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The Oahu list covers most of the major Magnum P.I. filming locations, but it is by no means exhaustive. To see even more filming locations, you simply MUST check out Rubber Chicken's Guide to Magnum P.I. Locations, an interactive, multimedia map (XML-based KML file) with over 350 Magnum P.I. locations, many of which feature extensive text, pictures, and web links. In order to view the map, you will need a virtual globe program like Google Earth (free). Much thanks goes to Magnum Mania! forum member rubber chicken for creating this fantastic data set of Magnum P.I. filming locations!

Image Location Map Episode(s) Notes
McCoy Pavilion Ala Moana Beach Park map Let Me Hear the Music (5.18), Round and Around (6.6) & The Treasure of Kalaniopu'u (6.9) The McCoy Pavilion & Magic Island.
Ala Wai Yacht Harbor Ala Wai Yacht Harbor map The Love-For-Sale Boat (5.17), Old Acquaintance (6.3) & Others Located near Ala Moana Regional Park. Site of the infamous "Lemon Brawl" in "The Love-For-Sale Boat".
Haumalu Alexander Estate: Lanihau & Haumalu map Skin Deep (1.6), The Woman on the Beach (2.3), Flashback (3.7), The People vs. Orville Wright (7.21), Forever in Time (8.5), & Legend of the Lost Art (8.10) Famous Diamond Head estate made up of two neighboring beachside homes - Lanihau & Haumalu. The houses were built in the early 1930s by the famous Hawaii businessman Wallace McKinney Alexander (of Alexander & Baldwin fame), and were designed by the prominent Hawaii architect Charles William Dickey. During WII, the houses were used as R&R facilities for G.I.'s. In the '50s and '60s, famous movie stars and musicians rented out Haumalu (often for lavish parties), including Esther Williams, William Boyd, and Kirk Douglas. See this page for more info.
Ali'iolani Hale Ali'iolani Hale map Blind Justice (5.7), Death of the Flowers (7.12) & Others The historic Ali'iolani Hale building in downtown Honolulu. The building opened in 1874, and was the seat of government of the Kingdom of Hawaii and the Republic of Hawaii. Today, it is the home of the Hawaii State Supreme Court.
Aloha Stadium Aloha Stadium map One More Summer (2.17) Home of the University of Hawaii Warriors and the annual NFL Pro Bowl game.
Eve Anderson Estate Anderson Estate
map Almost All Home of Robin's Nest! Prior to Magnum P.I.. the estate was used in several other television shows, including Hawaii Five-0 (10 episodes), Charlie's Angles, Vega$, and Murder, She Wrote. Go here for screen shots of the estate from various episodes of Hawaii Five-0.
Bellows Air Force Station Bellows Air Force Station map A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken (5.22), Legend of the Lost Art (8.10)
& Others
The Bellows Air Force Station property was used for many outdoor scenes, including the "Oahu Prison Farm" setting in "A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken" and the "Camp" scene finale in "Legend of the Lost Art". The beach at Bellows was also used in several episodes.
Byodo-In Temple Byodo-In Temple map Tropical Madness (2.7), Did You See the Sunrise? (2) (3.2), The Arrow That is Not Aimed (3.14) & Little Girl Who (7.7) Buddhist temple located in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park.
Wo Fat Restaurant Chinatown Chinatown map The Last Page (2.20), Forty (7.17) & Others Many street scenes were shot in and around Chinatown, including many street scenes in the Hotel Street district [see below]. The famous Wo Fat Restaurant was seen in "The Last Page".
Clarence H. Cooke House Clarence H. Cooke House map Numerous episodes from seasons 2-8 The second location used for outdoor King Kamehameha Club shots (non-"Beach Bar" setting). This historic property, later known as the Marks Estate, was built in 1932 and is located in the Nuuanu Valley section of Oahu at 3860 Old Pali Road. Additional extended shots and scenes can be seen in "Billy Joe Bob" (2.1), "Murder 101" (5.8) and "Summer School" (6.13). During the 1980s, the property was used as the headquarters for HIMAG (Hawaii Institute for Management and Analysis of Government), a local government "think tank".
College Hill College Hill map The Love That Lies (8.6) At 2234 Kamehameha Avenue in Manoa. Used as "The Baldwin House" (Carol's childhood home). College Hill is the primary residence of the Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa's presiding president. The house was built in 1906 by Frank C. Atherton.
Contemporary Museum Honolulu Contemporary Museum Honolulu map The Taking of Dick McWilliams (2.10) & Echoes of the Mind (5.1 & 5.2) Beautiful art museum nestled high on a hill in Makiki. Features stunning views of Honolulu and Waikiki. The William Twigg-Smith Gallery was used as the home of Mitsu McWilliams in "The Taking of Dick McWilliams". The Spalding House was used as the home of Diane Dupres in "Echoes of the Mind".
Crouching Lion Inn Crouching Lion Inn map Try to Remember (2.15) Sign, front parking lot and the main dining room of the restaurant are seen.
Diamond Head Lighthouse Diamond Head Lighthouse map Missing in Action (1.9) & Others At the foot of Diamond Head Crater, constructed in 1899.
Dillingham Ranch Dillingham Ranch map The Black Orchid (1.16) & Memories Are Forever (2.5 & 2.6) In Waialua, on the North Shore. Wyndom Jackson's house in "The Black Orchid".
Elk's Club Elks Honolulu Lodge map Numerous episodes from the first three seasons Used as the location for indoor/outdoor King Kamehameha Club scenes (non-"Beach Bar" setting) in Season One, with occasional scenes in Seasons Two and Three.
Falls of Clyde Falls of Clyde map Memories Are Forever (2.6) & Blood and Honor (6.10) Museum ship in Honolulu Harbor. It's the only surviving iron-hulled, four-masted full rigged ship, and the only surviving sail-driven oil tanker, in the world.
Ford Island Ford Island map Thicker than Blood (1.12) Ford Island at Pearl Harbor Naval Base was used for a couple of scenes in "Thicker than Blood", all involving either T.C. and/or his chopper. The climax of the story (with the drug smugglers being apprehended) was filmed inside the historic Hanger 6 (at the time, the oldest aircraft hangar in Hawaii). Hanger 6 was nearly destroyed during the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The hanger was demolished in 1985.
Fort Street Mall Fort Street Mall map Paradise Blues (4.15) This crowded pedestrian plaza was the site of a Magnum pedicab ride, courtesy of Kika (local Hawaiin comedian James Grant Benton).
Haiku Valley Ladder Haiku Valley Ladder map J. "Digger" Doyle (1.17) Also known as "The Stairway to Heaven", the Haiku Valley Ladder is a 3,922-step stairway up the steep side of the Koolau Range. Located on the property of the USCG Kaneohe Omega Transmitter.
Haleiwa Theatre Haleiwa map Wave Goodbye (2.9), Dream A Little Dream (4.20) & Others On Da North Shore, bra! Haleiwa Beach Park, "old Naval training airport" ("Two Birds of a Feather"), Waialua Sugar Mill ("Foiled Again"), and the historic Haleiwa Theatre ("Wave Goodbye").
Hawaii Film Studio Hawaii Film Studio map All Known as "Diamond Head Studio" during the MPI filming days, this was where all of the indoor set scenes (Magnum's quarters, Higgins' study, Rick's office, etc.) were filmed. The soundstage was called "Five-O Stage" (or "Stage One"). Two brief outdoor scenes were filmed on the premises in "Torah, Torah, Torah" (5.21) and "Forty" (7.17).
Hawaii Kai Hawaii Kai map ...By Its Cover (3.21), Innocence... A Broad (8.3) & Others This SE Oahu neighborhood was used as the backdrop for many outdoor scenes and chases. The Safeway at 377 Keahole St. was used for an extended indoor/outdoor scene in Season Eight's "Innocence... A Broad".
Hickham Air Force Base Hickham Air Force Base map Pilot Movie & From Moscow to Maui (2.4) F4-E Phantom's from the base were used extensively for closeups, aerials and landing sequences.
Honolulu International Airport Honolulu International Airport map Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too (1.4), All Roads Lead to Floyd (1.13), Faith and Begorrah (3.23) & Others As soon as you step off the plane you are in Magnum Territory. ;) The airport is currently under a phased, 12-year, $2.3 billion modernization project.
Honolulu Zoo Honolulu Zoo map The Eighth Part of the Village (3.4) & Birdman of Budapest (3.16) Good shots of the giraffe and flamingo exhibits can be seen in "The Eighth Part of the Village".
Hotel Street Hotel Street map Memories Are Forever (2.5 & 2.6), The Last Page (2.20), Luther Gillis: File #521 (4.2), Laura (7.18) & Others Honolulu's infamous vice district was the location for the fictional "Little Saigon" setting in the show and was used for many "seedy" street scenes throughout the series (from beginning to end). The "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" sequence with Frank Sinatra was shot here for "Laura". The infamous nude dancehalls Club Hubba Hubba, Swing Club, Benny's Danceland, and the Esquire Theatre, are seen in the background in many of the episodes. Indoor scenes were filmed at the Swing Club for "The Last Page" and "Laura". Cebu Pool Hall (H.Y. Wong building, Hotel & River Streets) was used for an indoor scene in "The Eighth Part of the Village".
International Marketplace International Marketplace map Laura (7.18) Used for a nighttime stakeout scene involving Tom Selleck and Frank Sinatra.
Iolani Palace Iolani Palace map Backdrop in numerous episodes. Used as the state police headquarters in Hawaii Five-O.
Kahala Neighborhood Kahala map Numerous episodes This SE Oahu neighborhood was used as the backdrop for many outdoor scenes and several oceanfront mansions were featured extensively in select episodes.
Kahala Hilton Kahala Hilton map Echoes of the Mind (5.1), Tran Quoc Jones (5.9) & Others Location used for the third King Kamehameha Club setting (non-"Beach Bar"). It was only used in a few episodes, starting with "Echoes of the Mind" (5.1). Today, it's known as the Kahala Hotel & Resort.
Magnum Kaiser High School Track map From Moscow to Maui (2.4) & Straight and Narrow (7.4) All of the track scenes were filmed at this location.
Kaneohe Omega Transmitter Kaneohe Omega Transmitter map J. "Digger" Doyle (1.17) Used for both indoor and outdoor filming. A USCG facility that was used to transmit very low frequency signals for global radio navigation (mainly for aircraft). The Omega stations (there are nine total around the world) were permanently terminated in 1997 due to the success of the Global Positioning System. The building is still there today, but it is not open to the public. The Haiku Valley Ladder is also located on the property.
Magnum & T.C. Kapaolono Park map Basket Case (3.15) & Squeeze Play (4.7) Located in Kaimuki. The softball field was used for all of the softball game scenes in "Squeeze Play" and the basketball courts were used for the beginning scenes in "Basket Case".
Kapena Falls Kapena Falls map The Treasure of Kalaniopu'u (6.9) Just off Pali Hwy in the Nuuanu Valley and very close to the Sanju Pagoda of Kyoto Gardens Memorial Park. Several scenes from "The Treasure of Kalaniopu'u" were filmed at this waterfall pool, including the famous "waterfall jump" finale scene.
Kyoto Gardens Kyoto Gardens of Honolulu Memorial Park map Forty (7.17) The three-tiered Sanju Pagoda was used for a climactic nighttime shootout.
Kualoa Ranch Kualoa Ranch map Birdman of Budapest (3.16) & Others Also referred to as Kualoa Valley, this landmark on the windward coast has been used as a filming location for many movies and tv shows, including Jurassic Park (1993), Godzilla (1998), the Fantasy Island remake (1998) and Lost (2004-).
Kuilima Hyatt Resort Hotel Kuilima Hyatt Resort Hotel map From Moscow to Maui (2.4) & Mixed Doubles (3.10) Situated on the North Shore, this resort was notably used for the King Kamehameha Club tennis courts/locker rooms/hotel rooms scenes in "Mixed Doubles". Today the resort is known as Turtle Bay Resort.
Kuliouou Beach Park Kuliouou Beach Park map Jororo Farewell (4.11) & Tigers Fan (8.4) Used for youth baseball scenes in both episodes.
Makapuu Beach Makapuu Beach map Legacy From a Friend (3.19) & Others Used several times in the show.
Makapuu Lighthouse Makapuu Lighthouse map Faith and Begorrah (3.23) Located at Makapuu Point, this historic lighthouse was first built in 1909. Famously used for the shocking denouement in "Faith and Begorrah", where a woman ("Legs") is tossed from the lighthouse by an abusive boyfriend.
Makai Research Pier Maki Research Pier map Numerous episodes from seasons 2-8 Homebase for T.C.'s Island Hoppers charter company.
New Town & Country Stables New Town & Country Stables map Adelaide (1.13), The Elmo Ziller Story (2.21) & Home From the Sea (4.1) In Waimanalo. Used for the horse jumping and stables scenes in "Adelaide", the rodeo scenes in "The Elmo Ziller Story" and the polo scenes in "Home From the Sea".
Oceania Floating Restaurant Oceania Floating Restaurant map Memories Are Forever (2.5), Birdman of Budapest (3.16) & Pleasure Principle (8.2) Famous Honolulu restaurant docked on Pier 6 in Honolulu Harbor. Used for Magnum & Michelle's wedding in "Memories Are Forever", the "Dragon Bar" in "Birdman of Budapest" and for the climax in "Pleasure Principle". Dick "The Giant" Jensen (Chief Mano in "Kapu") used to perform at the Oceania in the mid-1970s.
Outrigger Canoe Club Outrigger Canoe Club map China Doll (1.3), Adelaide (1.14) & Others Used for some outdoor King Kamehameha Club scenes in the early seasons.
Pali Tunnels Pali Tunnels map Distant Relative (4.4) & Others The site of numerous killer car (and chopper) chases!
Pauena Point Pauena Point map The Taking of Dick McWilliams (2.10) & Operation: Silent Night (4.10) North Shore, on the northern tip of Waialua Bay. The "beach shack" scenes in "The Taking of Dick McWilliams" and virtually all of the scenes in "Operation: Silent Night" were shot here.
Punchbowl National Cemetery Punchbowl National Cemetery map The Last Page (2.20) Meeting location for Magnum and Taylor Hurst in "The Last Page".
Royal Hawaiian Hotel Royal Hawaiian Hotel map Magnum on Ice The "Pink Palace of the Pacific" was used extensively in Part Two of the MPI - Murder, She Wrote crossover story, for both inside and outside shooting.
Queen Emma Summer Palace Queen Emma Summer Palace map Holmes Is Where the Heart Is (4.18) & Forever in Time (8.5) Historic landmark & museum.
Sand Island Sand Island map Forty Years From Sand Island (3.18) Located at the entrance of Honolulu Harbor, this small island was the main U.S. Army WWII Internment Camp for Japanese-Americans and foreign nationals.
Sandy Beach Park Sandy Beach Park map I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway... (6.12), Death and Taxes (7.6) & Others Most of the carnival scenes in "I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway..." were filmed at a large grassy area of Sandy Beach Park, just off Kalanianaole Hwy. The brief "Half Moon Bay State Beach" scene in "Death and Taxes" was also filmed here.
Sea Life Park Sea Life Park map Old Acquaintance (6.3) & Rapture (6.11) The Reef Tank was used for several underwater closeup shots in "Rapture".
Shriners Beach Club Waimanalo Shriners Beach Club Waimanalo map Foiled Again (3.8) Used for the fencing tournament scenes (where Troubshaw gets zapped). The property is located directly next to the Anderson Estate (aka Robin's Nest), on the north side.
Shriners Hospital for Children Shriners Hospital for Children map The Black Orchid (1.16) & Texas Lightning (2.18) Used as the "establishing shot" for the fictional "Honolulu General Hospital" and for a few brief outdoor scenes.
SS Constitution SS Constitution map All Thieves on Deck (6.15) The ocean liner SS Constitution (commissioned in 1951) operated out of Honolulu Harbor in the 1980s and was used as the main setting for the majority of the scenes in "All Thieves on Deck" (S6). Many of the scenes were shot when the ship was docked on the leeward coast of Kauai (exact location unknown). You can see Kauai in the background in most of the outdoor, upper deck scenes. The Constitution was also featured in several episodes of I Love Lucy, the 1957 film An Affair to Remember and several Hawaii Five-0 episodes (including the Pilot).
St. Andrews Cathedral St. Andrews Cathedral & The Parke Chapel map Memories Are Forever (2.5 & 2.6), Of Sound Mind (3.13), I Do? (3.17) & Others Located in Queen Emma Square, St. Andrews Cathedral was used for several scenes in "I Do?". The Parke Chapel was the site for many key "secret meeting" scenes involving Magnum and Michelle or Lily - "Memories Are Forever" (w/ Michelle), "Resolutions" (w/ Lily).
Sunhala House Sunhala map The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii (1.8), Novel Connection (7.9) & Magnum on Ice Otherwise known as the McMillian Estate. Sunhala was used in Season One's "The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii" (1.8) and for many scenes in the Magnum P.I.-Murder, She Wrote crossover story. Sunhala features a stunning private garden and immaculately trimmed trees. It was also used in episodes of Rockford Files (The Hawaiian Headache), Hawaii Five-0 (the "V For Vashon" trilogy), and Charlie's Angels (as the Angels' homebase in the five "Hawaiian" episodes of Season 5: "To See An Angel Die", "Angels of the Deep", "Island Angels", "Waikiki Angels", and "Hula Angels").
University of Hawaii at Manoa - Andrews Outdoor Theatre University of Hawaii at Manoa map Italian Ice (2.16), Murder 101 (5.8) & Others The Andrews Outdoor Theatre was used for the climatic scene in Italian Ice. In "Murder 101", they filmed both inside and outside scenes at the university, including several shots of Hawaii Hall.
USS Arizona Memorial USS Arizona Memorial map Lest We Forget (1.10), Almost Home (3.11) & Others The famous tomb and memorial was the centerpiece of Season Three's "Almost Home".
Waialae Beach Park Waialae Beach Park map Numerous episodes The location for all of the outdoor King Kamehameha Club "Beach Bar" scenes. Used many, many times in the show.
Waikiki Waikiki map Numerous episodes Waikiki Beach, International Marketplace, Kalakaua Ave, Ala Moana Blvd, the Zoo - the show pretty much filmed all over Waikiki.
Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort map The Hotel Dick (6.5) Location for the fictional "Hawaiian Gardens Hotel".
Waikiki Shell Waikiki Shell map The Sixth Position (2.11) At Kapiolani Park, this iconic site was used for several ballet-related scenes.
Walker Estate Walker Estate map The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club (1.11), Of Sound Mind (3.13), Smaller Than Life (4.3) & Others Historic Hawaiian estate in the upper Nuuanu Valley, at 2616 Pali Highway. Used extensively in several episodes.
War Memorial Natatorium War Memorial Natatorium map Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too (1.4) &
Death and Taxes (7.6)
Located in Kapiolani Park. The famous scene of Rick surfacing with scuba gear was filmed here.

The Big Island
Image Location Map Episode Notes
Parker Ranch Kahua Ranch map Paniolo (6.8) Most of "Paniolo" was filmed on location at the historic Kahua Ranch in North Kohala (northern tip of the Big Island). The ranch was run for decades by the innovative rancher Monty Richards. With Monty leading the way, Kahua Ranch was the first to use rapid rotational grazing, successfully integrate sheep into the ranch operations, provide land for an experimental wind farm, attempt hydroponic farming, maintain a pristine native Hawaiian forest and power the entire "Kahua village" on renewable energy.
Mauna Lani Resort Mauna Lani Resort map Paniolo (6.8) On the Kohala Coast. This resort was used for a brief scene involving Higgins and Lynn Harbison (Mary Kate McGeehan). Both the inside and the outside of the main resort building are seen.

Image Location Map Episode(s) Notes
French Riviera French Riviera map J. "Digger" Doyle (1.17), The Jororo Kill (2.13), The Man From Marseilles (5.20) & Photo Play (6.21) Not a true on-location setting, as the "Magnum Team" never actually filmed there, but the South of France was used as a plot setting for several episodes, and real stock footage (mostly aerial) was used to show Cannes (and other Riviera locations) several times, including Le Suquet, Croisette, and the historic Carlton Hotel.
Hampton Roads Hampton Roads, Virginia map Going Home (6.7) Magnum's "hometown" in SE Virginia. The area is also referred to as the Tidewater region of Virginia. The specific town/city in Hampton Roads is never actually named.
Tower Bridge London, England map Deja Vu (6.1 & 6.2) Most of the filming takes place in the Westminster borough of London. Hyde Park, Marylebone Station, Covent Garden Market, Bedford Square, the London Guards Hotel, the Commodore Hotel, and the Columbia Hotel are all used as filming locations. Several famous British landmarks are briefly featured as well, including Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Royal Albert Hall, and Parliament Square (with the Sir Winston Churchill statue).
Leeds Castle Leeds Castle, Kent, England map Deja Vu (6.1 & 6.2) Located near Maidstone, England. Used as the setting for Robin's Keep, Robin Masters' English residence.
Hall Barn Hall Barn, Beaconsfield, England map Deja Vu (6.1 & 6.2) Jonathan Quayle Higgins' boyhood home, located just outside the town of Beaconsfield (25 miles NW of London). This historic house was designed and owned by the 17th century English poet Edmund Waller.
Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles Area map Pilot Movie (1.1 & 1.2), Ki'i's Don't Lie (3.3) & L.A. (7.1 & 7.2) Various locales around the Los Angeles metro area, including LAX airport, Century Plaza Towers ("Ki'i's Don't Lie"), Universal City, Venice Beach, Venice Pier, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame (at Burt Reynolds' star).
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Statue National Mall, Washington D.C. map Going Home (6.7) & Resolutions (8.12 & 8.13) Including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Washington Monument & the Lincoln Memorial.
Tiger Stadium Tiger Stadium, Detroit, Michigan map A Sense of Debt (4.8) & Others Never actually filmed on location, used for a brief establishing shot only. Former home of Magnum's beloved Detroit Tigers. Tiger Stadium was demolished in 2007. The Tigers now play at Comerica Park which opened in 2000.
U.S. Naval Academy - Bancroft Hall U.S. Naval Academy & Annapolis, Maryland map Resolutions (8.12 & 8.13) Featured in the series finale. Bancroft Hall, The Chapel, the Statue of Tecumseh, Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, and several other locations around the Annapolis, Maryland area, are seen in the episode.

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