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Jororo Farewell

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 74
Season Number: 4.11
Air Date: 1/5/1984
Writer: Reuben Leder
Story: Fay Nakagawara
Director: Ivan Dixon
Producer: Reuben Leder
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Guest Stars
John Saxon (Ed Russler), Wesley Ogata (Danny Linn), Robert Ito (Ray Lum), Linda Ryan (Louise Peardon), Marcus Shimomi (Benny)
Episode Brief
The Little League International Goodwill Tournament becomes a site of terror for the young Crown Prince of Jororo, who plays center field for the visiting team. Magnum befriends the young boy and puts his own life on the line when he finds out there is a royal assassination plot in play.
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1 This episode makes several references to events that took place in Season Two's "The Jororo Kill" (2.13) and features the return of Ed Russler. Russler was previously played by Burr DeBenning, but here is played by John Saxon.

2 Wesley Ogata (Danny Linn, the Prince of Jororo) had a small role in Season Two's "Memories Are Forever" (2.5 & 2.6) as a Vietnamese boy who steals Magnum's wallet. Danny Linn is a major part of this story, and is in many scenes (with many lines), but for some reason his name isn't listed until the end credits. This is Wesley's second and last credited television or film role.

3 In Magnum and Russler's trip to the video arcade, the following classic coin-op games can be identified: Zaxxon (1982), Asteroids (1979), Atari Basketball (1979), Robotron: 2084 (1982), Frogger (1981), Pac-Man (1980), Looping (1982) and Super Pac-Man (1982)

4 The climax features a great scene involving the Ferrari and a cargo plane. Magnum (with an Uzi) parks the Ferrari in the middle of a runway to try and stop the plane (and the Prince) from getting airborne. In a thrilling shot, we see the plane take off just in front of Magnum and the Ferrari!

5 A rare shot of Magnum walking directly from the tidal pool to the guesthouse is seen. Despite many attempts by the show at "creative geography", to make it appear that the guesthouse is behind the main house (and away from the tidal pool), this camera shot makes it clear that the guesthouse is behind the tennis court, close to the tidal pool.

6 Al Kaline is mentioned again. Both Magnum and Danny Linn have Al Kaline baseball gloves*.

7 Rick mentions playing stickball as a kid under the "L" in Chicago.

8 We get a rare look at the center console of the Ferrari.

9 The baseball game at the beginning of the episode (where Danny Linn attempts to run away) was filmed at Lanakila District Park in Kamehameha Heights. The Tigers-Jororo baseball game was filmed at Kuliouou Beach Park near Portlock. (Noted by rubber chicken & Sam)

10 The Detroit Tigers are playing the Minnesota Twins (again) on Magnum's TV. Twins slugger Kent Hrbek is mentioned. The "play at the plate" that is (briefly) seen is the exact same play that was seen a few episodes earlier in "A Sense of Debt" (4.8) when Magnum goes to Detroit to collect $10k for T.C.! The play is seen on a television set in the background when Magnum is talking to Higgins on the phone.

11 Agatha's polo horse "Matilda" is on the estate and is being "minded" by Higgins. Presumably, the horse is staying in the estate's stables. The stables have never been seen in the show and were only mentioned briefly once, in the "Pilot Movie".

12 In Africa, Higgins' unit was once surrounded by cannibals for 39 days before surrendering. Faced with being boiled alive, the commanding officer, Major Tewksbury, challenged the Cannibal King to a duel to the death with the soldiers' freedom as the prize. Although Tewksbury was of royal blood himself, he was no match for the King... he never knew what hit him. (Noted by Stephen Huntley)
Higgins: What did you want Magnum?
Magnum: Well, I wanted some advice.
Higgins: I'm sorry Magnum, but my knowledge of "shagging flies" goes only from the common house variety to the Tsetse. I've long since given up trying to understand what you Yanks find so fascinating about a game in which most of the time is spent inserting a digit in ones nostrel, or scratching ones...
Magnum: Higgins, please!

Danny Linn: Don't talk to me about fair, Magnum. I'm the Prince of Jororo. Born lucky, I guess.
Magnum: Danny, you can't keep running away from them. Besides, where are you going to run to?
Danny Linn: Someplace where nobody wants to blow my head off... What about Haight-Ashbury? Do you think the Flower Children will take me in?
Magnum: The Flower Children?!
Danny Linn: Sure, the hippies.
Magnum: There arn't any hippies any more.
Danny Linn: There arn't?
Magnum: No... I mean, where do you get all this stuff? The Flower Children, your slang. You don't talk like a Prince. It all went out of style a long time ago.
Danny Linn: Hey, when you grow up alone in a palace in Jororo with six color TV's, you make do with what you get: The Mod Squad, Welcome Back, Kotter, Shindig!
Magnum: You mean... you learned to talk like that from television and reruns?!

Magnum: In my dad's day it was pool halls. Me? I sometimes hung out in pinball arcades. And these days a lot of kids lose themselves in computer explosions of lights and sounds. But whatever your game, you could always count on one thing in places like these; you could, in the space of a couple of hours, temporarily escape the problems of the outside world. (Narration)
1 * When Magnum pulls into the estate near the beginning of the episode, he stops to talk to Danny. Danny notices Magnum's glove and says it is an Al Kaline glove like his. Al Kaline gloves were only made by Wilson. Magnum's glove is a Rawlings. (Noted by lutherhgillis)

2 Magnum and Danny both mention that they're watching the Twins/Tigers game on television, but the shot of the television set at the end of the scene shows the Tigers playing the Blue Jays.

3 While riding in the chopper, Magnum changes an Uzi clip with his finger on the trigger! Even if the safety is on, that's no guarentee that the gun won't go off! No wonder T.C. is always a little apprehensive about shuttling Magnum around in his chopper!

4 During the scene were the kids are playing baseball (just before the boys get into a fight at 2nd base), Rick mentions that he is writing a recipe for chicken marsala to send to his mother back in Chicago. Earlier in the Season, in "Distant Relative" (4.4), we learned that both of Rick's parents are dead! (Noted by lutherhgillis)

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