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The Eighth Part of the Village

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 44
Season Number: 3.4
Air Date: 10/14/1982
Writer: George Geiger
Director: James Frawley
Producer: Douglas Green
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Guest Stars
Kim Miyori (Mioshi Osawa), Marilyn Tokuda (Asani Osawa), Danny Kamekona (Sato Osawa), Rick Hill (Roy Chambers), Donald Gibb (Mr. Harms), Dick Durock (Mr. Jansen), Peter Kalua (Keoni), Jorie Remus (Mrs. Cheever)
Episode Brief
After narrowly avoiding being shot during a case, a fortune cookie convinces Magnum that it's time to repay his friends and associates, leading him to collect a crate of books from the docks for Higgins, only to find that it contains the daughter of a war comrade of Higgins who's searching for her American fiancee and seeking to escape her cruel father.
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1 The original script for this episode was titled "Honor Thy Father".

2 The title of this episode is a reference to the Japanese theme of "Murahachibu" (ostracism), "the eighth part of the village, where no one goes".

3 Magnum is used as a "stalking horse" by a posing client again. The stalking horse motif was previously seen in "The Last Page" (2.20) and will later be used in "Birdman of Budapest" (3.16), "Way of the Stalking Horse" (6.17) and "Laura" (7.18).

4 The episode preview contains a brief shot that was not seen in the actual episode. The clip shows Magnum standing between two large metal containers (at the warehouse) with a forklift coming right at him while he says, "I'm standing here. Hello." (Noted by IslandHopper)

5 This episode features two rare scenes filmed at the Anderson Estate (Robin's Nest). One scene is set on the front balcony of the main house, filmed from inside the real house and looking out towards the main lawn. The second scene (seen at the beginning of the episode) features the main house garage (or "maintenance wing"), on the other side of the "walkway tunnel".

6 The Honolulu Zoo in Waikiki and N. Hotel Street in Chinatown are used as filming locations. The pool hall scene with Magnum, T.C., Rick, Mr. Harms (Donald Gibb) and Mr. Jansen (Dick Durock) was filmed at Cebu Pool Hall (Hotel & River Streets), a rather infamous Filipino pool hall in Chinatown. The pool hall was part of the H.Y. Wong building (built in 1906), which at the time was the last remaining wood-flame structure in the downtown Honolulu area. The building was razed in 1992. The Honolulu Zoo will be used again in "Birdman of Budapest" (3.16).

7 Although he has used similar, variant phrases before, this is the first time Higgins mentions one of Magnum's "Tawdry divorce cases". This will become a recurring detail in the show (sometimes being "sordid" instead of "tawdry"). (Noted by Jay-Firestorm)

8 Hawaii Five-0 veteran Danny Kamekona (Sato) makes his third appearance on the show. He will appear in three more to come, "Forty Years From Sand Island" (3.18), "Holmes Is Where the Heart Is" (4.18) & "Blind Justice" (5.7).

9 Marilyn Tokuda (Asani Osawa) will guest star in "Forty Years From Sand Island" (3.18) and "The Love-For-Sale Boat" (5.17). Kim Miyori (Mioshi Osawa) will be seen in "Murder 101" (5.8).

10 Hollywood tough guy Donald Gibb (Mr. Harms) will appear again in Season Four's "A Sense of Debt" (4.8) as a local bare-knuckle boxing champion. Legendary stuntman Dick Durock (Mr. Jansen) will appear again in Season Five's "The Legacy of Garwood Huddle" (5.4).

11 T.C. wears his blue and white Hughes Helicopters baseball cap for the second time.

12 Peter Kalua (Keoni) previously appeared in the "Pilot Movie" and "Mad Buck Gibson" (2.9).

13 The lawn grass at Robin's Nest is a combination of Bahia, Kentucky Bluegrass and African Zoysia [see quote #2 below].

14 The Hiaku that Sato quotes at the end is by Japanese poet Mantaro Kubota - "Since settling to earth, the high spirit of that kite is gone completely".

15 Higgins and Sato go way back together. In the summer of 1942, Higgins transferred from the North African campaign to the Kokoda Track Campaign in New Guinea. He was attached to the Australian 7th Division to push the enemy back against the line of mountains on the island, on the 100-mile Kokona Trail; one inch of rain fell in five minutes, and the black mud was full of disease. He was there six months. Starving, out of bullets, lost for one day, he found Sato Osawa's men. They exchanged rations for Sato's quinine. That entire day, Sato and Jonathan didn't exchange a single word. They talked after the war when he found Sato in a Russian camp. They later exchanged letters semi-regularly.
Magnum: Fate has a nasty way of popping up and waggling it's long, bony finger under your nose. Sometimes it's a squeaker at 70 miles an hour. Sometimes it's a plane you missed that never makes it back from the Bermuda Triangle. But whatever it is, you always get the message: It's time to stop taking your good luck for granted. (Narration)

Higgins: To the untrained eye this may appear to be just another suburban lawn. For your information, we are standing on a scientifically formulated carpet of Bahia, Kentucky Bluegrass, and an African Zoysia. One doesn't just "mow it"!

Magnum: Hi, guys!

Magnum: You were supposed to kill me?
Mr. Jansen: Nothing personal. We're only doing our job, that's all.
Mr. Harms: So, ah, no hard feelings right?!
Magnum: Wrong.

Higgins: For some reason you're being intentionally obtuse!
Magnum: Obtuse?!
Higgins: Vague!
Magnum: I know what it means Higgins!
1 After Magnum has been working in the yard and he is about to show Higgins his fortune cookie, you'll notice while the camera is on Magnum his shirt is not too sweaty. When the camera is on both Magnum and Higgins, and he is reading the fortune cookie, the amount of sweat goes up. After the fortune cookie is given back to Magnum, and the camera is on just him again, his shirt goes back to being less sweaty. (Noted by Mark Seaman)

2 A Higgins history timeline flub - In the scene right after Magnum falls into the water at the dock, the camera cuts to a shot of the estate at night, with Higgins and Mioshi (posing as Asani) having dinner. Higgins is telling her how he and her father met during WWII. Higgins says "It was 1942, Summer, I'd been transferred from the North African campaign to New Guinea and attached to the Australian 7th Division..." He goes on to say that after 6 months his unit stumbled upon Sato and his men. Higgins was supposedly in North Africa in August 1942. In October 1942, Higgins was taking supplies to Chinese Guerillas in the Himalayas ("J. Digger Doyle"). If Higgins was transferred to New Guinea in the Summer (August) of 1942, and was with the 7th Division for 6 months before meeting Sato and his men, then he could not have been in the Himalayas in October 1942. (Noted by IslandHopper)

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