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Legacy From a Friend

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 59
Season Number: 3.19
Air Date: 3/10/1983
Writer: Robert Hamilton
Director: Stuart Margolin
Producer: Chas. Floyd Johnson
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Frank Atienza (Officer Puna)
Guest Stars
Annie Potts (Tracy Spencer), Rosemary Forsyth (Margaret Chase), Sinjin Smith (Marcus Phillips), Bob Minor (Rose), Annette McCarthy (Nancy Phillips), Julia Nickson (Carla), Susan Mechsner (Crystal), Ardi Maioho (Sylvia)
Episode Brief
When his lifeguard friend Marcus Phillips is found dead on the beach the day after he's seen sporting an expensive new car he can't afford, Magnum suspects foul play. A young woman with an ambition to rise in the ranks of the police department joins him in the investigation, and they uncover secrets at the center of Marcus' life which led to his death.
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1 The original script for this episode was titled "A Darker Side of Paradise".

2 Beach volleyball legend Sinjin Smith has a minor guest starring role (credited as St. John Smith) as Marcus Phillips, Magnum's beach volleyball partner who is killed early in the episode. Joining Sinjin on the court is his younger brother Andrew Smith and Hawaii-based player Jon Anderson (both are uncredited). The beach volleyball scenes were filmed at the famous Outrigger Canoe Club (2909 Kalakaua Avenue). The OCC court was also used for the beach volleyball scenes in Season One's "Adelaide" (1.14). (Additional volleyball players ID'd by Henry Lewis)

3 Episode director Stuart Margolin (Angel Martin in The Rockford Files) will make a guest star appearance in "...By Its Cover" (3.21).

4 Tracy Spencer (Annie Potts) will return again in Season Seven's "A.A.P.I." (7.5).

5 Magnum comments near the beginning of the episode that he "woke up one day and realized that he was 32 and had never had a chance to be 22". In the Pilot Movie ("Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii"), he says that he woke up one day and realized he was 33 and had never been 23. (Noted by Jay-Firestorm)

6 Bob Minor (Rose) is the lead stunt coordinator for Magnum P.I., and is Roger E. Mosley's stunt double.

7 The beach scene where Marcus' body was found was fimed at Makap'u Beach, not Sandy Beach (where he was said to have drowned in the episode).

8 The scene with Magnum and Carla (the street merchant) was filmed at the Chinatown Cultural Plaza Center in downtown Honolulu. Sylvia's booth is on the Moongate Stage. (ID'd by Sam)

9 Julia Nickson (Carla, the street merchant) played one of the models in Season Two's "Three Minus Two" (2.22).

10 Susan Mechsner (Crystal) is a martial arts champion, and was first runner-up Miss California 1976. Susan was one of the mud wrestlers in Stripes (1981).

11 Magnum gets beat up by two female enforcers with tight pants and long fingernails!

12 The scene at 14:03 to 14:51 was filmed near Waialae Beach Park. At 14:31 you can see the stony columns in the background where the set for the King Kamehameha Club beach bar was located. (Noted by Bernd-Christian Schulze)

13 T.C. wears a Penn State baseball cap for the first and only time.

14 Magnum is seen driving the Ferrari with the top on, a rare sight!

15 During Higgins' first tour of India (date unknown, but probably 1948) "one of the lads ran afoul of a minor Rajah".
Magnum: Higgins, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that you can tell Robin that he doesn't already know - that we havn't laughed about together.
Higgins: The potato chip heiress from Buffalo who filled the tidal pool with...
Magnum: A little misunderstanding, Higgins. After it was drained...
Higgins: And then there is the Romanian mime troop who...
Magnum: You...You're not going to bring that up. I mean, you were there when the paramedics arrived! You know!
Higgins: I will take note of the panic in your voice and those guilt-crazed eyes as a scent to my favor, albeit with the slightest reluctance.
Magnum: Wait a minute! This isn't a favor, this is extortion and blackmail!

Tracy Spencer: Well look, when you're stalking big game, you've got to go into the jungle.

Tracy Spencer: You know, I mean this in the very best sort of way, but have you ever considered takng a self-defense course?
Magnum: They were women!
Tracy Spencer: That's my point... Poor thing.
(Higgins walks in)
Higgins: Good lord, are you alright?
Tracy Spencer: Oh no, I'm fine.
Magnum: Is she alright? Is she alright?? Higgins, look at my body.
Higgins: I'm not blind, Magnum. I can see that you look like bloody hell. Actually though, this is a minor beating compared to some you've taken. On a relative scale, it merely counts as a "dusting up".
(Higgins then launches into a story about his first trip to India)
1 After Marcus has left the club in his new car, when Magnum drives off in the Ferrari, you can see the reflection of a bank of lights used to light the scene in the passenger door. (Noted by Jay-Firestorm)

2 When Tracy is pleading with Magnum, after the debacle with Rose, as they walk across the lawn, a brief glimpse of a film crew person's shadow is seen in the lower-right of the screen. (Noted by Allison Priem)

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