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The Love That Lies

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 155
Season Number: 8.6
Air Date: 11/18/1987
Writer: Jeri Taylor
Director: Ray Danton
Producer: Tom Selleck
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Kathleen Lloyd (Carol Baldwin)
Guest Stars
Eileen Brennan (Brenda Babcock), Celeste Holm (Abigail Baldwin), Gary Wood (Keough Palmer), Gerry Gibson (Patrick O'Shea), Josie Over (Waitress), Tom Nibley (Woody)
Episode Brief
Magnum is trying to protect Carol, who is in the middle of a particularly controversial court case, when he is hired by a woman from the mainland to help locate the birth certificate for the child she gave up for adoption 30 years ago. In doing so he becomes embroiled in Carol's personal life, as he discovers a powerful secret about her parents and her true birthright that could shatter her.
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1 The original script for this episode was titled "Play It as It Lies".

2 This is the seventh and final "Carol-centric" episode of the series, following "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (4.13), "Blind Justice" (5.7), "Compulsion" (5.14), "The Man From Marseilles" (5.20), "A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken" (5.22), and "Death of the Flowers" (7.12).

3 Episode writer Jeri Taylor will go on to become an important staff member of the Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager TV shows, writing and executive producing many episodes. Jeri was also one of the producers on Magnum P.I. for Season Eight.

4 The original broadcast was the 150th episode of the show. According to co-executive producer Chas. Floyd Johnson, to celebrate, the show through a huge party in Universal City, CA at the old Premier Hotel. They invited many of the bigger name past guest stars of the show to attend (and indeed, many did). The Mayor of Honolulu (Frank Fasi) and the Mayor of Los Angeles (Tom Bradley) also attended.

5 Higgins, T.C. and Rick each have only one scene in this episode. (Noted by Jay-Firestorm)

6 Broadway and film star Celeste Holm (Abigail Baldwin) appeared with Tom Selleck in 1987's 3 Men and a Baby.

7 We learn several new things about Carol:
  • She was born in September of 1955.
  • She grew up in Oahu and lived in a very expensive house.
  • Her mother (Abigail) still lives in Oahu, in the same "Baldwin" house.
  • Abigail is not her birth mother. Her birth mother is Brenda Babcock (the result of a liaison with her father).
  • She now drives a Black Porsche 924S (her previous car was a VW Golf)
  • She likes to sing (especially in the shower).
8 The "Baldwin House" scenes were filmed at a residence called College Hill (2234 Kamehameha Avenue) in Manoa. This house is used as the primary residence of the Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa's presiding president. The house was built in 1906 by Frank C. Atherton. (Noted by rubber chicken)

9 T.C.'s chopper with the N4943T registration number is seen again. It was previously seen in Season Seven's "The People vs. Orville Wright" (7.22).

10 Local Waikiki entertainer Ray Bumatai (comedian, local theater actor, guitarist and recording artist) makes a brief appearance as a television reporter in the courthouse scene towards the end of the episode. Ray is the older brother of comedian Andy Bumatai.

11 The filming location for Patrick O'Shea's place of residence is very close to the Anderson Estate (Robin's Nest). It's on the other side of Kalanianaole Highway, just south of the estate. (Noted by Sam)

12 The foot chase scene (that culminates in Magnum jumping into the coconut stand) was filmed at the Fort Street Mall in downtown Honolulu. (Noted by Tim)

13 The rental car that Carol's real mom, Brenda Babcock, uses in this episode has the same license plate number (DBO 527) as the car that follows Magnum's Aunt Phoebe throughout "The Aunt Who Came to Dinner" episode (Season Seven). (Noted by Chris Browning)

14 The "Circuit Court" scene was filmed at the Territorial Office Building in Honolulu (425 South King Street). The building was built in 1926 and is on the National Register of Historic Places (1978). This building has been used in several other episodes and is often used as the establishing shot for the "Hawaii Metro Police" station. The address is always the same, "465" (which is different than the current address of "425" today). (Noted by Island Hopper & rubber chicken)

15 Josie Over (Waitress) makes her fourth and final appearance on the show. A local actress, Josie has appeared in over a dozen episodes of Hawaii Five-O and will later appear in a handful of episodes in another popular TV show filmed in Oahu, Jake and the Fatman (1987-1992).

16 The end credits are accompanied by a different set of music.
(to the press)
Carol: I am well aware that my office is prosecuting a man who is enormously popular. However, popularity is not guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. That is all. Thank you.

(to Magnum)
Higgins: You've washed the car?! How extraordinary. Why would you do such a thing?
1 In two separate scenes in the lobby of the "Circuit Court" building, the words "Office of Environmental Quality Control" can clearly be seen on a wall in big letters.

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