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Magnum (Tom Selleck) Opening Scene of the Pilot Movie Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii (1.1) A great introduction to a great show! Magnum sneaks onto the estate, fools Higgins & The Lads, then steals The Ferrari, all in the name of a security check! The long segment ends with the iconic shot of Magnum, in the Ferrari, smiling at the camera then peeling off the side of the road in that ultra cool controlled slide! "Don't look at the dogs, work the lock!"
Choi (George Cheung) Magnum vs. Choi
("He blinks before
he strikes!"
China Doll (1.3) .45 in hand, Magnum works his way through an old Chinese cemetary searching for Choi, a deadly Wing Chun assassin who "blinks before he strikes". Random Six Million Dollar Man "jumping" sound effects can be heard in the background. After confronting somebody else, Magnum is suddently impaled with a throwing star on his gun hand! Choi attacks and starts laying a hurt on Magnum. Magnum manages to get his gun back and points it at Choi's head. "Don't even think about it. Nobody's that fast." Choi blinks, Magnum plants a bullet in his head!
Sharon Karns (Shawn Hoskins) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) & T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) Gangster Chase The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii (1.8) TM, a marine biology grad student, and an important dog are being chased by some bumbling mafiosi through an old banana plantation, which turns out to be a marijuana "patch"! Of course, they stumble upon the owners of the "patch", some local Hawaiian pot farmers with rifles in hand. Magnum weasels his way out of the situation and convinces them to shoot at the mafia guys! The chase and action continues down at the Makai Research Pier, future home of T.C.'s Island Hoppers. A great, hilarious scene!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) You Owe Me Fifty! Missing in Action (1.9) A highly amusing Abbott & Costello-type scene where Magnum weasels his way out of paying T.C. money he owes, again.
T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum & T.C. Brawl Thicker than Blood (1.12) The one and only time Magnum & T.C. come to blows. A great realistic fight scene. Final scorecard is a hard fought draw!
Stewart Crane (Ted Danson) Danson vs. Selleck Don't Say Goodbye (1.15) Future superstars Ted Danson & Tom Selleck battle it out on a yacht*. Stewart tries to impale Magnum with a large boat hook, but winds up getting killed by a boat's propellor! Ouch!

* Tom Selleck stated in a 2010 Parade magazine interview that part of his fight scene with Ted Danson on the boat was ad-libbed. When Danson grabbed the large boat hook, Selleck pushed Andrea Marcovicci into the water and then jumped in himself to get away. This wasn't part of the script, but they wound up leaving it in anyway at Selleck's insistence.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & Louise Jackson (Judith Chapman) Sam Spade &
The Black Orchid
The Black Orchid (1.16) One of my favorite scenes of the series. Selleck gets to ham it up as Sam Spade, one of Magnum's idols. Judith Chapman stars as the "Black Orchid".
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & Barbara Terranova (Marcia Wallace) Honolulu Lulu's Beauty Knows No Pain (1.18) Magnum and his client Barbara Terranova (the incomparable Marcia Wallace) spend some time in a seedy pool hall called Honolulu Lulu's. Tired of riding the bus around town, Magnum decides to call Higgins to see if he can bring the Ferrari on over. A funny telephone exchange comes about. The scene was filmed at a place called Piikoi Cue in Honolulu (just north of Waikiki) which features several old, rare, electro-mechanical pinball machines in the background, including a Bally's Laguna Beach (from 1960).
Higgins (John Hillerman) The
Kudu Buck
Dead Man's Channel (2.2) Higgins keeps hearing "Baa-Baa"-type animal sounds on the estate grounds and immediately hypothesizes that it must be emanating from an African antelope, the Greater Kudu, crying for its doe! Of course, the culprit is Magnum's goat which he desperately tries to hide from Higgins. A most amusing scene!
Higgins (John Hillerman) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) Little
Toy Soldiers
From Moscow to Maui (2.4) Another great denouement scene. Higgins and Magnum are on the upper balcony of the main house at the estate. Higgins is talking about war stories, about how the Soviets once tried to recruit him as an Agent. Magnum is doing something with toy soldiers and starts talking about a "skirmish" he once had. A classic Higgins-Magnum scene.
Michelle Hue (Marta DuBois) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) Thomas & Michelle Reunite Memories Are Forever (1) (2.5) Magnum's embattled wife makes one of her rare appearances. A touching, highly emotional scene ending with passionate romance at the Guest House bedroom. Probably the best scene in the entire series, IMHO.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Tom Magnum,
The Sumo
& The Dwarf!
Tropical Madness (2.7) Magnum is forced to take on a sumo enforcer and a dwarf enforcer (a tough combination)...and loses! In a later scene, Magnum escapes the two by tossing the dwarf at Mr. Sumo!
Mad Buck Takes Flight! Mad Buck Takes Flight! Mad Buck Gibson (2.9) Novelist Mad Buck Gibson comes to terms with his terminal cancer and decides to embark on one final adventure - hang gliding from Oahu to Maui! Magnum knows that this will almost certainly end in the death of Buck, but he regretfully realizes that there is nothing he can do to stop it. Just after take off, Buck shouts down to Magnum, "Don't look so grim Magnum, with my luck I'll make it!" Set to a great score from Mike Post and Pete Carpenter, this is a powerful ending to a great episode.
Higgins (John Hillerman) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) Higgins & Magnum's "Rocky Beach" Scene The Taking of Dick McWilliams (2.10) A wonderful little Higgins-Magnum scene that poignantly illustrates the complex but caring father-son relationship that they share. The scene is truly a "gem in the rough", and flies in the face of those with dismissive views of Magnum P.I. as yet another 80's "musclehead" cop/detective show.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) "You Stay Right There!" Ghost Writer (2.12) A fun scene; classic early Magnum P.I.. Magnum is subtly propositioned by his client Virginia Fowler (which he declines, "it just wouldn't be professional") and then later finds himself in the crosshairs of a sniper... in his own house! But wait, there is also an intruder in the house! Magnum confronts the "intruder" (who turns out to be an elderly limo driver) and then amusingly trys to find and load his gun, while continiously saying, "You stay right there!" (complete with finger pointing).
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & David Bannister (Christopher Morley) "Nuns Don't Work on Sunday" The Jororo Kill (2.13) Magnum and company have been chasing down a cross-dressing international assassin all episode long. They finally get a jump on his next assassination attempt, at a church. Knowing that the perp is more than likely dressed as a nun, Magnum manages to stops him before the kill and gives chase. But there are nuns everywhere! Magnum briefly talks a nun on a ladder and contiues on. Then suddenly it occurs to him, "Nuns don't work on Sunday"! Bam! Bam! Game over!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum to the Rescue Italian Ice (2.16) At Robin Masters' request, Magnum sneaks into an Italian mobster's Sicilian compound to rescue a woman who is in danger. Later, the woman develops a fatal attraction to Magnum and almost kills Higgins and Magnum's girlfriend!
Higgins (John Hillerman) & His River Kwai Bridge Model Higgins Builds River Kwai Bridge Model Did You See the Sunrise? (1) (3.1) Tom finds Higgins cutting the heads off of hundreds of wooden matchsticks. For reasons disclosed earlier, Tom thinks he going to use the match heads as black powder for his cannon. But no, Higgins discards the heads and uses the wooden sticks to build an exact replica of the River Kwai Bridge! Higgins was there, of course, in '45 and he reminds Tom that the bridge was, in fact, "bombed", not "blown up" as depicted in the movie! The bridge model will be destroyed (and rebuilt) several more times in future episodes.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum
Kills Ivan!
Did You See the Sunrise? (2) (3.2) Probably the most famous Magnum P.I. scene. After a long talk with his unarmed, former P.O.W. camp tormentor (Soviet Col. Ivan), Magnum asks him a final question - "Ivan, did you see the sunrise this morning?" - and in response to "Yes, why?", he pulls out his .45 and blows him away!
Edwin Clutterbuck (Ian McShane) Surprise, I'm a Mau Mau Warrior! Black on White (3.6) Ian McShane plays an anguished former UK soldier haunted by his experiences in the Mau Mau Uprising. Surprise, he's also secretly killing his former comrades who committed atrocities, while decked-out as a Mau Mau Warrior! Almost kills Agatha!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & Higgins (John Hillerman) Good Morning, It's 1936! Flashback (3.7) Truly a classic scene. Magnum wakes up & finds that everything appears to be from the 1930's, even his underwear! Of course, Magnum thinks Higgins is playing some sort of crazy practical joke on him. Hilarious scene!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum
on the Sax
Of Sound Mind (3.13) One of four sax-playing scenes with Magnum, and the best one. Tom says he used to be the second best sax player in his high school band. Heh. Higgins says his playing sounds like the "emasculation of a large rodent"!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) The
Of Sound Mind (3.13) A highly amusing scene from one of the funniest episodes in the Magnum P.I. catalog. After inheriting $50 million dollars from a wealthy, eccentric millionaire, Magnum and friends attend a charity masquerade ball at Magnum's newly-inherited estate. Magnum (complete with leg in plaster from a fall) clanks around as a Knight in a full suit of armor, T.C. is a French King, Rick is T.C.'s French Queen (!), and Higgins is, no surprise, King Henry VIII! The great Roscoe Lee Browne is Magnum's "manservant".
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) Basketball Showdown Basket Case (3.15) Magnum & T.C. hit the courts for a little one-on-one hoops action. T.C. has a nice left-handed shot and fadeaway. Magnum, using his height advantage, dunks on T.C. a couple of times! A great little scene all around.
Merlin & Magnum (Tom Selleck) Macaw Attack! Birdman of Budapest (3.16) A surreal, almost campy scene. Tom is attacked by a KGB-trained Macaw! Higgins scares the Parrot away by making Peregrine Falcon calls! The poor bird is then pureed by T.C.'s chopper!
Crystal (Susan Mechsner) Magnum Smackdown! Legacy From a Friend (3.19) Magnum gets his ass kicked by two female "enforcers" who look like they just walked off the set of an Olivia Newton John video shoot! The scene also features the always lovely Julia Nickson (as the street merchant) and a pre-Designing Women Annie Potts (as a wannabe cop).
Rick (Larry Manetti) Lighthouse Toss Faith and Begorrah (3.23) Rick's boring surveillance work is suddenly jolted when his subject ("Legs") is tossed from the top of a lighthouse! A surprising, shocking denouement for Season Three's finale.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum Treads Water
(for a very long time)
Home From the Sea (4.1) This is really one long scene, which covers most of the episode. Intercut with flashbacks to his childhood, and his father, Magnum struggles to stay alive in the vast Pacific ocean. At the climax, just before he is rescued by T.C. and Higgins, and near death, Magnum looks at his watch for the last time and shouts "I made it Dad! I made it!" (Present Day Narration) "Why didn't you?" Flashback to father's funeral, with a young Magnum wearing the same watch. His father's watch.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & Wendy Wright (Alice Cadogan) Tijuana Tokyo Distant Relative (4.4) Magnum hangs out in an early 80s New Wave club, Tijuana Tokyo. For me, that's enough to make it a great, priceless scene. But wait, there's more. Carol Channing (as herself) is also hanging out at the club! Surreal.
Rambo Rick (Larry Manetti) Rambo Rick Distant Relative (4.4) Rick puts on his old military uniform, grabs an Uzi and sets out to find the people who killed his sister. Great chopper chase climax with Rick raining down hot lead.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum Shoots Higgins' RC Airplane Distant Relative (4.4) Yet another scene from "Distant Relative". He tried asking nicely, but when Higgins again insists on flying his noisy RC airplane outside his window, at the crack of dawn, it was time for more drastic measures ... like a shotgun slug through the fuselage!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) - In a Dock Fight! Dock Fight! Letter to a Duchess (4.6) A great dockside fight, a staple of the show. Magnum takes out three or four guys, while Higgy Baby lays some hurt out with his walking cane!
T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) - The Ebony Assassin! The Ebony Assassin A Sense of Debt (4.8) T.C. helps out a fellow Vet by filling in for some bare-knuckle boxing matches. The Ebony Assassin's final match against Condley Willard, the island champion, is awesome!
Susan Johnson (Carol Burnett) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) Locked in a
Bank Vault
(with Carol Burnett)
Rembrandt's Girl (4.14) Another one of the more famous scenes. Magnum and Susan Johnson (a perfectly casted Carol Burnett) are locked in a bank vault with a full bottle of champagne. You can imagine the hilarity that transpires. The scene reaches a peak at the end when both Selleck and Burnett, who both have highly unique laughs, break down in hilarious, uncontrollable, belly laughs for what seems like minutes!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum vs. Eric DeForrest Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (4.17) One of the best one-on-one fights in the entire series. A grueling, action-packed, two-minute slugfest ending with a hurt and dazed Magnum killing his foe with his Walther PPK.
David Worth (Patrick Macnee) & Higgins (John Hillerman) Holmes & Watson Holmes Is Where the Heart Is (4.18) Not one particular scene, but every scene featuring Macnee & Hillerman. Higgins plays along with his longtime friend David Worth, who has recently escaped from a British sanitorium, and who believes he is Sherlock Holmes. They even hang out in a Chinese opium den.
Keoki (Patrick Bishop) Keoki Twist! I Witness (4.21) Keoki, a minor recurring character seen briefly in ten previous episodes, suddenly takes center stage and attempts to rob the King Kamehameha Club! Only on MPI, folks.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & Diane Dupres (Sharon Stone) Selleck/Stone
Shower Scene
Echoes of the Mind (1) (5.1) Tom Selleck and a young, unknown Sharon Stone in a passionate, steamy shower scene! At the time, this was only the second "shower scene" ever shown on network primetime TV. The first was on St. Elsewhere (1983) with Mark Harmon and Nancy Stafford. Notice the quick up-and-down look Magnum gives as she enters the shower. Not a big deal in today's age, but back then this was rarely seen, racy stuff for television!
Diane Dupres (Sharon Stone) Diane's Suicide Echoes of the Mind (2) (5.2) An on screen suicide is the type of thing that was rarely seen on television at the time. It's unexpected, shocking, powerful, and extremely well done. Great acting from a then unknown Sharon Stone.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) A Bummed Out Magnum Mac's Back (5.3) A drunk, bummed out Magnum tosses beer bottles into the tidal pool as he contemplates all the tragic losses he's faced in his life - In particular, his father, Michelle, Mac and Diane.
Huddle Escapes! Huddle Escapes! The Legacy of Garwood Huddle (5.4) Wonderful opening scene that has a little bit of everything that makes Magnum P.I. so great - a flashback sequence (newsreel-style, 1940s), Magnum/Higgins banter, faux newscaster narrative on a television set, a great guest star (Pat Hingle), a Higgins war story (staged Mexico City bank robbery to steal Third Reich documents), and some stimulating Magnum narration. The scene also features an uncredited Phil Hartman (in an early-career role) as the newsreel reader!
Elizabeth Bowman (Natalie Gregory) Daddy Dearest Blind Justice (5.7) Another serious subject is "explored" - domestic violence. A dark, disturbing, and graphic (for its time) scene where a little girl views the violent death of her mother while hiding in a closet. Somewhat surprisingly, it's very well done.
Boris (John Hillerman) & Sebastian Sabre (Tom Selleck) Sebastian Sabre & His Posse Kiss of the Sabre (5.11) Opening scene from the novel Kiss of the Sabre. Sebastian Sabre (Tom Selleck) and his chauffeur Boris (John Hillerman) calmly take out fifteen, or so, heavily armed mercenaries with only their handguns. Winston (Roger E. Mosley) also joins in the action.
Boris (John Hillerman) & Sebastian Sabre (Tom Selleck) Dungeon Master Little Games (5.12) Magnum crashes the Dracos III computer security system while trying to beat The Dungeon Master. Magnum is apparently a gamer, as he had other games on the system as well, ones that he was supposed to have "erased"! Contrary to popular opinion, and despite its similarities, this game is NOT the classic computer game Dungeon Master (Dungeon Master wasn't released until 1987). In fact, the game seen in the episode is not a real game at all! It is a mock animation sequence, complete with unique artwork, audio, and text that is made to look like a real game.
Carol Baldwin (Kathleen Lloyd) Carol Propositions Magnum Compulsion (5.14) Carol has a stalker scaring her so Magnum stays over at her house to comfort her. In a completely unexpected move, Carol makes a play for Thomas with a seductive look and a glance to the bedroom! Thomas is obviously tempted, but he declines over fears that it may destroy their friendship.
Higgins (John Hillerman) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) The Gang
Helps Higgins
Compulsion (5.14) A touching scene of friendship, admiration and respect. Higgins is in a bit of jam when his old Sandhurst mates come for a visit - They think he owns Robin's Nest! So Magnum rallies the troops and comes to his aid without telling him. Tom's the butler, Rick's the chef, and T.C. is his private chopper pilot. Higgins is speechless. A great scene, and wonderfully played by John Hillerman.
Jim 'Mac' Bonnick (Jeff MacKay), Sakiko (Marilyn Tokuda), Tamiko (Masayo Ha) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) The
The Love-For-Sale Boat (5.17) Magnum delivers some "Lemon-Aid" to help his friends in distress - a barrage of lemons! Ha, take that! Soon the fists are flying and all hell breaks loose. The boat brawl also features Jim "Mac" Bonnick and three beautiful, bikini-clad Japanese ladies. A meat cleaver is in the mix somewhere, too. A classic Magnum brawl!
Lacy Fletcher (Dennis Weaver) Dennis Weaver Sings Country Let Me Hear the Music (5.18) Final scene, Lacy Fletcher refuses songwriting credit for the "five missing songs of George Lee Jessup" in order to keep the country legend's "myth" alive. He then sings one of the songs, "I Just Want To Hold You". Dennis Weaver wrote and performed the song himself, including all vocals and guitar!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum "Sings" Misty The Man From Marseilles (5.20) A perennial favorite among fans. Thomas is forced to sing "Misty" in a karaoke bar called The Sing Sing Palace. Great stuff. Wish it was a little longer, however.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) The Kona Winds Narration The Kona Winds (6.4) Amidst foreboding skies and rough surf, Magnum walks along the rocky coast and reflects on the "Kona Winds" - ".... the Kona Winds do more than whip the sea into a frenzy, they stir the blood and tear at the emotions, thrusting even temperate men into destinies they may later regret. I've always felt drawn to the land's end to watch the winds come in, as if I were somehow... part of the drama."
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum's Jump The Hotel Dick (6.5) Magnum's punching a clock and working as a hotel dick. A catburglar is on the loose with a crafty escape route - he jumps from one high roof to the next. Magnum almost caught him one time, but was afraid to make the jump. In the final scene, with the catburglar again in reach, he overcomes his fear (and shaken confidence) and makes the jump, ending with one of the best "final frames" of the entire series! Magnum always gets his man!
Ron Penningtion in T.C.'s Body! (Bob Minor) & Drug Dealer Ron Pennington Avenges His Own Death! Round and Around (6.6) Here's something you don't see everyday. An awesome two-minute, one-on-two fight scene where the same guy that was killed earlier in the episode has now somehow taken over another guy's (T.C.'s) body, and is slugging it out with the two guys that inadvertantly caused his own death! Confused? You see, Bob Minor, who played the guy that was killed, is also Roger E. Mosley's stunt double! During the fight, it's painfully obvious that Roger is not doing the fighting (lots of "face shots"). Still, without a doubt it's one of the best fight scenes in the show!
Billy (Brandon Call) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum & Billy Learn To Say Goodbye Going Home (6.7) Magnum's nephew Billy is having a very hard time accepting the fact that his beloved grandpaw has died. Magnum goes up to Billy's tree house to talk with him and soon they both are learning how to say "goodbye", Magnum to his half-brother Joey (who died in Vietnam) and Billy to his grandpaw. A poignant, heartfelt scene.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & Higgins (John Hillerman) Waterfall Leap The_Treasure_of_Kalaniopu'u (6.9) Another great denouement. With cash flying around everywhere, one by one, familiar faces of the show jump off the top of a 50 ft. waterfall into a pool, for fun - (in order) Kika, Doc Ibold, Rick, Carol, Donna Clemens (new), Tanaka, Higgins and Magnum (jump together).
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & Lt. Jameson (Dennis Haysbert) Latrine Scrap Blood and Honor (6.10) A Lieutenant (future star Dennis Haysbert) challenges a recently reinstated Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Magnum to a fight... in the latrine! "You think you can take me on? Fine! Come on!" Is there any doubt who's going to win? Great scene!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) "I Got Him" All Thieves on Deck (6.15) Another classic Magnum denouement. Magnum's sipping brandy and smoking a cigar in Higgins' office, while reflecting on how he solved the complicated plot mystery, to which he ends with "I got him" (smile). Camera turns to reveal he's been talking to a recently injured Apollo, whom he hugs and says, "Glad you made it pal".
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Spin the Cat Photo Play (6.21) One of the funniest scenes of the entire show. Magnum recieves an award from the Oahu "Cat Admirers Society" (chaired by Agatha Chumley) for saving a drowning cat. During his acceptance speech, he tells the crowd a story from his childhood about a game called "Spin the Cat". Tom, you got to know your target audience, buddy.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Mama Death and Taxes (7.6) Highly memorable, watershed scene from the show. Magnum searches for The Ripper's next victim as Genesis' landmark 1983 song "Mama" memorably plays in the background to great effect. Following in the footsteps of Miami Vice, this was the first time the show featured a contemporary pop/rock song as in-episode music, and was one of the first TV shows to do so.
Lily (Kristen Carreira) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) Magnum Says Goodbye to Lily and Michelle Little Girl Who (7.7) One of the biggest emotional punches ever thrown in the show. Magnum briefly reunites with his former wife (again), the embattled Michelle Hue, and then learns that the little girl he's been watching for Michelle, Lily, is actually his daughter! Circumstances cut short the reunion, however, and Magnum is forced to give a tear-filled, emotional goodbye. But, they will both be back!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) The
Battle of Wills!
Paper War (7.8) Magnum and Higgins engage in a spirited "Battle of Wills" and it's not pretty! Flowers are cut, things go missing, bridges are blown up, a rubber chicken "loses" his head!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) & Higgins (John Hillerman) Admit it,
YOU are Robin!
Paper War (7.8) While trapped in an elevator, Magnum confronts Higgins about the true identity of the mysterious Robin Masters. All Higgins can do is laugh ... and laugh. A classic scene if there ever was one!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Trapped Under Plane Solo Flight (7.16) On a remote part of the island, Magnum becomes trapped under an old P-40 WWII fighter aircraft. All alone and suffering from a centipede bite, dehydration and delirium, Magnum must somehow find a way to live.
Club Hubba Hubba Dancer Tonight,
Laura (7.18) Another great sequence featuring the music of Genesis. This time it's "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" from their 1986 album Invisible Touch. This dark and gritty scene set in Chinatown on Hotel Street heavily features the legendary Frank Sinatra, in his last major film or television role, as retired New York City police sergeant Michael Doheny.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Warehouse Shootout Limbo (7.22) What a way to open an episode! The very first frame shows a shotgun blast and sets the tone for this dark, intense scene. We find Magnum in the middle of a fierce, one-on-three gunfight in a crate-filled warehouse. Running out of bullets, he is forced to make a break for it. Magnum usually wins these battles, but not this time.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Heaven
Can't Wait
Limbo (7.22) Set to John Denver's classic song "Looking For Space", Magnum says his final goodbye and then casually strolls off to heaven. The show was originally set to end on this doleful note, but overwhelming fan support, and the backing of Tom Selleck, ended up bringing the show back for one more season (where we learn that Thomas, at the last second, pulls out of his coma).
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Showdown with Quang Ki Infinity and Jelly Doughnuts (8.1) Magnum battles it out mano-a-mano with the man who very nearly killed him at the end of Season Seven, Quang Ki. Set in the same warehouse where he was earlier shot, Magnum almost goes out for the count, but a powerful blast to the gonads gets him back in the game! Just before he's about to kill Quang Ki with a 2x4, T.C. enters the scene and tells Magnum, "There's another way, man".
Higgins (John Hillerman) Higgins on the Dance Floor Pleasure Principle (8.2) Something strange is in the air as Higgins dons a Hawaiian shirt and goes clubbing with his "partner" Rosita! Penultimate moment - Higgins with a big grin, twirling around with his arms in the air, while "Conga" plays in the background!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Bug Scare! Innocence... A Broad (8.3) Rick doesn't like bugs. In fact, he HATES them! As a joke Magnum decides to visit Rick at his house with a bug mask on. No one answers so he goes around back and finds Rick floating face down in the pool. TM jumps in to save him with his mask still on. Rick, of course, isn't dead. He's just floating in the pool. The first thing he sees is this giant bug head grabbing at him. Rick's reaction and screams are hilarious! You have to see it to truly appreciate it.
Magnum (Tom Selleck) SEAL Attack Tigers Fan (8.4) In avenging the death of his good friend police lieutenant Yoshi Tanaka, Magnum revives his Navy SEAL skills and infiltrates a boat filled with bad guys, by himself. Camouflaged head to toe (sans the shiny watch, bracelet and ring), Magnum easily takes out 5 or 6 henchman and completes his "mission".
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Unfinished Business Unfinished Business (8.8) Magnum has some "unfinished business" to attend to as he seeks out information on the wherebouts of Quang Ki, the man who killed his ex-wife and daughter with a car bomb, an event Magnum watched on videotape. This scene is hightlighted by a brilliant five minute montage sequence set to Genesis' instrumental piece "The Brazilian".
Magnum (Tom Selleck) The Lost Art of the Ancients Legend of the Lost Art (8.10) The entire episode (a Raiders of the Lost Ark parody) is one "classic scene" after another! From the opening cave scene to the climactic battle with the bad guys, this is truly one of the best episodes of the series. Do not miss this one!
Magnum (Tom Selleck) Academy Stroll Resolutions (1) (8.12) Magnum, seeking answers and resolutions, takes a trip home and stops by his old haunt, the U.S. Naval Academy, for a cathartic "remembrance stroll". Accompanied by a wonderful Mike Post score, Magnum visits Bancroft Hall, The Navy Chapel, the Statue of Tecumseh, Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, and later, downtown Annapolis.
Hank (Tim Rossovich) Strip Club
Resolutions (2) (8.13) Easily the best brawl of the series! Set at a Hotel Street strip joint, Magnum, T.C., Rick and Higgins have their hands full as they duke it out with some rather large, unruly patrons, particularly a guy named "Hank" (Selleck's former USC roomate Tim Rossovich)! The fight lasts a good three minutes and is highlighted by the naked breasts of one of the dancers in the background! Somehow this slipped past the FCC!
Tom Selleck "Good Night" Resolutions (2) (8.13) At the end of the closing credits there is a brief scene of Magnum and Lily walking on the beach (with their backs to the camera). Suddenly, the scene is projected to the TV set in the guesthouse. The beach scene ends and we briefly see the Universal production logo. The camera then zooms out from the TV set and we see Tom Selleck in a tan Navy uniform. He points a TV remote clicker at the camera and says simply, "Good Night". The screen goes blank, end of the series!

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