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The Legacy of Garwood Huddle

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 88
Season Number: 5.4
Air Date: 10/18/1984
Writer: Richard Yalem
Director: Vincent McEveety
Producer: Reuben Leder
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Elisha Cook Jr. (Icepick)
Guest Stars
Pat Hingle (Garwood Huddle), John Ratzenberger (Walt Brewster), Belinda Montgomery (Frannie Huddle), Michael Anderson Jr. (Garwood Huddle Jr.), William Bryant (Arnold "Slick" Sims), Philip Sterling (Harry Clayborn), Phil Hartman (Newsreel Narrator - uncredited), Nancy DeCarl (TV Newscaster), Wisa D'Orso (Mavis), Dick Durock (Norm), Wakefield Mist (Little Garwood - uncredited)
Episode Brief
Higgins persuades Magnum to help Garwood Huddle, a member of a notorious group of 1940s bank robbers, who's escaped from prison to rescue his kidnapped grandson.
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1 The opening credits appear unusually late, some six minutes into the episode.

2 Garwood Huddle is an infamous "unarmed bandit" of the 1940s. Along with gang members Arnold "Slick" Sims and Mortie Anderson, using toy guns, they successfully robbed 47 banks across the United States.

3 This episode has some signs that it is out of sequence with the surrounding episodes, most notably Magnum's hair length. It is short in the previous and next episodes, here it is quite long.

4 Rick only appears in one brief scene in this episode (when he goes to visit Icepick).

5 Pat Hingle (Garwood Huddle) guest starred with John Hillerman in a 1976 episode of Hawaii Five-O ("Man on Fire").

6 The legendary Phil Hartman performs an uncredited voiceover (as a Newsreel Narrator) in the opening scene. This is an early-career appearance for the actor, even pre-dating his work on Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

7 Magnum spends most of this episode smelling like a combination of old gym shorts and brussel sprouts thanks to some "Patchismo" cologne, which is supposed to bring out a persons natural scent.

8 Guest star John Ratzenberger plays Garwood's son-in-law Walt Brewster (the kidnapper) in this episode. Walt's best friend is named "Norm", just like Ratzenberger's more famous character Cliff Clavin on Cheers!

9 Icepick is shown running his "business" from the back office of a deli store. We learn that he has "several" grandchildren, including one named "Butch".

10 The little boy who plays Little Garwood (Wakefield Mist) will make another appearance in Season Six's "Find Me a Rainbow" (6.18). In that episode he was also kidnapped! (Noted by Little Garwood)

11 Magnum makes another trip to the "Hall of Records", but Ms. Jones is nowhere in sight. We get to see what the building looks like from the outside.

12 Nancy DeCarl makes a brief appearance as a TV newscaster. She is married to Larry Manetti and once was a real life TV news reporter.

13 In July of 1944, Higgins was in Mexico City with MI6. The Third Reich put some top secret documents into a Mexican bank (the "Banco Internacional") for safekeeping. Higgins' assignment was to hire a notorious criminal (Garwood Huddle) to steal them, a man who appeared to be robbing just another bank. The mission, of course, was to bring out the Nazi documents. Garwood returned all of the money and refused to accept any payment. It was his contribution to the war effort.

14 Higgins was in Salzburg "back in...", but he breaks off without detail.
Newsreel Narrator: (Phil Hartman) And now for the News of the Week for July 23rd, 1944. Garwood Huddle, the notorious "Unarmed Bandit", has now spread his infamy over two countries by robbing the Banco Internacional in Mexico City of over $90,000. Huddle is now believed to be back in the Midwest and the public is warned that despite their "no guns" reputation these men are desperate criminals and should be considered extremely dangerous. Huddle and gang members Arnold "Slick" Sims and Mortie Anderson were able to convince bank employees that the toy guns they carried were real. The same incredible method of operation that has led the Huddle Gang through 47 successful robberies in the United States. This was the last time anyone had seen Garwood Huddle, just prior to his escape from the police station in Joliet, Illinois. Yes, he had tricked the guard into thinking the pistol he had with him was real.

Magnum: Well, you could have got us both arrested! Then who would have found your little grandson?
Garwood: We ain't arrested! We're riding around in this fancy Italian race car of yours! Real inconspicuous! El Higgo told me you were very good, but I'm beginning to wonder, buddy.
Magnum: He said that?!

T.C.: You know, there's that smell again. It's smells kinda funny, like old gym shorts. You smell it Thomas?
Magnum: (says nothing)
T.C.: It's gettin' worse. It smells like old brussel sprouts.
Magnum: Ok! Ok! Ok...It's me. Some guy gave me this sample of "Patchismo" cologne.
T.C.: "Patchismo" col...Is this the same guy that gave you the "PatWax"?
Magnum: Yes, and I put some on and now I can't wash it off.
T.C.: Man, you should have smelled that stuff before you put it on.
Magnum: It doesn't smell like anything. It's supposed to take on your own natural scent.
T.C.: Heh, boy if that's your own natural scent you've got a serious problem.
Magnum: Look, will you stop it please and help me find William Daniels!
T.C.: Yeah, sure. You just stay down wind.
1 T.C. enters the guesthouse as everyone is watching a news report. After the female newscaster mentions "abduction", T.C. says, "Did HE say kidnapping?" It would seem the newscaster segment was filmed or cast after the filming inside the guesthouse. (Noted by Joe Hoskinson)

2 When John Ratzenberger (Walter Brewster) is trying to feed the kidnapped Little Garwood, the child refuses to eat and says, "No!", but it's clearly a woman's voice dubbed in for the baby's voice! (Noted by Little Garwood)

3 When Garwood busts open the door to get his grandson, he says "you no good sorry.....", but his lips are not moving! (Noted by Mark Seaman)

4 At the end, when Magnum jumps off the porch to tackle Norm, you can clearly see that it is Magnum's stunt double (Tom Lupo). (Noted by John Kosowski Jr.)

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