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Thicker than Blood

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 12
Season Number: 1.12
Air Date: 2/26/1981
Writer: Donald P. Bellisario
Director: Lawrence Doheny
Producer: J. Rickley Dumm
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Jeff MacKay (Lt. MacReynolds)
Guest Stars
Vincent Caristi (Joey Santino), Andre Philippe (Renard), Allan Caillou (Freighter Capt.), Charles Lucia (Coast Guard Lieutenant), Michael Dennis (Helmsman), Howard Kaohi (Hawaiian Driver), Norm Compton (Gang Boss), Michael Spilotro (Federal Marshal)
Episode Brief
T.C. makes a late-night flight to land on a tanker and is arrested on the journey back for transporting a Marine deserter. Magnum and Rick and certain of their friend's innocence and are shocked when he is willing to accept the charges. Determined to clear T.C.'s name, they soon discover that his secret flight brought back more than he had bargained for.
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1 This is the first "T.C.-centric" episode of the series. There will be nine in all.

2 The original opening title sequence has been replaced with a new one. Some of the shots are the same, but many have changed. There are seven new stock video clips which in all probability were recycled from early Hawaii Five-O usage. The old grainy texture stands out from the new film they used, and the images of the Hawaiian dancers look like they were made in the late 60's or early 70's. The opening theme song has changed, as well. The Mike Post & Pete Carpenter theme song (aka "the iconic version") has now replaced the original Ian Freebairn-Smith theme song. A slightly different version of the Post/Carpenter theme song has been used in the closing credits (and in some in-episode incidental music) since "The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii" (1.8), but this is the first episode to feature the score in the opening title sequence. The Post/Carepenter theme song will be used throughout the remainder of the series, with several slightly different versions appearing over the years. The memorable guitar riff was played the legendary jazz/rock studio guitarist Larry Carlton.

3 The opening preview includes some additional dialog which was deleted from the actual episode. As T.C. is escorted in handcuffs, Magnum raises his hand and says, "Take it easy. I just want to talk to my buddy". Rick then shouts out, "T.C.!". In the actual episode, Magnum begins to raise his hand, but the scene immediately cuts back to T.C. and we don't hear Magnum or Rick's speak. (Noted by Shermy)

4 T.C.'s chopper is identified by the Coast Guard as a Hughes 500D. T.C. also mentions that in Vietnam, Joey pulled him out of a burning AH-1 Cobra.

5 We see Magnum's gorilla mask for the first time! It will be seen in several future episodes.

6 Several scenes were filmed on location at U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point (Kapolei). The fight scene between Magnum and T.C. in T.C.'s hanger was filmed at the General Service Vehicle Shop (otherwise known as the "GSA building"). The Coast Guard operations room scenes were filmed at the real CG operations room at Barbers Point. (Noted by Rich Rejniak, USCG)

7 Ford Island in Pearl Harbor is used as a filming location (for the scene where the gang catch the people using T.C.'s chopper to import drugs). The hanger was a patrol plane hanger at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack (the first bomb to strike Ford Island actually fell just outside this hangar). (Noted by rubber chicken)

8 The shot of the car exploding and going over the side of the cliff was lifted from the "Pilot Movie". (Noted by Jay-Firestorm)

9 Twice T.C., Rick and Magnum all ride in the Ferrari together at the same time (with Rick squished in the middle). This is the only time this happens in the entire series!

10 This is the only episode in which Magnum and T.C. come to blows. Selleck and Mosley did most of their own stunts for the fight scene.

11 Michael Spilotro (Unnamed Federal Marshal) was a good friend of Larry Manetti (and Manetti's half-brother Robert Conrad) from their days growing up in Chicago. Spilotro became involved in the Chicago La Cosa Nostra organized crime organization ("The Outfit") with his brother Anthony "Tony the Ant" Spilotro and was a working "mob man" (in a burglary ring) at the time this episode was filmed. In 1986, Michael and Anthony were savagely beaten and killed by members of their own gang. Their story was partly fictionalized in the 1995 Martin Scorcese film Casino. In the film, the character "Dominick Santoro" was based on Michael Spilotro; Joe Pesci's character, "Nicky Santoro", was based on Michael's brother Anthony.

12 The estate's darkroom is seen for the second time. It was previously seen in the "Pilot Movie". Note here that the darkroom is slightly different. This is because the darkroom in the pilot was actually filmed at the Anderson Estate (the real Robin's Nest). Here the darkroom is a set on a soundstage.

13 The Coast Guard pilot that is seen in the office discussing the chopper chase is played by real U.S. Coast Guard pilot Neal Lipe (1954-2011). Neal flew HC-130 Hercules' and HU-25 Falcon's.

14 Magnum mentions that T.C. "saved his life so many times in 'Nam, he can't count".

15 The night before the start of the events of this episode, a woman named "Sarah" spent the night with Magnum in the guesthouse. We never see her (she left before Magnum awoke), but we learn that she is a "health nut" literary agent. Based on Magnum's comments, they appear to have been dating. Via a recording she left, Magnum was instructed to blend together flat beer, tomato juice, and three raw eggs. Rick wound up drinking it (and liking it)! We will never hear about her again.

16 The Hyatt Regency Waikiki is used as a filming location. (Noted by Sam)

17 This episode features one of the best Magnum/Higgins denouements of the entire series.
Magnum: Sometimes I get so lucky, even I don`t believe it.

Magnum: Can you give me her name?
Higgins: Not with you hovering over me like some bloody angel of death.

(Magnum is packing up after being told to leave the estate by Higgins earlier)
Magnum (wearing a gorilla mask): Oh, hi Higgins!
Higgins: That is absolutely ridiculous.
Magnum (takes off mask): But that's the whole point Higgins.
Higgins: I, uh, heard about T.C. and what he did and why. Is, uh, is his friend going to be alright?
Magnum: Oh I don't know Higgins. It kind of depends on Joey. I sure know he's better off with T.C. than he was with those smugglers.
Higgins: Yes, quite. That's, uh, why you needed the name of that ship isn't it, to help T.C.?
Magnum: Yeah, what difference does it make?
Higgins: None, just curious.
Magnum: Well look Higgins, I gotta...finish packing.
Higgins: What about the inventory?
Magnum: The inventory?
Higgins: Surely you don't expect to leave until I've taken an inventory of all the furnishings, paintings, linens.
Magnum (laughs): Come on Higgins, don't be ridiculous! I'm not gonna steal any towels.
Higgins: This is Robin Masters' guest house, and as Head of Security on this estate, It's my responsibility. I can't just let you walk out without taking an inventory.
Magnum: So take it! (slams shirt into luggage)
Higgins (walking away): I can't today. I have guests to look after. Perhaps tomorrow.
Magnum: Oh no Higgins! You're not gonna do that! You are not gonna hold this inventory over me like the Sword of Damocles! Now if you don't do it today, that's it, the deal's off, I'm staying!
Higgins: Well then... I'm afraid you'll just have to stay. (walks out)
Magnum: Well I'll be damned.
(puts on Groucho Marx mask and looks at camera)
(roll end-credits)
1 More "moving scars" for Magnum. When Magnum sits up in bed, and looks at his watch, you can see his circular scar on his left side of his chest (looks like one of those circular flesh-colored band-aids), and another scar on the top of his left shoulder. After his swim, you can still see the circular scar, but the scar on the top of the left shoulder is gone! It then reappears later! (Noted by IslandHopper)

2 On the helicopter ride from the ship (just before getting busted by the USCG), the audio between Joey and T.C. is off. Joey is speaking in a normal volume with minimal backround chopper noise, whereas T.C., who is sitting next to him in the same cockpit, is screaming at Joey above some obnoxious chopper noise. As they talk balk and forth, the chopper noise and actor volume keeps changing. By the end of the ride the problem has been corrected. (Noted by Jamie O'Neill)

3 When Magnum goes to T.C.'s hangar to try to stop him from jumping bail, Magnum is wearing white shoes. But when Magnum and T.C. get into a fight shortly after, Magnum is wearing BLACK shoes. (Noted by IslandHopper)

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