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The Jororo Kill

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 31
Season Number: 2.13
Air Date: 1/7/1982
Writers: Donald P. Bellisario, Andrew Schneider, Reuben Leder
Story: D. Bellisario, A. Schneider, R. Leder, A. Sutterfield
Director: Alan J. Levi
Producers: Rick Weaver, Andrew Schneider
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Jeff MacKay (Lt. MacReynolds)
Guest Stars
Tyne Daly (Kate Sullivan), Christopher Morley (David Bannister), Burr DeBenning (Ed Russler), Zulu (Hotel Doorman), Ed Fernandez (Santos), Brandon Smith (Russler's Aide), Geoff Heise (British TV Reporter)
Episode Brief
When Kate Sullivan, a journalist, and an old friend of Thomas, Rick, and T.C. from the Vietnam days, arrives in Hawaii and asks for Magnum's help in tracking down an international assassin, Magnum learns that the target is a Prime Minister visiting from a small island republic. However, Magnum becomes suspicious of Kate's determination for getting the story.
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1 Season Four's "Jororo Farewell" (4.11) will mention events that take place in this episode. Ed Russler will return, but he will be played by a different actor (John Saxon).

2 The fictional Jororo Islands are located "1200 miles southeast of Guam".

3 According to writer/producer Tom Greene's commentary in the Tales of the Gold Monkey DVD boxset (another Don Bellisario show), "The Jororo Kill" script was bought and reworked into the Tales of the Gold Monkey episode "Naka Jima Kill" (1983). Much like this episode, the plot revolves around an international assassin who is a master of disguise. (Noted by Jitendar Canth)

4 Tyne Daly's (Kate Sullivan) Cagney & Lacey premiered (October 1981) only a couple months prior to when this episode was filmed.

5 List of notable filming locations: 6 The opening scene with David Bannister (dressed as a nun) and the French policeman, both speaking in French, was originally broadcast without English subtitles. The subtitles were added for the DVD release.

7 The bicyle that Bannister rides after he sets the bomb is the same exact bicycle that Magnum rode in the Ironman Triathlon in Season One's "Beauty Knows No Pain". It's a very expensive Italian Bianchi. (Noted by Peter Van der Hulst)

8 Hawaii Five-O alum and native Hawaiian Zulu (Det. Kono Kalakaua) makes his only appearance on Magnum P.I. (as a hotel doorman). He is credited as "Zoulou", the French Tahitian spelling of "Zulu".

9 Magnum uses a Beretta 92 9mm pistol to shoot Bannister in the climactic scene. It's not his gun. Magnum picked it up off the floor in the church after one of the agents that was shot dropped it. (Gun ID'd by Jeff Pedler)

10 The estate's wine cellar is seen for only the second time in the series.

11 "Mac" does a very good impersonation of Magnum in this episode!

12 Higgins was with MI6 in Northern Ireland (date unknown) where he was attached to General Cornwall. At the Queen's Birthday Ball, fellow MI6'er David Bannister, a male field operative who dresses in drag, showed up in the same gown as Lady Ashley.
Magnum: Kate had been a wire service reporter working out of Saigon, when she came to do a story on our team. She was an idealist, not naive, but still an idealist. She wanted to write the truth. And if a truth happened to be location in a free-fire zone, or if the truth wasn't exactly what she thought it would be going in, well she'd write it anyway. That's the Kate we all fell for. And when she got wounded, it was a buddy getting hit.

Lt. MacReynolds: Magnum, do you have any idea who it is you're dealing with here?
Magnum: Well, I know he used to be an operative with MI6 and that he quit, or was kicked out, because he likes to dress up like girls, and that he's writing a book.
Lt. MacReynolds: Magnum, Bannister isn't writing any books. He's selling himself to the highest bidder. He's an international assassin! A killer! Every police department in the world is lookin' for him!

Magnum: Nuns don't work on Sunday.
(Begin shootout with David Bannister)

Magnum: C'mon Higgins, I need a good bottle. I owe it to a friend. The stuff you gave me had been aged for two weeks in aluminium.
Higgins: Nonetheless, it contains 12% alcohol. I should think that's all you'd care about.
Magnum: C'mon Higgins, I'll even pay for it.
Higgins: Ah, the magic words. And always the last ones out of your mouth.
1 In the opening scene set in France, Banyan trees can be seen in the background. Banyan trees are not indigenous to any part of France, and are virtually nonexistent there. (Noted by Tim)

2 During the climactic shootout at the church, look closely at the priest and two altar boys. They never move, or duck down, during the battle. Guys are getting hit all around them, yet they never take cover!

3 "Bottle sickness" in wine making is a term that applies to newly bottled wines, not decades old bottles taken out of a wine cellar. (Noted by J.G.)

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