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Magnum on Ice

(Murder, She Wrote Crossover Episode)

Episode Screen Caps Season Number: 3.8 (Murder, She Wrote)
Air Date: 11/23/1986
Writer: Robert Swanson
Director: Peter Crane
Producer: Robert F. O'Neill
Exec Producer: Peter S. Fischer

Main Cast
Angela Lansbury (Jessica Fletcher)
Guest Stars
Tom Selleck (Thomas Magnum), John Hillerman (Jonathan Higgins), Jessica Walter (Joan Fulton), Dorothy Loudon (Pamela Bates), Ramon Bieri (Capt. Frank Browning), Kwan Hi Lim (Lt. Tanaka), Stephanie Faracy (Amy Salyer), John McMartin (Jason Bryan), Andrew Prine (Victor Salyer), Jared Martin (Arthur Houston), Rhonda Aldrich (Maid), Harry Endo (Desk Clerk)
Episode Brief
Magnum has been arrested for murder and it's up to super sleuth Jessica Fletcher to prove his innocence and find the real killer before it's too late.
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1 This Murder, She Wrote (1984-1996) episode continues the storyline that began in the Magnum P.I. episode "Novel Connection" (7.9). As with the Simon & Simon crossover story in 1982, there are two different versions of the Magnum episode (which started off the storylines in both cases) -- the original broadcast version and the syndication version. The original broadcast version ends with a cliffhanger, then continues on with the Murder, She Wrote episode. The syndication version has a different ending which wraps up the story in one episode (so the Murder, She Wrote episode doesn't have to be viewed in syndication).

2 "Magnum on Ice" opens with a recap of the events seen in "Novel Connection". Angela Lansbury (Jessica Fletcher) has the following narration:

"Previously on Magnum P.I....

Jonathan Higgins had met three ladies at the airport - Joan Fulton, her secretary Amy Salyer, and an old friend of mine Pamela Bates. A man following Amy was spotted by a private investigator Thomas Magnum. Joan's husband had died three months ago and left her with a business to run. There had been some misunderstanding. Mr. Magnum was convinced Mayfield had a contract to kill one of the ladies. Apparently, he was right. We all heard two shots, but Mr. Mayfield was found shot in the back and unarmed..."

3 The guest stars are listed in alphabetical order, sans Tom Selleck and John Hillerman who are billed last as 'Special Guest Stars'.

4 The Complete Seventh Season DVD features a six-minute mini-documentary on the Magnum P.I. - Murder, She Wrote crossover story called "Inside the Ultimate Crime Crossover" (Disc 2). It features commentary from Angela Lansbury, Robert Swanson (Murder, She Wrote executive producer), Chas. Floyd Johnson (Magnum P.I. producer) and Jay Huguely (Magnum P.I. producer/writer).

5 Magnum's gun is again verbally identified as a ".45". The gun prop is actually a Colt Government Model 9mm Parabellum.

6 The historic Royal Hawaiian Hotel (the "Pink Palace of the Pacific") is used extensively in this episode as a filming location. The end credits credit the hotel for "Production Assistance".

7 Higgins says Robin Masters .45 revolver and silencer from the gun cabinet have been stolen, and that Robin used it for research on his first novel. Once again this disputes Magnum's claim in "The Case of the Red Faced Thespian" when he said "Robin never researches for novels." (Noted by Timmer33)

8 Jason Bryan's house was filmed at a private residence in Kahala on Kahala Avenue. The house is known as Sunhala. Sunhala was previously used in Season One's "The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii" (1.8), and has also appeared in episodes of Rockford Files ("The Hawaiian Headache"), Hawaii Five-0 (the "V For Vashon" trilogy), and Charlie's Angels (as the Angels' homebase in the five "Hawaiian" episodes of Season 5: "To See An Angel Die", "Angels of the Deep", "Island Angels", "Waikiki Angels", and "Hula Angels"). Arthur Houston's house was also filmed at residence on Kahala Avenue. This property was owned by Japanese billionaire real estate invester Gensiro Kawamoto, the largest property owner in Kahala. (Noted by rubber chicken & Sam)

9 Magnum mentions Dashiell Hammett, again.

10 Higgins, in a rare sight, gets into a one-on-one fight (with Victor Salyer) ... and holds his own!

11 Harry Endo (Desk Clerk) was a Hawaii Five-O regular. He played crime lab technician Che Fong in over 100 episodes.

12 A 1994 Murder, She Wrote episode ("Death in Hawaii") used stock footage from Magnum P.I.'s Season Two episode "Mad Buck Gibson" (2.9). It is the scene where Buck steals the Ferrari from the Estate, with Magnum jumping into the Audi to chase him. Three seconds of footage showing the Audi racing down the driveway towards the main gate are used. In the Murder, She Wrote episode, the estate footage is supposed to show Jessica Fletcher and a lady police officer in between leaving a police station and arriving at a sugar mill. (Noted by rubber chicken & Tayne)

Magnum: Murder One? Come on Lieutenant, he shot at me first.
Tanaka: With what Magnum? He was unnarmed and he was shot in the back.
Magnum: You think I did it?
Tanaka: I think you should stop showing up at murder sites.

Jessica Fletcher: ...What are you doing here?!
Magnum: I thought we could talk.
Jessica Fletcher: Well, you could have knocked.
Magnum: I did, but I guess you didn't hear me with the water running.
Jessica Fletcher: Oh, I see. So, you just let yourself in?! Well, how do you propose to conduct your little conference?! With me in the tub?!
Magnum: Well, no. I would have waited, but I couldn't just stand out in the hall... Nice robe.
(Jessica laughs)

Higgins: Make another move at your own peril, Salyer. Hi-Ya!
(unleashes the "Karate Chop of Doom"!)

Magnum: So, Jessica. What do you say we make a deal? If you don't take out a private investigator's license...
Jessica Fletcher: Yes.
Magnum: I won't buy a typewriter.
Jessica Fletcher: Deal!
(Magnum and Jessica slap hands and smile ... roll end credits)
1 In the final scene at the hotel, while Jessica is speaking to Joan Fulton (before Magnum appears on the window sill), a boom operator is visible for several seconds on the left side of the screen, in a mirror. (Noted by higgybaby1)

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