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A collection of Magnum P.I.-related magazine and newspaper articles (scanned) in PDF format.

# Year Headline Source Subject(s) PDF Notes
1 1980 None NY Daily News "Pilot Movie" preview PDF Written by legendary TV critic Kay Gardella.
2 1980 Magnum P.I. Variety "Pilot Movie" preview PDF "...Its key to success would seem to be the good-looking Selleck and he created enough interest in the pilot to suggest that Magnum could be in for a successful run."
3 1980 None NY Times "Pilot Movie" preview PDF "Magnum is still another Burt Reynolds lookalike striving to market the offhand style that has made Mr. Reynolds a star."
4 1980 "Sexy, Macho Tom Selleck Carries New Series" TV News of Manhattan South "Pilot Movie" preview PDF "If the scripting does not become repetitive or too silly, this series could give CBS one of the top rate private eye shows on the tube."
5 1981 "Magnum Has A Pal" Variety Gov. George Ariyoshi PDF Don Bellisario threatened to pull the show out of the islands because of the studio lease issues.
6 1981 "Review: Magnum P.I." TV Guide Thomas Magnum PDF "This is a more benign and languid Hawaii than the one in Hawaii Five-0, which managed to make paradise look nasty."
7 1982 "Magnum's America: 'Nam and Apple Pie" Village Voice Magnum P.I. PDF A very well-written review by Tom Carson.
8 1982 "Magnum's forceful sidekick" NY Daily News John Hillerman PDF Hillerman "loves fine art and caviar and hates excercise". His upcoming role in Little Gloria... Happy at Last is mentioned.
9 1982 "He's Hawaii's Magnum Force, But Tom Selleck Is Far From Pacific" People Tom Selleck PDF Tom's background, Magnum P.I. filming, High Road to China, Divorce Wars: A Love Story, Tom's parents, family pictures.
10 1982 "One foot in the ghetto, one in his Rolls Royce" TV Guide Roger E. Mosley PDF Mosley owns a Rolls, an '82 Cadillac, a '63 Corvette Stingray, a truck and a van. He founded the Watts Repertory Company and helped form the Watts Swim Club. While filming in Hawaii, Mosley coached a little-league football team - the Kaimuki Eagles.
11 1982 "Higgins - not Hamlet - will be fine, thank you" TV Guide John Hillerman PDF Hillerman bio, the creation of Jonathan Quayle Higgins (and the British accent), working with Selleck, Bogdanovich friendship. Great article!
12 1982 "Hawaii Extension for U-TV's Magnum" Variety Diamond Head Studio's lease extension PDF Lease approved through Dec. 1984. The deal with the Hawaii state government cost Universal $900,000 (in addition to the regular monthly lease).
13 1982 "Petersdorf..." Variety Rudolph Petersdorf's lawsuit PDF Petersdorf eventually loses the $5M suit.
14 1983 "The network said: Don't play it again, Rick" TV Guide Larry Manetti PDF Background info on Manetti, working on Magnum P.I., the forced change to the character of Rick after the "Pilot Movie".
15 1983 "The Lean Years Are Over For John Hillerman..." People John Hillerman PDF w/ pictures of Hillerman's Honolulu apartment. Hillerman became a fan of opera at 10 and would see The Met every year when they visited Dallas. "From the time he was 12, John would travel alone by train to Dallas [for a weekend], check into a hotel and go to the opera."
16 1983 "What could possibly be bothering Tom Selleck?" TV Guide Tom Selleck PDF The price of fame, female fans, long work hours, the tabloids.
17 1983 "Copter Pilot Gets 90-Day Suspension In Magnum Crash" Variety Robert Sanders PDF NTSB appeal - pilot originally received a 270-day suspension.
18 1983 "Eleven-Market, $70-Mil Gross" Variety Magnum P.I. in syndication PDF In its first week in syndication Magnum P.I. made $70M, shattering the previous record!
19 1984 "Magnum co-star has his own style" NY Daily News John Hillerman PDF Hillerman has a 10-room, 38th floor apartment overlooking Honolulu. "Part of the magic is that we enjoy working together. Tom's a delight."
20 1984 "Wheels to go" NY Post Manetti & Selleck PDF Selleck gave Manetti, Hillerman and Mosley a Porche 928 as a "thank you" present.
21 1984 "Bellisario" Primetime
(Issue No. 10)
Don Bellisario PDF Very interesting 3-page interview with Don Bellisario. The credited screenwriter of "Flashback", "Lance Madrid III", is actually a pseudonym for Robert Hamilton, a veteran Magnum P.I. writer. Airwolf also discussed.
22 1985 "Thighs & Whiskers: The Fascination of Magnum P.I." Screen Magnum P.I. PDF A scholarly deconstruction of Magnum/Selleck's sex appeal - the magnum opus of masculinity - and other aspects of the show. Also features a great review/interpretation of "The Woman on the Beach".
23 1985 "My Lord, Jack & Magnum Team Up!" NY Post Jack Lord, "Deja Vu" & Larry Manetti PDF Jack Lord to appear in a Season Six episode (turns out to only be a rumor). Manetti bumps into Ringo Starr in London who accidentally burns his jacket with a cig.
24 1985 "Magnum to hit the road this fall" NY Daily News Season Six PDF Info on "Deja Vu" filming. Confirmation that Jack Lord will NOT be appearing in any upcoming episodes.
25 1985 None Village Voice Magnum P.I. PDF Quentin Crisp's Your Show of Shows column. He likes the show.
26 1985 "CBS Beefs Up Magnum's Beefcake Part" NY Post Magnum P.I. PDF Selleck will be "alive in every show. He no longer will be a bookcase for Higgins." The show will also use more guest stars.
27 1985 "Dear Magnum: Get Tough, Get Passionate, Get Smart..." TV Guide Magnum P.I. PDF Best-selling romance novelist Janet Dailey advices Tom Selleck on how to spruce up his show.
28 1986 "No foolin': hard work pays off for Magnum" AP Tom Selleck PDF Over the summer Selleck turned down movie offers and spent the 10-week break working with the writers and producers.
29 1986 "High-caliber Magnum aiming for Dynasty" NY Post John Hillerman PDF Magnum P.I. going head-to-head with Dynasty. CBS announced plans to do a crossover with The Equalizer!
30 1986 "Wedding Belle in Magnum's future" NY Post "L.A." & Dana Delaney PDF The wife of Charles Johnson (Magnum P.I. producer) saw an episode of Moonlighting with Dana Delaney and told her husband she must be on the show.
31 1986 "Magnum P.I. Calls Hawaii Home..." Variety Filming in Oahu PDF Magnum P.I. leaves about half of the $22M it spends annually in Hawaii.
32 1986 "Magnum, he wrote" NY Daily News "Novel Connection" PDF Negative review of "Novel Connection", the Murder, She Wrote crossover episode, by TV critic Kay Gardella.
33 1987 "Magnum to Die: Show to Live On" Coast to Coast syndicated column "Limbo" PDF Selleck did some post-production work for "Limbo" in Toronto between rehearsals for Three Men and a Baby.
34 1987 "Magnum, VIII" NY Daily News 8th Season PDF Selleck has a deal whereby he can exit the show midseason if he chooses.
35 1987 "Sinatra and Selleck are really cookin'" NY Daily News Frank Sinatra and "Laura" PDF "Laura" is Sinatra's first (and only) appearance in a television episodic drama.
36 1987 "The Fall & Rise of Magnum" NY Daily News Magnum P.I.'s rise in the ratings, Frank Sinatra PDF Sinatra met Selleck at a dinner party (the summer before, after a Sinatra concert in Hawaii) and expressed interest in appearing on the show. Selleck makes $2M+ a season.
37 1987 "Joining Tom Selleck: As Tough as Ever, Frank Sinatra Bounces Up off the Canvas" TV Guide Frank Sinatra & filming "Laura" PDF When "Laura" wrapped, Sinatra received a captain's hat, a Magnum P.I. watch and a koa-wood bowl.
38 1987 "Magnum Blasts Status Quo" Variety Magnum P.I. ratings in various markets PDF Washington, D.C. consistantly has the highest ratings of any major market (10.1/25 Nielsen average). Dallas has the worst (2.3/4 Nielsen average).
39 1987 "Magnum Packs A Wallop" Variety MCA TV syndication package PDF "MCA TV has broken all the dollar records in syndication with its sale to stations of Magnum P.I.. Within five weeks of its introduction into the marketplace, Magnum P.I. has soared over the $1,000,00-an-episode mark."
40 1987 "The Eyes Have It in Tomorrow's Magnum Opus" NY Newsday Magnum P.I. review PDF Written by longtime media critic Marvin Kitman.
41 1987 "Magnum, P.I." Variety "Laura" PDF "...Tom Selleck is certainly having what amounts to the last laugh."
42 1988 "Camera Adventures with Magnum P.I." American Cinematographer John C. Flinn III PDF "Each show had a higher-than-average shooting schedule of eight or nine days." Flinn used Panavision cameras - Panaflex, PanaX and PanArri.
43 1988 "Magnum's aloha airs Sunday on CBS" The Dispatch and Argus TV Week Series finale "Resolutions" Preview PDF Another mention (confirmation) of Selleck's executive producer role on the show ("...for the past two years").
44 1988 "Magnum exit a hot one" NY Daily News Series finale "Resolutions" PDF The series finale, "Resolutions", averaged a huge 30.3 rating (percentage of all TVs) and a 45 share (percentage of TVs in use). The episide had its best performance in Washington, D.C., where it averaged 37.8 and a 56 share!
45 1988 "Far From Final" NY Post Series finale "Resolutions" PDF "Magnum's oddly unfunny finale left plenty of room for more."
46 1988 None Advertisement Team Ring PDF The Larry Manetti-sponsored Team Ring order form. 18 kt. gold layered ring for $19.95. A matching Emblem Pendant is also available, also for $19.95.
47 1988 "Magnum Foursome Plan Hawaii Prod." Variety Selleck, Charles Johnson & Chris Abbott PDF "Selleck, Johnson and Abbott have formed a company and hope to produce TV programs in Hawaii, if they get help from the state and concessions from the unions."
48 1992 None Broadcasting MCA TV syndication PDF MCA sells third-cycle syndication package of 156 episode to USA Network for $150,000 per episode, or $23.4 million. The first cycle earned Magnum P.I. a record $2.5 million an episode for an off-network hour in syndication.
49 ???? Magnum, p.i. Television Chronicles Magnum P.I. review PDF Great 8-page article about the history of the show. Thanks to Little Garwood for sending this in.

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