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Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 14
Season Number: 1.14
Air Date: 3/19/1981
Writer: Robert Hamilton
Director: Lawrence Doheny
Producers: Rick Weaver, Andrew Schneider
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Guest Stars
Christine Belford (Adelaide Malone), Cameron Mitchell (Charles Cathcart), Don Lamond (William McDonald), Tremaine Tamayose (Ring Announcer), Deborah Takushi (Waitress)
Episode Brief
A woman hires Magnum to protect "Norman", who is facing kidnap unless she pays a ransom, but the case has some unexpected turns when Magnum finds that her uncle is an old Vietnam comrade who is against him being hired, and that Norman is none other than a prized racehorse.
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1 Magnum's "little voice" narration is heard for the first time!

2 Magnum wears the red and white "Al's Automotive and Muffler King" cap (with the word "Tigers" in large letters in the middle) for the first time! He will wear it in several more episodes to come.

3 Veteran actor Cameron Mitchell (Charles Cathcart) appeared in one of the first TV shows to be filmed in Hawaii - The Beachcomber (which ran for only one season in 1962). Cameron played the lead role of John Lackland, a rich executive who retired from the "rat-race" to become a beachcomber on a small South Pacific island.

4 Christine Belford (Adelaide Malone) is a well-known actress who has appeared in numerous television shows (and films) of the 1970s and 80s (Banacek, Marcus Welby, M.D., The Six Million Dollar Man, The Incredible Hulk, and others). She appeared in a 1972 episode of Mannix (1967-1975) with John Hillerman, and was in an early episode of Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979) with Larry Manetti.

5 List of notable filming locations: 6 Several times while at the horse show, a Tom Selleck look-alike is seen as an extra passing by the cameras. (Noted by N1095A)

7 Magnum is seen drinking "Coops" beer in a can for the second time (after "Lest We Forget"). "Coops" beer is almost always shown in bottle form. This might be the last time we see "Coops" beer in a can in the series. (Noted by Ryan D.)

8 "Five-O" is mentioned again (5:00 and 42:57). Magnum said "Five-O had roadblocks set up within 15 minutes". (Noted by Tim)

9 At the 28:44 mark, a cattle dog is either stepped on or kicked by a horse in the background (just behind and between T.C. and Rick). The dog makes a horrible, crying howl when it happens. (Noted by Coops)

10 Tremaine Tamayose (Ring Announcer) is a well-known local Hawaiian actor/comedian/playwright.

* This location will later be used for many scenes in Season Two's "The Elmo Ziller Story" (2.21).
Magnum: Good to see you again sir. (extends hand for handshake)
Charles Cathcart (declines handshake): Well, Magnum. I didn't think you'd remember me. 'Nam's a long time ago for most people.
Magnum: Well, I have good reason to remember you sir, and to be grateful. Thank you again.
Charles Cathcart: Most people would forget that soon enough too.
Magnum: Well Adelaide told me about the threats against Norman. I hope I can be of help.
Charles Cathcart: I hate to disappoint you, but quite frankly, I can handle the situation myself.
Magnum: You seem to have some problem sir. I don't know what it is, but...
Charles Cathcart: Then I'll tell you. You were a damn fine Officer. You had the makings of a brilliant career, brilliant, but you threw it away to be a Private Eye.
Magnum: Investigator, and I didn't throw anything away, I resigned. Look, I'll always be grateful for those years, but it's no my life now.
Charles Cathcart: But it's mine! Mine! And I'd give anything to be back. Just so you understand, when I see somebody who quit and walked away, it makes me angry! (walks away)
Adelaide Malone: I apologize for my Uncle.
Magnum: Well one thing sure hasn't changed, that's his temper.
Adelaide Malone: Would you like to meet Norman?
Magnum: Not if he's like your Uncle!

Adelaide Malone: ...You see, I've been saving myself for the right man.
Magnum: Well, I think that's just fine. (smiles)
Adelaide Malone: Do you really? Because lately I've been worried that maybe I've been "saved" too long, like a jar of strawberry preserves on the shelf all winter that just explodes one day, and there you are with jam all over the ceiling and broken glass all over the floor.

(to Adelaide Malone)
Magnum: ...take a deep breath, get on your horse, and ride like the champion you are, because if you don't, they'll win. They'll have beaten you, even if they don't get Norman. Are you going to let that happen?

Adelaide Malone: Hold it, or I'll blow you to glory!

(to Adelaide Malone)
Magnum: Do you carry sterility insurance?

Adelaide Malone: The kindest eyes I'd ever seen. Thomas Magnum, private investigator.
1 When T.C. is flying Adelaide and Magnum out to the island in the beginning of the episode, you can clearly see a stationary rotar blade shadow being cast upon the plexiglass window of the chopper above T.C. (Noted by Coops)

2 A couple of flubs involving Charles Cathcart and his rubber hand:

(a) After Adelaide is abducted by the goons on horses, Magnum and Charles Cathcart jump into the jeep to pursue, and as Charles gets in the Jeep you see him gripping the top of the windshield of the Jeep with his rubber hand. Here you can see his supposed rubber fingers moving to grasp the windshield. (Noted by IslandHopper)

(b) When Higgins hands the Winner's Trophy to Charles Cathcart, Charles grasps the bottom of the trophy with his rubber (right) hand and again you can see him manipulate his fingers to grip the trophy. (Noted by IslandHopper)

3 When the bad guys set fire to the stables at night, Magnum comes out of the stables with his .45 to confront them. As he cautiously moves toward the guys setting the fire, they shoot at him and he dives to the ground. As Magnum dives to the ground, he tries to return fire, you can see an elbow pad on his right arm protruding from the rolled-up sleeve of his shirt; Magnum then gets to his feet and moves behind a horse trailer for cover and cocks his gun. At this point the camera cuts to a close-up of Magnum cocking the .45. However, you can tell this isn't Magnum in this close up, as the guy's (stunt double) hands and arms are hairless and a very pale complexion. You can also tell by the very good condition of the blue KKC tank top worn underneath a khaki shirt of the stunt double. These shirts worn by the stunt double are too neat and wrinkle free to be Magnum's. This close up looks like it was added in post production; (c) Before Magnum returns fire from behind the horse trailer, you can see him getting ready to fire and you can see the elbow pad under his left sleeve. And, as he fires, you can see the elbow pads on both arms. (Noted by IslandHopper)

4 When Magnum and Adelaide leave Robin's Nest and drive back to the stables to search for Norman they are interrupted by Charles Cathcart and his goons. Charles has Magnum remove his .45 from the small of his back and drop it on the ground. Just before the gun is dropped on the ground, the camera cuts to a close up of the legs and feet of Magnum and Adelaide. First, the gun that is dropped to the ground is not Magnum's .45. The barrell of this gun is to short, and the pistol grip is different. Second, the shoes that are shown in this shot supposedly worn by Magnum are canvas Nike's, not the Puma running shoes, that Magnum was wearing in Higgins' study and as he walked into Norman's stall just before being discovered by Charles and his goons. (Noted by IslandHopper)

5 As Magnum fights with the goons in the stable, he says "Adelaide get the gun," and then you see a woman's hand pick up the gun off of the ground. However, this isn't Adelaide that picks up the gun, because the sleeve of the woman picking up the gun does not match Adelaide's blouse. Then the shot goes wide and you see Adelaide holding Magnum's actual .45 on the bad guys. The close up shots of the legs and feet of Magnum and Adelaide as well as the woman picking the gun off of the floor look like they were added post production. (Noted by IslandHopper)

6 As Magnum and Charles pursue the bad guys on horses, the left front tire of the Jeep gets shot out and you can even hear the air hiss out of the tire. However, as Magnum gets out of the Jeep, the left front tire is fully inflated and not damaged as shown seconds before. Also, the Jeep's license plate changes several times during the chase. (Noted by IslandHopper & Sheedos)

7 When the rustlers drop Adelaide off of the horse, we get a clear view of her face as she gets up, and it's clearly not Christine Belford. Also, when Adelaide is thrown from the horse, her clothes are obviously dirty, yet when she runs to Magnum and Charles her clothes look freshly washed. (Noted by Jay-Firestorm & Sheedos)

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