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Unfinished Business (8.8)

Col. Buck Greene (Lance LeGault)
Col. Buck Greene
(Lance LeGault)

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Magnum, T.C., Rick & Higgins Higgins & The Red Phone Christmastime @ Robin's Nest Thomas Magnum #3
MAD Reading Magnum's Driver's License Willie (Dana Hill) Magnum Shooting From Ferrari
Selleck & Hillerman Laughing Santa Magnum Linda Lee Ellison "The Gang"
KKC "Beach Bar" Sharon Stone (1984) Robin's Nest (Main House) N. Hotel Street (1980)
Young Magnum T.C. & Alexis Carter Mimi Rogers (1982) "The Rock" Don Muraco
Magnum's Gun Thomas Magnum (1980) Rick & T.C. (Rodeo Clowns) Agatha Chumley
Cemetary Showdown "Legends of Hollywood" Jonathan Higgins (WWII) Rolls-Royce Phantom V
Hawaii Theatre (1987) Frenchman's Island Xmas "Lady X" Sinjin Smith (1983)
Ian McShane (1980) Jean Claude Fornier The Three Soldiers Carol Burnett
Final Shot! Rick Wright "The Hell of It" Kapena Falls
Lt. Nolan Page Mikado Sign Wendy & Lani Magnum's Watch
Albert Higgins Sgt. Kenny Chung Higgins & The Lads Bugatti Type 37 Racer
Steyr SSG 69 Rosine Haleiwa Theatre (1981) Mad Buck Takes Flight
Family Guy Col. Buck Greene Bob Minor Agatha & Friends
The LaSalle Sisters The Estate (1969) Guesthouse Set TM @ Hollywood Wax Museum
Woody Woodpecker R.J. Masters Magnum Sketch Joe & Rita
High-rise Fight! Heaven Can't Wait Sam Hunter Shelly Faraday
Island Hoppers Magnum's Stuff "Good Night" Inge & Greta
Doc Ibold Magnum P.I. Film Crew Kika T.M. & Robin Masters
Icepick Magnum Bar Plaque Higgins the Clown Magnum (1941)
Frank Sinatra Karate Chop of Doom! Makapuu Lighthouse David Bannister
Leslie "Scooter" Emory Higgins Laughing The Walker Estate (1981) Mano
Detective Calvin Donald P. Bellisario T.M. w/ Pac-Man Game Vietnam War Picture
Tracy Spenser "I Got Him" Runaway Wheelchair Carol Baldwin
Magnum G.I. Luther H. Gillis Magnum w/ M72 LAW Joy "Digger" Doyle
Fireball Shed Bogie-Rick Higgins (1960s) Ted Danson (1981)
The Snorkel Shot Operation: Sinking Boat! Robin's Keep (Leeds Castle) Fig Newton's & Milk
Tozan Magnum w/ Seatbelt Rambo Rick! Surfboard Smackdown!
Higgins & T.M.'s Rubber Chicken "Gus Zimmer", Carny Geek The Ferrari (1984 308 GTSi QV) Magnum's Jump
T.M.'s HS Yearbook Photo Magnum on the Sax Elmo Ziller Magnum & Adelaide
The Lemon Brawl Car Going Over Cliff! Apollo & Zeus Rick's on Fire!
Boris & Sebastian Magnum (1979) Michelle Hue The Team Ring
One-on-One Hoops The Guesthouse Boom! Magnum @ Charity Ball

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