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Out of Sync

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 146
Season Number: 7.19
Air Date: 3/11/1987
Writer: Jay Huguely
Director: Joan Darling
Producer: Rick Weaver
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Dana Delany (Cynthia Farrell)
Guest Stars
Lisa Blount (Andrea Nicholson), David Hemmings (Danny), Chris Cote (Larry Prescott), Casey Sander (Roy), Ric Cane (Nick), Rita Minor (Airline Agent #1)
Episode Brief
Cynthia Farrell comes to Hawaii to see Magnum, and to see if the two can recapture the magic of their relationship in L.A., but when Magnum is hired by an adult film star, he spends more time looking after his case than he does Cynthia.
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1 Dana Delany returns as Cynthia Farrell, Magnum's love interest from Season Seven's opening episode "L.A.".

2 Despite the romantic storyline between Magnum and Cynthia, this episode features several violent images and allusions (women getting slapped around, knife attacks, Magnum getting violently beaten while tied to a chair, the threat of "snuff" films), as well as some seamy sexual overtones (mild S&M porn clips, porn directors, porn video rentals) that combine to really push the boundaries for what was acceptable on primetime television circa 1987!

3 This episode features nonlinear, on camera, narration from Magnum. He speaks to the audience throughout the episode after the main events of the story have concluded (for him).

4 "Since I Fell For You", the original recording of the jazz standard by David Sanborn (Sax) and Carl Anderson (Vocals), first heard in "L.A. (2)" (7.2), is used at the end of the episode and over the end-credits. This version is slightly different from the one heard in "L.A.". Strangely, Carl Anderson receives a "Guest Vocalist" credit, but Saxophonist David Sanborn does not. In "L.A." they both received credit.

5 English cinema icon David Hemmings (Danny) previously appeared in "Compulsion" (5.14). He has also directed three Magnum episodes - "Fragments" (5.6), "Compulsion" (5.14) and "Let Me Hear the Music" (5.18).

6 At the 32:48 mark, we get a rare closeup shot of Magnum's Rolex GMT Master watch (Oyster Perpetual, ref. 16750, with the "pepsi" bezel).

7 The last part of the scene with Selleck and Delaney on the tidal pool beach – where they are walking together and she’s holding her shoes – clearly would normally have been an outtake, as Selleck flubbed his line and said "rats" instead of "relax". They both lost their pacing of the dialog and were laughing about it. They paused for a few seconds trying to recover. Selleck then prompted her to say her line to say, "it's OK". She did and they laughed some more (13:50 to 14:20 time mark). But, because that made the scene between them seem so real and natural, the producers left it in. You can see when it went too far and they had to stop at 14:20. There they switch to a close-up of Delaney, clearly with a "cut" after the previous scene. (Noted by Chip)

8 List of notable filming locations: (All locations ID'd by rubber chicken)

9 Magnum is seen renting five movies at a video store - two for himself, Jaws and Airport (Magnum mentioned Airport just a few episodes earlier in "On the Fly"), and three adult movies for a case he is working on, "Lust Weekend", "Man Crazy" and "All the World's a Bed" (all fictional).

10 When Magnum was 10 years old, he was "beaten to a pulp" by Bobby Harris, a big 12-year-old, after Bobby's "girlfriend" asked him for half of his sandwich (which he apparently gave her).

11 This episode uses noticeable and repeated United Airlines product placement (several shots of the United Airlines logo, a shot of a Boeing 747 at the airport departure gate, a UA television ad as Magnum departs the airport). Conspicuous product placement is a rarity on Magnum. (Noted by Tim)

12 The King Kamehameha Club "Anuenue Room" (or "Rainbow Room") set is used for a brief scene (for Magnum and Cynthia's "dinner date").

13 Magnum smokes his fourteenth cigar of the series in this story.

14 Fellow Navy quarterback Roger Staubach is mentioned by Magnum. Staubach played at Navy from 1962-1964, just before Magnum's enrollment at the Academy.

15 A rare shot of Kalanianaole Highway, just outside of the front entrance to Robin's Nest (the Anderson Estate), is seen. The shot is from the road, looking directly north.

16 "Silver Beach Road" is fictional.

17 Magnum gets knocked out with one (sucker) punch for the second time this season ("Straight and Narrow").

* The Nutridge House was previously used in Season Six's "Find Me a Rainbow" (6.18).
Magnum: Did you ever commit to something you knew you weren't really committed to? Well, take my last game at Navy. We were playing Michigan, and we all knew there would be pro scouts there. Not that that mattered much to the Navy guys, because we were already "drafted" in a matter of speaking, and I guess I really knew that they wouldn't be scouting me, even if I was available. But that's the point. See, I was having one of those really good days - over 200 yards passing, two touchdowns, maybe one of my best games ever - and I started thinking, why shouldn't they be interested in me? You know, for the future. That's what happened to Staubach. Well, that was stupid, because I wasn't Staubach. I mean, there comes a time when you know how good you really are and I wasn't Staubach. So, times running out, fourth down, we're trailing by 3 points and my wide receivers are wide open in the end zone, and I missed him ... by 20 yards. Now, I hadn't missed anybody all day, so I don't know how I missed him by that much, but I think I know why. What if I'd had the best day a quarterback could ever have and nobody wanted to talk to me? That says something about commitment. (On Camera Narration)

Andrea Nicholson: I didn't mean for them to hurt you. If I'd known your fiancee was coming, I'd never would have hired you in the first place.
Danny: Ah, that's nonsense. I mean, she'll do anything when she's crazy. I must confess though, I didn't believe that you could have bought her story about me doing snuff films. I mean, nobody does snuff films anymore.

Magnum: We had a nice couple of hours. We were really making contact. Well, I mean, we weren't then we were, then we couldn't. So, I guess the other 22 hours, 19, whatever, they don't matter. I just have to think about those couple of hours at the Club and see if they committed us to anything... I guess I'll find out. (On Camera Narration)
1 Magnum says his last Navy football game was against Michigan. Even though they lost, he says it was his best game he ever played (over 200 yards passing, 2 touchdowns). In "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (4.13), he said his last game was against Army in the annual Army-Navy game.

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