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Heal Thyself

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 52
Season Number: 3.12
Air Date: 12/16/1982
Writer: Robert Gilmer
Director: Leo Penn
Producer: Chas. Floyd Johnson
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Guest Stars
Marcia Strassman (Dr. Karen Harmon), Peter Brown (Robert Brighton), Edward Winter (Dr. Jorgenson), Kario Salem (Eric Daniels), Woody Eney (Phillip Harriman), Chris Penn (Wounded Soldier)
Episode Brief
When a doctor who was a nurse during Magnum's days in Vietnam is accused of poisoning patients, he tries to clear her name, but is puzzled by her and her husband's rebuffing his offer of assistance and irritated by an agressive reporter.
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1 This episode opens with a great Vietnam War flashback scene featuring Magnum and Karen Harmon (Marcia Strassman).

2 This is the first of three episodes to be directed by Leo Penn, father of actors Sean and Chris Penn. Chris Penn, in one of his first acting roles, appears briefly in the opening scene as a wounded soldier.

3 Marcia Strassman (Dr. Karen Harmon) is best known for her roles as Julie Kotter in the classic television sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter and Diane Szalinski in the 1989 film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

4 During the Vietnam War, Karen Harmon was with the 71st EVAC Hospital in Pleiku. In the episode, Magnum incorrectly identifies the 71st's location as being in Binh Thuy [see Flub #3].

5 List of notable filming locations: 6 As Magnum returns from a swim in the tidal pool, Higgins comments to him "I hope you haven't got it into your head to try out for the Ironman competition again this year". This is a reference to his participation in the Ironman Triathlon in Season One's "Beauty Knows No Pain" (1.18).

7 Edward Winter (Dr. Jorgenson) is perhaps most well-known for his role as officer Colonel Flagg on the television series M*A*S*H.

8 In the summer of 1943, Higgins fought in the Allied invasion of Sicily and afterwards was personally presented with a walking stick by "Monty" (General Montgomery) himself!
(Noted by Steve Huntley)

* Karen's home is a few units down from Rick's condo!
(To Dr. Karen Harmon)
Higgins: The role of architect as artist has been sorely neglected. Where the painter has oils, the sculpter marble or clay, the poet words, the architect has only space - that immaterial essence that painters "suggest" and the sculpter "fills", the architect "envelops". But listen to me rattling on. How can I help you?

Magnum: Well, I'm not gonna get into a spitting contest with a snake. You hassle Karen again, anytime, anywhere, you're going to answer to me.
Eric Daniels: Excuse me, is that a threat?
Magnum: You bet. (smiles)

Magnum: I knew if he had a revolver he only had 6 shots. Course if he had an automatic he could have 7...or 8. Then he could have one of those 13 shot automatics. Or he could have two guns. Oh well....
1 A newspaper headline reads, "Doctor Suspected in Hospital Murders" with a caption of "Karen Harmon". The caption should be "Dr. Karen Harmon". (Noted by Mark Seaman)

2 When Magnum pulls up in the driveway in the Ferrari, there is a faint reflection of production crew members in the Ferrari door paint. (Noted by Sheedos)

3 When T.C. says to Magnum, "Hey Thomas, Higgins said we don't have to..." his lips don't match the audio. (Noted by Mark Seaman)

4 Magnum tells Rick and T.C. that Karen Harmon was with the 71st EVAC Hospital in Binh Thuy. The 71st was at Pleiku. (Noted by Sam)

5 Near the end of the episode, when Magnum and T.C. jump in T.C.'s chopper to go to the lighthouse, when they take off the chopper has the short "land" skids. When it is shown flying along the shoreline, it has the long flotation skids. Then, when they come in to land at the lighthouse, it has the short skids again. (Noted by Scott Swenson)

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