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Innocence... A Broad

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 152
Season Number: 8.3
Air Date: 10/28/1987
Writer: Stephen A. Miller
Director: Harry Harris
Producer: Tom Selleck
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Guest Stars
Janis Ward (Rita Parker), Kenneth McMillan (Joe Hatten), John A. Zee (Serge Bergos), Joe E. Tata (Benny Travis), Yvonne Perry (Martha), Krash Kealoha (Bartender), Harry Chang (Doctor), Peter Kalua (Henchman - uncredited)
Episode Brief
Robin Masters is sued by a man who tripped at a recent party on the Estate. As Magnum begins to investigate the man, a loud-mouthed businessman who seems to be a professional at making false claims, he unexpectedly pays him to take his perky fiancee along on the case with him.
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1 "This episode is dedicated to the memory of composer Pete Carpenter" who died on October 18, 1987, just ten days before the broadcast of this episode. Along with Mike Post, Pete Carpenter wrote the iconic Magnum P.I. theme song and much of the in-episode music for most of Magnum P.I.'s run, and was a longtime collaborator with Mike Post.

2 The episode title is clearly a take-off on the title of Mark Twain's 1869 travel book The Innocents Abroad. (Noted by Carol the Dabbler)

3 Joe Hatten (Kenneth McMillan) and Rita Parker (Janis Ward) are very similar to the couple featured in the 1950 film Born Yesterday, starring William Holden and Judy Holliday. (Noted by rubber chicken)

4 Highly recognizable character actor Kenneth McMillan (Joe Hatten) died of liver disease just 14 months after this episode aired in January of 1989 at age 56.

5 This is the only episode in Season Eight which does not feature any recurring characters.

6 The outside of Rick's house is seen for only the second time. He has a pool in his backyard and the street address on his door frame says "601". We also see a new indoor living room set for his house.

7 The extended indoor/outdoor scene at the grocery store was filmed on location at the Safeway at 377 Keahole St. in Hawaii Kai.

8 Rita Parker is from Olathe, Kansas.

9 Magnum is seen drinking an "Old Dusseldorf" longneck beer, although the label is obscured. "Old Dusseldorf" is Magnum's favorite beer (and "very hard to find on the islands"), but it is only seen and/or mentioned in a handful of episodes.

10 Magnum mentions baseball legend Minnie Minoso ("The Cuban Comet"). He talks about an incident where Minnie fractured his skull after diving into an outfield wall [see quote #2 below].

11 Higgins has taught Zeus and Apollo "34 distinct unvoiced commands" using the "Forbes-Davies Silent Sentry System" (fictional).

12 T.C. is now apparently playing golf. We see him practicing his chipping at the King Kamehameha Club beach bar, and then head off for a round of links.

13 Almost identical to the scene with Magnum and Carol in Season Four's "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (4.13), this episode features a two-story rooftop jump into a garbage truck to escape the bad guys. In both scenes, the garbage truck conveniently pulls away immediately after Magnum and his partner land in the truck!

14 Krash Kealoha, longtime Hawaiian deejay/program director (KCCN - AM Radio) and creator of the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, has a small role as a bartender. He previously appeared as security guard in Season Seven's "A.A.P.I." (7.5).
Magnum: Wait a minute! Wait just a minute! How come every time there's a crummy job to be done, I'm in charge of security, but every time there's big money to be spent, or credit to be taken, you're in charge of security?!
Higgins: Because, that.. is the order of the universe!

Magnum: One of the pleasanter after effects of nearly meeting your maker is a renewed sense of the value of all life; of every creature's right to realize its full potential. In fact, I was quite pleased recently when I managed to avoid stepping on an ordinary garden snail. Pleased that it could crawl on to fulfill its full garden snail potential. (Narration)

(after learning that Magnum is going to let her tag along on his case)
Rita Parker: This is so great! Do you supply a gun, or should I bring my own?

Magnum: Enthusiasm can be a very attractive quality, but Rita had too much of a good thing. She reminded me of Minnie Minoso playing baseball. Once while trying to make a diving catch, he slid head first into the outfield wall and fractured his skull. Not that Rita was in any kind of physical danger. The chances of her making any kind of contact with authentic criminal types was microscopic, infinitesimal. (Narration)

(to Magnum)
Higgins: Stop trying to distract me from your malfeasance. You can't be doing a proper investigative job if you are entertaining some young woman.

Rick: I'm takin' off like a toupee in a hurricane!

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