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All For One (1)

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 99
Season Number: 5.15
Air Date: 1/31/1985
Writer: Reuben Leder
Director: Mike Vejar
Producer: Reuben Leder
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Guest Stars
Robert Forster (Tyler McKinney), Dustin Nguyen (Joe Hanamut), Clyde Kusatsu (Dr. Lon Teng), Seth Sakai (Maj. Thieu), Michael Hasegawa (Capt. Thanat), Reggie Ho (Keo), James Grimshaw (J.J. Quincannon), Harry Chang (Desk Clerk)
Episode Brief
Tyler McKinney, an old commando acquaintance, asks Magnum, Rick, and T.C. to help him rescue a buddy who is held prisoner after being captured in Chong Ker, Cambodia by Vietnamese soldiers.
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1 This is one of only two "two-part" episodes of the series, where the episodes originally aired as two one-hour episodes one week apart. The other episode was "Echoes of the Mind" (5.1 & 5.2). All of the other two-part episodes (5) were originally aired as a two-hour TV movie in one night, and were subsequently split into two parts for syndication packages.

2 The episode title appears center-screen, not the usual bottom-left.

3 We hear no narration from Magnum at all in this episode (Part 2 features narration at the very end of the last scene). "The Big Blow" and "Resolutions" are the only other episodes that exclude Magnum narration.

4 Vietnamese-American actor Dustin Nguyen (Joe Hanamut) makes his professional acting debut with this episode. He later became a lead cast member of 21 Jump Street (1987-1991) and V.I.P. (2000-2002), and, for a period of time, was one of Hollywood's leading Asian-American actors.

5 Early in the episode, Higgins, Magnum, Rick and T.C. are seen "recreating" the Battle of Salamanca on the estate grounds. Higgins, of course, plays the side of Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley and is seen firing his 1890's Strong Fire Arms Company signal cannon! The cannon was featured in a 2011 episode of the hit cable show Pawn Stars. You can watch the entire episode ("Cannons & Klingons") online here.

6 The plane that the group fly to Cambodia in is a Douglas DC-3. (Noted by Tim)

7 The exterior shot of the "Hotel Royale" in Cambodia was filmed at the No. 1 Capitol District Building in downtown Honolulu. Built in 1872, this building was the home of the original Royal Hawaiian Hotel and later served as the YMCA. Since 2002, it has been the home of the Hawaii State Art Museum. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Properties. (Noted by Tim)

8 In the Cambodian bar scene, stock cover versions of "Purple Haze" (Jim Hendrix) and "Proud Mary" (John Fogerty) can be heard as background music.

9 This is the only episode of the series where the word "SEAL" (in the Navy sense) is mentioned in reference to Magnum [see quote below].

10 Higgins was in the Congo with a U.N. peacekeeping force for most of 1961.

11 Early in 1953, Higgins was in Vietnam with French forces and was chief consultant for Rand McNally when they updated the map. He stayed at the Hotel Royale.

12 In 1951, Higgins was in Korea and had to transfuse blood for a Turk hit by a sniper while penned down for two days in a frozen rice paddy; he used a stalk of bamboo. The sniper killed the Turk two days later.

13 Higgins is fluent in the Khmer language.
Magnum: Higgins, that's not fair.
Higgins: Fair? Magnum, war is not fair. But that's not the point, is it?
Magnum: The point is, Higgins, you can blackmail us into being your toy soldiers. You can blackmail us into playing your dumb board games. But we draw the line at indiscriminate slaughter. I mean, you're not even giving us the slightest chance of winning.
Higgins: Of course not, that would be historically inaccurate.
Magnum: Well, historically inaccurate or not, I'm getting sick and tired of being shot at by your dumb, stupid little toy cannon! As a matter of fact, I never want to hear it again... ever!
(Higgins' cannon accidentally delay-fires directly at Magnum, T.C and Rick, causing them to dive into the bushes)

Magnum: We're not "letting the action pass us by". We're facing up to reality, putting those times to rest.
Tyler McKinney: Then what are you wearing that SEAL cap and that MIA bracelet on your wrist for?

Magnum: Where you been, Tyler?
Tyler McKinney: Been to an execution.
Rick: Anybody we know?
Tyler McKinney: Mine.
T.C.: Well, I guess somebody messed up then.

Tyler McKinney: Got anything to drink?
Higgins: Certainly not. And I demand an explanation.
Tyler McKinney: Okay, General, just don't slug me, too.
Rick: Go ahead, Higgins, belt him if you want.

Rick: What did she say?
Higgins: She said from the right side you look exactly like Dustin Hoffman.
1 At the beginning of the episode, when McKinney and Quincannon are at the refugee village, McKinney looks at the soldiers that have captured Quincannon, through the scope of his rifle. His rifle had no scope. (Noted by Frodoleader)

2 When Tyler shoots off Higgins' cannon toward Magnum, T.C. and Rick, as they start to walk away, Rick's pants have a design on both pockets. When they jump away to miss the shot, Rick is wearing a different pair of pants with no design on the pockets. (Noted by Mark Seaman)

3 Also, during Tyler's cannon shoot (mark 8:50), the stunt doubles for Selleck, Mosley and Manetti can clearly be identified. (Noted by Bernd-Christian Schulze)

4 When the gang are on the boat and going through the weapons crate, Tyler picks up a 5.56 mm HK33 (or the identical civilian semi-auto version HK93) and throws it to T.C., but in the next shot TC clearly catches a 7.62 mm HK91 (semi-auto version of the military G3). Tyler also identifies the weapon he's picking up as a "91", indicating that he is indeed picking up the wrong weapon. (Noted by Kifaru)

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