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This Island Isn't Big Enough...

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 122
Season Number: 6.16
Air Date: 2/13/1986
Writer: Chris Abbott
Story: Chris Abbott, Reuben Leder
Director: Leo Penn
Producer: Chris Abbott
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Clyde Kusatsu (Det. Gordon Katsumoto), Kathleen Lloyd (Carol Baldwin)
Guest Stars
Jenny Sherman (Starr Davis), Josie Over (Lily), Jimmy Borges (Coast Guard Officer), Todd Camenson (Otto), Vince Deadrick Sr. (Matt), Jeff Jensen (Louis), Maile Kinimaka (Maile), Peter Kalua (Bad Guy - uncredited)
Episode Brief
When Rick's boat returns from a cruise deserted, Magnum searches for the answers to what has happened to his friend and the passengers on board, who are all presumed dead. His hunt is somewhat hampered by the separate investigation of a police detective who models himself on John Wayne, but as they both try to get to the bottom of the strange disappearance of the boat's passengers, they stumble upon a plot involving mobsters and two million dollars in counterfeit money.
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1 Clyde Kusatsu will reprise the role of John Wayne fanatic Det. Gordon Katsumoto in Season Seven's "A.A.P.I." (7.5). Clyde appeared in six Magnum P.I. episodes total and was the infamous Col. Ki in "Memories Are Forever" (2.5 & 2.6)

2 The opening scene (over the guest star credits) features an alternate version of the standard Magnum P.I. theme song. The score uses a slower tempo, is heavily string-based and features no guitar. Composed by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter, this version of the theme song will not be heard again.

3 Icepick's real name is identified as Francis Hofstetler.

4 Another King Kamehameha Club yacht is seen. This time it's the King Kamehameha III. Unlike I and II (cockpit motor yacht's), this one is a Ketch (two masts) sailboat.

5 A never-before-seen room at the main house of Robin's Nest is used. It's a large "living room" of some sort (with oversized couches) that appears to be on the first floor. This room will be seen in several future episodes.

6 Stuntman, stunt actor, and stunt coordinator Vince Deadrick Sr. (Matt) doubled for Steve McQueen and Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man and Fall Guy) and appeared in several episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series. He had a 40-year stunt career in the business.

7 List of notable filming locations: 8 Legendary Hawaiian jazz/pop crooner Jimmy Borges (Coast Guard Officer) makes his fourth and final appearance on the show. Jimmy has been performing for over 50 years! He is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts (Na Hoku Hanohano) and the Music Foundation of Hawaii's Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement as a vocalist. He was the resident vocalist for the famous Trappers Lounge at the Waikiki Hyatt Regency from 1976-1986.

9 Stock footage of the Ferrari is used (in the scene where Magnum drives to Starr's office). Several cuts of stock aerial footage of T.C.'s chopper is used, also.

10 Magnum is again seen picking a lock without a tension wrench. It is virtually impossible (and time consuming) to pick (most) locks without a tension wrench! (Noted by N1095A)

11 T.C. wears his purple L.A. Lakers cap for the first time. He will wear it again in "Find Me a Rainbow" (6.18) and "A Little Bit of Luck... A Little Bit of Grief" (6.20).

12 Josie Over (Lily) makes her third of four appearances on the show. A local actress, Josie has appeared in over a dozen episodes of Hawaii Five-O and will later appear in a handful of episodes in another popular TV show filmed in Oahu, Jake and the Fatman (1987-1992).

13 Magnum again demonstrates some dubious gun handling. While in the chopper, he "chambers a round" on his Colt Government Model .45 ACP handgun ... and then sticks it into the back of his jeans!

14 When asked by Gordon as to who he would like to have play "the girl" in a movie adaptation of the events that just occured, Magnum replies, "Mary Steenburgen".

15 At the 20:30 mark, the aerial footage of Waikiki around the church is a mirror image. (Noted by John Hall)

16 Rick is seen reading Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

17 In 1946, Higgins headed the British Relocation Committee and brought 12 refugee children to the Hawaiian islands, including Lily (the "desert flower").
Magnum: When I was fourteen years old, my grandfather took me crabbing. Now, crabbing's a lot different from trout fishing. See, you tie the bait on the line, you drop it in the water, and when you feel the crab crawl up on the bait, and start nibbling away, you have to slowly raise the line to the surface and then net him as fast as you can. The only trouble is, by the time you can see the crab, he can see you. And nine times out of ten, he'll scuttle right back off that bait and disappear into the ocean. Now I guess that's what I always liked about it, the crab had as good a chance of a free meal as you did. But the best thing about crabbing, was that it taught you patience, concentration, and the second sense of when the time was right to sit, and wait it out. (Narration)

Starr Davis: Hi.... I'm Starr Davis. Can I help you?
Magnum: Uh... I'm Thomas Magnum.

Magnum: One thing I've noticed over the years. Usually people hire private investigators because they can't unravel the puzzle themselves. Their emotions are too involved. They need someone who is detached, analytical, uninvolved. And that's what I've always tried to give them. But somehow, that all became very difficult when the missing person was Rick and the client was me. (Narration)
1 Near the beginning of this episode, Rick has his Team Ring on upside down!

2 At the 18:41 mark, the position of the attache with the money on the bed suddenly changes. (Noted by Bernd-Christian Schulze)

3 When Magnum, T.C. & Higgins take off in the chopper to go and find Rick, the close shot of the helicopter shows a Hughes 500C (N58243) with no floatation gear and short skids. Seconds later, while in the air, it's a 500D with floatation gear and long skids. The footage of the Hughes 500C (N58243) is stock footage from Season One. N58243 crashed into the ocean during filming of Skin Deep (1.6) and was destroyed. The accident killed a cameraman (Robert Van Der Kar). (Noted by N1095A)

4 In the scene where Clyde Kusatsu (Det. Gordon Katsumoto) is hanging from the roof, his arms are stretched fully, yet an instant later when Magnum looks down at him (after the others have been subdued), his head is much higher and he seems to have propped himself up in the blink of an eye. (Noted by Tim)

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