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Memories Are Forever (2)

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 24
Season Number: 2.6
Air Date: 11/5/1981
Writer: Donald P. Bellisario
Director: Ray Austin
Producers: Rick Weaver, Andrew Schneider
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Marta DuBois (Michelle Hue), Jeff MacKay (Lt. MacReynolds), Lance LeGault (Col. Buck Greene), Soon-Tek Oh (Gen. Hue)
Guest Stars
Clyde Kusatsu (Col. Ki), Paul Burke (Admiral Kitchner), Brian Fong (Tan-soo), Soo Yong (Old Woman), Yankee Chang (Priest)
Episode Brief
Magnum's desperate search for Michelle faces being forced to a halt after he has been called up for active Navy duty and ordered to testify in Washington. Magnum suspects that is just a political smokescreen to try and get him off Michelle's trail. Magnum is briefly reunited with Michelle, who is married to Vietnamese General Hue, who is involved in delicate negotiations regarding returning remains of M.I.A.s and P.O.W.s from Vietnam. But Michelle is suspected of being a traitor agent and is in great danger.
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1 The string melody "Michelle's Theme", heard during Thomas and Michelle's "reunion" scene and over the closing credits, is an original composition by composer Mike Post.

2 Magnum is promoted from Lieutenant to Commander (skipping Lieutenant Commander) after being temporarily reactivated by the U.S. Navy against his wishes. Also, Magnum's uniform now includes the Special Warfare Insignia (also known as the "SEAL Trident"). The Surface Warfare insignia that was seen on his uniform in the "Pilot Movie" is now absent.

3 This episode contains the first reference to Higgins' memoirs.

4 The chapel scenes were filmed at St. Andrew's Cathedral (the Parke Chapel) in Honolulu. The Illikai hotel, Ala Wai Harbor and Hotel street in Honolulu are also used as filming locations. In the final gun battle on Hotel street, the landmark Wo Fat Chinese restaurant is directly in the background.

5 When Magnum is explaining his relationship with Michelle to Higgins, he mentions the Vietnam War "Team Ring" that he, T.C., Rick, and Michelle wear. This is only the second time in the entire series (after the Pilot Movie) that ring is actually mentioned as "The Team Ring".

6 The ship where Magnum and Col. Greene meet is the historic Falls of Clyde (at the Hawaii Maritime Center), the only surviving iron-hulled, four-masted full rigged ship, and the only surviving sail-driven oil tanker in the world! She was built in 1878 by Russell and Company in Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, Scotland. The Falls of Clyde will later be featured in Season Six's "Blood and Honor" (6.10).

7 It's clear that if Colonel Ki had lived, he never would have become a General. He was wrong about the 'Tiger', he had a clear "surprise shot" from behind to kill Magnum and he only manages to hit him in the shoulder?! He then fails to finish him off, or at least disarm him. Not very smart, and he paid for it dearly.
Magnum (in the shower): Who is this "Tiger"?
Michelle (in bedroom): What do you know of the "Tiger"?
Magnum: Oh, those MVA types who jumped us in "Little Saigon", they said something in Vietnamese about being after the "Tiger". Who is he?
Michelle: He leads the new revolutionary front.
Magnum: What? Say it again, I don't think I heard you right.
Michelle: Yes you did.
Magnum: You mean, it's starting again?
Michelle: Well there are many from the North who are as disillusioned with the reunification and the party leadership of those in the South. The most effective of these is called "The Tiger". He says the party has betrayed the people and sold out to Moscow.
Magnum: Does that include your husband?
Michelle: Yes, that is why he insisted upon having the MIA negotiations here in Hawaii, instead of Hanoi. He and Colonel Ki knew that the "Tiger" would be here this month to organize the refugee community and to negotiate for aid from your CIA.
Magnum: The "Tiger" would trust us?
Michelle: No, but he would take aid from anybody - The Chinese, the Americans, anybody but the Russians.
(Magnum comes out of the bathroom)
Magnum: Do you know who he is?
Michelle: No, why would I?
Magnum: Buck Greene admitted to me that you work for him. Is that why Colonel Ki came after you?
Michelle: I don't know...(Magnum takes Michelle's hair pin out) Thomas please, no... Thomas, no please.
Magnum: It's like we've never been apart. As if these six years didn't exist.
Michelle: But they do.
Magnum: No, not at this moment they don't.
(Long kiss - Magnum carries Michelle to bed)

Magnum: I think Michelle is going to die because of you. What do you think?
Col. Buck Greene: You're right. Colonel Ki believes she's the "Tiger" and I want him to think that. At least until the real "Tiger" can finish his work here and return to 'Nam.
Magnum: Which is?
Col. Buck Greene: Setup a network of refugees, gather support, arrange funding, weapons, form a political base.
Magnum: Aw, cmon Buck! You're not gonna dance to that fiddler again.
Col. Buck Greene: That's not for me to say, but in the meantime we are trying all the channels we can, to do whatever we can, to get the bodies of our boys back home.
Magnum: Where is Michelle?
Col. Buck Greene: Waiting to join her husband.
Magnum: Can he protect her from Colonel Ki?
Col. Buck Greene: He'll try.
Magnum: But he's counting on you to do that.
Col. Buck Greene: Can't, too risky. It could...
Magnum: Blow his cover...He's the "Tiger".
Col. Buck Greene: That's why I can't intervene. Once, last night at the church was risky enough, twice in 24 hours, no way. Colonel Ki would put it together. He'd know we were being tipped off and he'd realize the man he is hunting is General Hue.
Magnum: He probably already does. Either way you can't let Michelle walk into it.
Col. Buck Greene: She was safe. She could have stayed with you.
Magnum: Where is she!!??
Col. Buck Greene: Sorry, I can't tell you that.
Magnum (points .45 at Buck's head): Buck.
Col. Buck Greene: Go ahead, pull the trigger. I can't jeopardize this operation just so you can have General Hue's wife.
Magnum: Say again.
Col. Buck Greene: If he's dead, the lady stays with you. He knows it, she knows it, and I know it, and so do you.
(Magnum lowers his Colt Government Model .45)
1 When Magnum exits the guesthouse to take a swim, he has an Aloha shirt on and is carrying a towel, and he IS NOT wearing a cap. He is met downstairs by the lads and is presumably being chased by them (exercising the lads). This is when Mac comes to the estate to tell Magnum about being reactivated. When Magnum and Mac enter the guesthouse, Magnum still has his Aloha shirt, but now is wearing his Detroit Tigers cap. He did not have this when he left the guesthouse, and I doubt he would have stopped to pick it up while being chased by the lads! (Noted by IslandHopper)

2 In Col. Ki and Gen. Hue's first scene after the church shootout, when Ki says "I realize she is your wife, but she is also an enemy of the people.", a boom mic is visible at the top right of the screen. (Noted by thechickinthemiddle)

3 In the final scene, a military transport aircraft is identified as a C-133 Cargo Master, when it was actually a C-141 Starlifter.

4 Also the climactic final scene, after Magnum gets shot, Col. Ki runs to Michelle to shoot her. Magnum looks up and all you see is Col. Ki's and Michelle's shoes. Michelle's shoes are different than the ones that she is wearing in the rest of the scene. (Noted by Ray Cook)

5 The closing credits misspell one of the character's names. Col. Ki's driver is credited as 'Col. Ky's Driver'.

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