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Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 153
Season Number: 8.4
Air Date: 11/4/1987
Writer: Bruce Cervi
Director: Harry Harris
Producer: Jeri Taylor
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Kwan Hi Lim (Lt. Tanaka), Joe Santos (Lt. Nolan Page), Amy Yasbeck (Diana)
Guest Stars
Nobu McCarthy (Barbara Ikeda), Carlos Romero (Grady Walker), James Karen (Dr. Hightower), David Ige (Biff Ikeda), James Staley (Andrew Clifton), Alba Francesca (Freida), Steven Perry (Det. Rob Slater)
Episode Brief
Lieutenant Tanaka is murdered while working undercover. The official police report states that Tanaka died in a car accident, but Magnum believes that something is being covered up and sets about trying to answer the many questions about his friend Tanaka's death, uncovering switched identities and drug-running in the process.
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1 The episode title appears center screen, not the usual bottom-left.

2 Lt. Nolan Page (Joe Santos) makes his third appearance on the show, following Season Seven's "Death and Taxes" (7.6) and "Laura" (7.18). Page now wears a fedora style Panama hat, but unlike Frank Sinatra's Montecristi hat (seen in "Laura"), it is a cheaper, mass produced one from Cuenca Ecuador (thicker straw, light color and machine finished brim). (Hat Info by Tim)

3 We learn several new things about Tanaka in this episode:
  • His full name is "Yoshi N. Tanaka".
  • He was born on July 20th, 1934.
  • He has a sister named Barbara Ikeda and nephew named Biff Ikeda.
  • Rob Slater was Tanaka's partner for eight years before he was killed in a stakeout on April 7th, 1973.
  • He was awarded the U.S. Army Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor ribbon. Based on his age, he more than likely served in the Korean War.
  • At the time of his death, he was with the department for "over twenty years".
4 In Tanaka's dream flashback at the beginning of the episode, Rob Slater comments about "...last night's episode of Rockford". He says that "...Jim was being driven nuts by this pain-in-the-butt named Lance White". Lance White was a recurring character on Rockford Files (two episodes) played by Tom Selleck! The Rockford/Lance White episode ("White on White and Nearly Perfect") was offered as a bonus episode in the Magnum P.I: The Complete Eighth Season DVD. Joe Santos, who plays Lt. Nolan Page in this episode, was a Rockford cast member (Sgt. Dennis Becker).

5 A wonderfully atmospheric, 3-minute Mike Post score is featured towards the end of the episode when Magnum is infilrating Grady Walker's boat to avenge Tanaka's death. The score is very reminiscent of Jan Hammer's work in the Miami Vice television series. It was produced just after Pete Carpenter's (Mike Post's longtime musical collaborator) death in Mid-October, 1987.

6 The Detroit Tigers baseball cap that Tanaka's nephew Biff gives to Magnum at the end of the episode is the one that Tanaka got from Magnum at the end of Season Two's "Try to Remember" (2.15), the first time the two met.

7 List of notable filming locations: 8 Higgins did a brief stint with MI5 (British Military Intelligence, Section 5) after the war (WWII). They captured a German general trying to flee Europe disguised as an Albanian countess. He got caught because he was too attractive to be an Albanian countess!

9 Two more relatives of Magnum's are mentioned - Aunt Sophie (who owns a beauty parlor) and Uncle Drew (long deceased).

10 Higgins mentions Lady Ashley for the first time in a long while (maybe since we last saw her in Season Five's "Echoes of the Mind"). He created a Hybrid Tea (roses) for a garden festival that is named after her ("Lady Ashley Tea"). After Tanaka's death, he changes it to "Silver Tanaka Tea".

11 Magnum says Robin Masters has six best-selling novels.

* This same field was used for a Little League baseball game in Season Four's "Jororo Farewell" (4.11).
** This house has been used in several other television shows and movies, including Hawaii Five-0, Lost, One West Waikiki, and others.

Rob Slater: Rockford was great. Jim was driven nuts by this pain-in-the-butt named Lance White. This guy's mister perfect, right. He's finding all the clues, catching all the suspects....

Tanaka: Sometimes the book doesn't cover the situation.

Magnum: I've always loved baseball. I think it has more of the American character than any other sport. It's competitive without being cutthroat. It's basically simple, but capable of incredible complexity. Baseball is played in parks. It has no clock except for the eternal rhythm of each individual game. This gives it thrilling bursts of action and moments of leisurely tranquility. All-in-all, I'm convinced that baseball represents one of man's noblest endeavors. (Narration)

Freida: He said you're a writer, television?
Magnum: Oh, I used to be, but I found it too demeaning. I just do features now, movies.

(Magnum disturbs Higgins)
Higgins: Magnum, you really are a man born out of your time. You would have made such an effective town crier.
1 Tanaka's dream flashback scene takes place in April of 1973. The characters are seen discussing the Watergate hearings and a Lance White appearance on The Rockford Files. Lance White's first appearance on The Rockford Files didn't occur until 1978 (and the show itself didn't start until 1974). (Noted by IslandHopper & golfmobile)

2 The coroner's report gives Rob Slater's age as 32, however, he was actually 27. His D.O.B. (Oct. 8, 1945) and date-of-death (April 7, 1973) can be seen when Magnum is at Tanaka's crypt. (Noted by IslandHopper)

3 Before his one-man assault on the ship, Magnum conceals himself with camouflage clothes and facial grease paint, yet he neglects to remove his stainless steel watch, sterling silver MIA bracelet and gold team ring! These items are highly reflective and would negate the effect of the grease as camouflage. You can actually see these items reflect light as he climbs aboard the ship using the anchor chain. (Noted by IslandHopper)

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