket flaps and cross stitching on the ends of the epaulettes.
Classic-fit Polo Shirt Ralph Lauren &
Lacoste Polo Shirts
Create Your Own Classic-fit Polo $80 Lacoste polo shirts run between $55 and $85 dollars.
King Kamehameha Tanktop Dark Blue
King Kamehameha
Tanktop $22 #44.
U.S. Navy T-shirt Grey U.S. Navy
T-Shirt $12 The Navy t-shirt that was worn by Magnum (with the logo on the back) is very hard to find!
Paddlers softball shirt Paddlers Softball
Team Shirt $25 The Paddlers softball team shirt, as seen in "Squeeze Play" (4.7).
Thomas Magnum Caps
Detroit Tigers Cap Detroit Tigers Cap $32 The modern Detroit caps differ slightly from Magnum's 80s cap. It has a puffy looking Tigers 'D' and the MLB logo is on the back.
VMO2 Da Nang Cap VMO2 Da Nang Cap $10 Magnum's Marine Observation Squadron 2 cap!
Al's Automotive Cap Al's Automotive Cap only looking
(MM forum member)
$31 "Trucker Cap" seen in the early seasons.
Camo SEAL Cap Camo SEAL Cap $8 You can buy the subdued Navy SEAL patch here.
Get Wet Cap Get Wet!
unavailable ?? Seen in four episodes of Season Seven. Underneath "Get Wet", in small letters, are the words "Downing Hawaii". Get Wet! is the name of a water sports store in Kaneohe and "Downing" is the last name of the owners.
Thomas Magnum Sunglasses
Vuarnet Sunglasses Vuarnet Skilynx
Aciers ?? Worn by Magnum in the majority of episodes. Made in France and long since discontinued. You can find pairs occasionally on eBay or vintage stores online.
Ray Ban Shooters Sunglasses Ray Ban
Star Sunglasses $100 Seen in later seasons only.
Surf Ski Goggles Surf Ski
Check eBay ?? Worn by Magnum when out on the surf ski. They are early 1980's Julbo Glacier Mountaineering glasses. They have a brown leather bridge and side shields, and white cable temples. Today they are very hard to find.
Thomas Magnum Watches
Chronosport Sea Quartz 30 Chronosport
Sea Quartz 30
Check eBay ?? Used in the first three seasons. The Sea Quartz 30 is very hard to find today.
Rolex GMT Master w/ Oyster bracelet Rolex GMT Master
w/ Oyster Bracelet
& Blue/Red Bezel
(Ref. 16750)
[Info] ?? Used in seasons 4-7. Real Rolex GMT Master's are hard to find (production period was 1981-1988) and will probably cost you at least 5K! GMT Master History.
Thomas Magnum Shoes
Puma Easy Rider Sneakers Puma Easy Rider
Sneakers $65 White with blue swooshes. The shoe has changed slightly since the 1980s.
Boat Shoes Boat Shoes $70 Not sure of the exact brand, but Sperry Top Siders have a close shoe.
Thomas Magnum Miscellaneous
Military Spec 1911 Handgun Colt Government
Model .45
ACP Handgun

(Series 70) ?? Colt's commercial version of the standard military-issue M1911A1. During scenes that required Magnum's gun to be fired, a Colt Government Model 9mm Parabellum (loaded with blanks) was used. At that time, .45's could not reliably cycle blanks. The Parabellum is nearly indistinguishable from the Colt .45 onscreen. Magnum also sometimes carried a Walther PPK (or a Detonics Pocket 9) in an ankle-holster as a backup weapon.
The Team Ring Team Ring A Lighter Side ?? Vietnam War memento worn by Magnum, Rick and T.C..
MIA Bracelet MIA Bracelet $65 Magnum's MIA bracelet contained the following inscription - "SP4 Kenneth Ray Lancaster, 1968". Worn in seasons 1-7.
US Navy Buckle Surface Warfare US Navy Buckle
Surface Warfare $8 Magnum's buckle had "MAGNUM" in capitals beneath the logo.
Surfski Surfski $2,000 Magnum/Selleck used a modified Hayden surfski. It is a "spec ski" (i.e. designed for use in lifeguard competitions).
Cotton Web Belt Cotton Web Belt $15 Worn with the Surface Warfare buckle.
Levi's Jeans Levi's Jeans $20 In the early seasons he sometimes wore Navy Dungarees.
UDT Shorts UDT Shorts $20 He also often wore tan khaki shorts.
Dark Green Hooded Bathrobe Dark Green
Hooded Bathrobe $75 Always keep the hood down.
Lock Pick Set Lock Pick Set $18 For emergencies only!
Red Diver Down Velcro Wallet Red Diver Down
Velcro Wallet $10 Tri-folding wallet with picture inserts.
Driver's License Driver's License eBay
$5 Recreated from the screen used prop, with front and back details accurate to the show.
The Rubber Chicken The Rubber Chicken $10 Fun for the whole family!
Gorilla Mask Gorilla Mask $35 Remember Season Seven's "Forty" (7.17)?
TomyTronic Pac-Man TomyTronic
Check eBay ?? Memorably used in Season Three's "Black on White" (3.6).
Higgins • T.C. • Rick
British Tropical KD Trouser Higgins'
Tropical KD Trousers $40  
Khaki Bush Jacket Higgins'
Khaki Bush Jacket $51 For when it's "weekend warror" time!
Ascot Tie Higgins'
Silk Ascot Tie $60 Rock that ascot!
1970's Seiko Quartz LC Higgins'
1970's Seiko Quartz LC
(Check eBay)
$90 Worn throughout the show's run.
Higgins' Cannon Higgins'
Signal Cannon $35K Genuine 1890's Strong Firearms Co. signal cannon! Featured in a 2011 episode of the hit cable television show Pawn Stars (Rick offered $15K, Seller wouldn't go lower than $35K).
Island Hoppers T-shirt T.C.'s
Island Hoppers
T-shirts $24 Seven different colors available. Additional $8 for shipping & handling.
Rainbow Suspenders T.C.'s
Rainbow Suspenders $14 Always worn with a waist belt!
Vietnam Hat Pin T.C.'s
Vietnam Hat Pin $4 Worn on the "Da Nang" cap.
Designer Jeans Rick's
Designer Jeans
Check eBay ?? Must be tight-fitting!
Straw Cowboy Hat Rick's
Straw Cowboy Hat $40 Famously seen in the opening title sequence of every episode.
Straw Cowboy Hat Rick's
Desk Phone $65 Rick was on the phone more than a Ma Bell operator! Get a red one and you've got yourself Robin Masters' direct line phone!

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