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Image Character Actor Episode(s) Description
Dan Cook (Allen Williams) Lt. Dan Cook Allen Williams Pilot Movie A former U.S. Navy SEAL who worked Special Ops missions with Magnum, T.C. and Rick in the VMO-2 Da Nang unit in the Vietnam War. Murdered (by forced cocaine overdose) just after arriving in Oahu to see Magnum.
Alice Cook (Pamela Susan Shoop) Alice Cook Pamela Susan Shoop Pilot Movie Younger sister of Lt. Dan Cook. Works with Magnum to track down the killer of her brother. Has had a crush on Magnum for years.
Philippe Trusseau (Robert Loggia) Philippe Trusseau Robert Loggia Pilot Movie Former French paratrooper in the VMO-2 Da Nang unit with Magnum, T.C. and Rick. He later enters the drug trafficking trade and becomes known as the mysterious "La Bulle". Killed by Magnum in an airport restroom at the end of the "Pilot Movie".
Choi (George Cheung) Choi George Cheung China Doll (1.3) A Tong, Wing Chun warrior of the first degree. He "fast-blinks" his eyes before he strikes. This guy beat up T.C. and chucked a throwing star into the back of Magnum's hand! Thomas, of course, then introduced him to his little friend "Mister .45"!
Erin Wolfe (Cathie Shirriff) Erin Wolfe Cathie Shirriff Skin Deep (1.6) B-Movie star who made a series of semi-successful "bikini" films set in the Amazon jungle. Trying to break free from that typecast, she wants to be known as a serious thespian.
Victor DiGorgio (Michael V. Gazzo) Victor DiGorgio Michael V. Gazzo The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii (1.8) Aging, old-school, Italian mobster who stumbles around Oahu with his green-earred nephews trying to a catch a dog which has an access code tatooed on him.
Charlie (Manu Tupou) Charlie Manu Tupou The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club (1.11) Based on the "ruby flash" in one of his eyes (seen at the very end), this guy's a real Hawaiian Kahuna! Laid back, loves to swim.
Amy Crane (Andrea Marcovicci) Amy Crane Andrea Marcovicci Don't Say Goodbye (1.15) Former girlfriend of Magnum's. Her blind mother (Agatha Kimball) is also a close friend of T.M..
Louise DeBolt Jackson (Judith Chapman) Louise DeBolt Jackson Judith Chapman The Black Orchid (1.16) Bored, wealthy housewife who seeks excitement in elaborate "games" (scripted scenes involving danger). "Some wives drink, some take lovers...but I play."
J. 'Digger' Doyle (Erin Gray) Joy "Digger" Doyle Erin Gray J. "Digger" Doyle (1.17) "Starguard" security specialist who dupes Magnum and then falls hard for him. Knows Robin Masters.
Barbara Terranova (Marcia Wallace) Barbara "Babs" Terranova Marcia Wallace Beauty Knows No Pain (1.18) Mainland fitness instructor (and health nut) who hires Magnum to find her missing fiancee. She somehow managed to convince Magnum to participate in the grueling Iron Man competition.
Billy Joe Bob (James Whitmore Jr.) Billy Joe Bob James Whitemore Jr. Billy Joe Bob (2.1) Revenge-seeking, fist-throwing, hot-tempered cowboy from Texas. Took a dip in the tidal pool with his hat and jeans.
Sara Clifford (Judith Chapman) Sara Clifford Judith Chapman The Woman on the Beach (2.3) A ghost that frequents the beach near the King Kamehameha Club. She kissed Rick who promptly fell in love with her.
Yuri Dolgov (Jeff Pomerantz) Yuri Dolgov Jeff Pomerantz From Moscow to Maui (2.4) Freedom-seeking Soviet pilot who defects to the U.S. in a MiG-30. Hires Magnum to help his track star fiance to defect with him.
Keoki (Patrick Bishop) Keoki Patrick Bishop 7 episodes King Kamehameha Club bartender seen in many early episodes. In "I Witness" (4.21), his final appearance on the show, he receives considerable screen time as he was, surprisingly, the mastermind behind the attempted robbery of the King Kamehameha Club. When asked why he did it, he simply said, "I needed the money".
Mad Buck Gibson (Darren McGavin) Mad Buck Gibson Darren McGavin Mad Buck Gibson (2.9) Adventure-seeking novelist cut from the Ernest Hemingway mold who spirals out of control in a mid-life crisis.
David Bannister (Christopher Morley) David Bannister Christopher Morley The Jororo Kill (2.13) Crafty international assassin who specializes in disguises.....female disguises.
Margo Perina (Mimi Rogers) Margo Perina Mimi Rogers Italian Ice (2.16) Magnum's girlfriend for a brief period. She teaches acting classes at the University of Hawaii. Almost killed by Katrina Tremaine.
Katrina Tremaine (Ann Dusenberry) Katrina Tremaine Ann Dusenberry Italian Ice (2.16) The psycho stalker. After being rescued by Magnum (from a Sicilian villa, no less), she becomes completely obsessed with him. When she finds out he has a girlfriend (Margo), well, the hunt begins! This was six years before Fatal Attraction folks.
Jeannie Lowry (Julie Sommars) Jeannie Lowry Julie Sommars Texas Lightning (2.18) Beautiful, card-playing, Russian spy who falls for Magnum on their boat/island adventure.
Admiral Hawkes (Paul Burke) Admiral Hawkes Paul Burke Did You See the Sunrise? (3.1 & 3.2)
& Blood and Honor (6.10)
U.S. Navy Admiral who works closely with Col. Buck Greene and Lt. Maggie Poole. Thinks highly of Thomas Magnum. Paul Burke also played another important Admiral in the show, Admiral Kitchner from "Memories Are Forever" (2.5 & 2.6)
Col. Ivan (Bo Svenson) Col. Ivan Bo Svenson Did You See the Sunrise? (3.1 & 3.2) Highly trained Soviet Colonel who specializes in mind control, assassinations and getting information from people. Tortured T.C. and Magnum in 'Nam.
William Troubshaw (Paxton Whitehead) William Troubshaw Paxton Whitehead Foiled Again (3.8) Higgins' old boarding school nemesis from England. He's an egotistical, haughty prick. Upon meeting Higgins for the first time in decades, he greeted him with, "Well, well, if it isn't John-John. Long time old knob. You're looking well... well fed that is!" A short time later, in a fencing tournament, Higgins accidentally electrocuted him with his foil!
Edwin Clutterbuck (Ian McShane) Edwin Clutterbuck Ian McShane Black on White (3.6) Ex-British military who served with Higgins in Kenya during the Mau Mau Uprising. Haunted by the attrocities committed by his comrades, Edwin sets out (years later) to kill each one of them while dressed as a Mau Mau warrior!
Earl Gianelli (Ernest Borgnine) Earl Gianelli Ernest Borgnine Mr. White Death (3.9) "Mr. White Death", a lovable, aging pro wrestler who still combs the indy circuit looking to make a buck.
Ms. Jones (Margie Impert) Ms. Jones Margie Impert Mr. White Death (3.9), Blind Justice (5.7) & Ms. Jones (5.19) The "Hall of Records" clerk who Magnum encounters several times. She's seemingly always on the phone being dumped by her boyfriend Ray! She had her own storyline in "Ms. Jones" (5.19), her last appearance on the show. Her first name is Madeline.
Bridget Archer (Kathleen Lloyd) Bridget Archer Kathleen Lloyd Almost Home (3.11) Streetwise waitress from Cleveland seeking to clear her father's name.
Tozan (Mako) Tozan Mako The Arrow That is Not Aimed (3.14) Japanese >Samurai warrior hangs out with Magnum, while hunting Ninjas, and teaches him some valuable life lessons.
Theresa Henderson (Dana Hill) Theresa "Willie" Henderson Dana Hill Basket Case (3.15) Tough street kid looks to break free from her grifter adoptive parents. Oh, and she can play some serious ball, too!
Elizabeth Barrett (Sylvia Sidney) "Elizabeth Barrett" Sylvia Sidney Birdman of Budapest (3.16) Senior citizen KGB agent who, when needed, uses a trained attack Macaw!
Sam Houston Hunter (William Lucking) Sam Houston Hunter William Lucking Two Birds of a Feather (3.20) Thrill-seeking pilot who owns "Miss Van Nuys", a really cool P-51 Mustang. Dreams of finding undiscovered treasure.
Rod Crysler (Stuart Margolin) Rod Crysler Stuart Margolin ...By Its Cover (3.21) Old buddy of Magnum's. Vietnam vet, and former drug addict, who is trying to make a clean living. Blackmailed by a DEA agent. Digs rock music.
Fr. Paddy McGuinness (John Hillerman) Fr. Paddy McGuinness John Hillerman Faith and Begorrah (3.23) Hard-drinking, blunt, no-nonsense catholic priest from Northern Ireland who is Higgins' half-brother.
Waldo Norris (Cork Hubbert) Waldo Norris Cork Hubbert Smaller Than Life (4.3) Extremely short, crafty CIA agent with so many alternate identities even he himself gets confused. Childhood friend of Rick.
Johnny Wells (John McLiam) Johnny Wells John McLiam Limited Engagement (4.5) Former 2B of the Washington Senators. He led the league in steals (46) one year. Spends most of his time now scoring baseball games from home (i.e. a run-down retirement home).
Buzz Benoit (Dick Shawn) Buzz Benoit
& The Buzzettes
Dick Shawn Squeeze Play (4.7) Annoying, eccentric multi-millionaire "friend" of Robin Masters. Always has a harem of beautiful women (the "Buzzettes") hanging around him.
Leon Platt (Denny Miller) Leon Platt Denny Miller A Sense of Debt (4.8) Muscular Vietnam vet, currently blazing a trail on the bare-knuckle boxing circuit to support his daughter. T.C. filled in for him when he accidentally hit him with Robin's car.
Susan Johnson (Carol Burnett) Susan Johnson Carol Burnett Rembrandt's Girl (4.14)
& A Girl Named Sue (8.7)
Carol Burnett plays a goofy bank manager with dreams of becoming a P.I. - CAROL...BURNETT! How cool is that? - a dream which comes true in Season Eight's "A Girl Named Sue".
Kika (James Grant Benton) Kika James Grant Benton Paradise Blues (4.15) & Others Laid back Bohemian pedicab driver/owner often seen wearing a bandanna. He teamed up with Doc Ibold in the treasure hunt seen in "The Treasure of Kalaniopu'u" (6.9). Played by the famous local Hawaiian comedian James Grant Benton.
David Worth (Patrick Macnee) David Worth Patrick Macnee Holmes Is Where the Heart Is (4.18) Escaped from a sanitorium to meet up with his old friend Higgins. Believes he is Sherlock Holmes. He's also a master of disguises.
Diane Dupres (Sharon Stone) Diane Dupres Sharon Stone Echoes of the Mind (5.1 & 5.2) A very interesting character and well acted by a young Sharon Stone. Diane suffers from a split personality disorder and occasionally takes on the persona of her deceased sister Diedre, which she can't control. She tragically committed suicide in front of Magnum.
Lady Ashley (Carolyn Seymour) Lady Ashley Carolyn Seymour Computer Date (2.14) & Echoes of the Mind (5.1 & 5.2) An old flame of Higgins'. A prissy English aristocrat who seeks nothing but prestige. Higgins and Lady Ashley were engaged to be married (for the betterment of Lady Ashley's title and wealth only), until Higgins called it off. Higgins once told Magnum that she was "built like the Prince Albert Memorial"! Played by a different actress in "Computer Date".
Kengi Kengi Unknown 7 episodes Robin's Nest workman. Usually only seen in the background, although he did have a speaking line in "Blind Justice" (uncredited).
Tran Quoc Jones (Roland Harrah III) Tran Quoc Jones Roland Harrah III Tran Quoc Jones (5.9) Tough, lovable street kid refugee from Vietnam searches for his father in Oahu. Becomes very close to "The Gang", particularly T.C. Touching scene at the end where he gives small gifts to all of his new friends.
Sebastian Sabre (Tom Selleck) Sebastian Sabre Tom Selleck Kiss of the Sabre (5.11) Main character from the novel Kiss of the Sabre. A cool, suave, rich, Bond-like character who gets the job done, usually.
Tyler Peabody McKinney (Robert Forster) Tyler Peabody McKinney Robert Forster All For One (5.15 & 5.16) A very cool character played by the great Robert Forster. Tyler is a Special Ops Vietnam Vet who can't shake the need for combat adrenaline. Involved in quasi-Black Ops covert missions and is basically a mercenary for hire.
Lacy Fletcher (Dennis Weaver) Lacy Fletcher Dennis Weaver Let Me Hear the Music (5.18) Talented country musician from the early 50s. Lacy was the main songwriter for the late George Lee Jessup (who died in 1954), but he never received credit, opting to give it to George instead. When five undiscovered songs surfaced in the mid-80's, he again refused songwriting credit saying, "I had the privilege of writin' down the notes for him.".
Goldie Morris (Lee Purcell) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) Goldie Morris Lee Purcell Old Acquaintance (6.3) A friend of Magnum's from Tidewater High School. She helped him get through English Literature. She's a career protestor and animal right's activist. Notable for burning down the goalposts at halftime during one of Tom's HS football games; something about "football is oppressive"! She's regarded as one of the most annoying characters ever to grace the show.
Leslie Emory (Candy Clark) Leslie Emory Candy Clark The Hotel Dick (6.5) & Straight and Narrow (7.4) Waikiki call girl who becomes friends with Magnum.
Cleo Mitchell (Phyllis Davis) Cleo Mitchell Phyllis Davis The Hotel Dick (6.5), Straight and Narrow (7.4) & Others Waikiki call girl, and friend of Leslie's, who marries Rick in the series finale.
Don Eddie Rice (Joe Regalbuto) Don Eddie Rice Joe Regalbuto Going Home (6.7) & Resolutions (1) (8.12) Magnum's good friend from high school. He drives a cab.
Lt. Jameson (Dennis Haysbert) Lt. Jameson Dennis Haysbert Blood and Honor (6.10) Notable for having challenged TM to a fight, in the latrine, and then getting the crap kicked out him!
Gus Zimmer (Geoffrey Lewis) "Gus Zimmer"
(aka Donald Gilbert)
Geoffrey Lewis I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway (6.12) Horribly disfigured by a flame thrower in WWII, Donald Gilbert changed his name to "Gus Zimmer" and embarked on a 30 year career as a carnival geek. He later tried to kill himself by fire in the "Tower of Terror" carny attraction, but he was saved by Higgins.
R.J. Masters (Tate Donovan) R.J. Masters Tate Donovan Summer School (6.13) Robin Masters' spoiled, delinquent, but good-natured, nephew. He idolizes Magnum. Higgins sets him on the right path.
Rosine (Elissa Dulce Hoopai) Rosine Elissa Dulce Hoopai 6 episodes King Kamehameha Club waitress. Usually seen working at the "Beach Bar".
Det. Gordon Katsumoto (Clyde Kusatsu) Det. Gordon Katsumoto Clyde Kusatsu This Island Isn't Big Enough (6.16) & A.A.P.I. (7.5) Eccentric Honolulu detective who worships at the altar of John "The Duke" Wayne. Known to spontaneously talk like John Wayne at inappropriate times. He's also an old movie buff.
Driscoll (Morgan Stevens) Driscoll Morgan Stevens Way of the Stalking Horse (6.17) Underworld hitman who used Magnum as a "stalking horse" to get close to a powerful businessman, in order to "rub him out". He shot and almost killed Magnum. After a series of cat-and-mouse games, Magnum gets him in the end.
Mary Elizabeth (Marta Kober) "Mary Elizabeth" Marta Kober Way of the Stalking Horse (6.17) Street urchin befriended by Magnum. "Mary Elizabeth" is the name she would prefer to have. It's not her real name.
Don Luis Mongueo (John Hillerman) Don Luis Mongueo John Hillerman Who is Don Luis Higgins ... ? (6.19) One of Jonathan Higgins' estranged half brothers. Don Luis is from the fictional South American country of Costa De Rosa.
Rick (Larry Manetti) & Jeannie (Claudia Cron) Jeannie Claudia Cron A Little Bit of Luck, A Little Bit of Grief (6.20) Attempted to scam Rick out of his lottery winnings by making him fall in love with her. The plan succeeded, but she later had a change of heart and helped him catch the "bad guys".
Shelley Faraday (Cassie Yates) Shelly Faraday Cassie Yates Photo Play (6.21) Graveling photographer currently working on a book about road signs - "Road signs are the windows of the world. A chance for us to get closer together, globally." She's one of the most annoying characters to ever appear on the show.
Cynthia Farrell (Dana Delany) Cynthia Farrell Dana Delany L.A. (7.1 & 7.2)
& Out of Sync (7.19)
Beautiful Los Angeles attorney whom Magnum fell in love with during a case in the "City of Angels" ("L.A."). After a brief get together in Oahu ("Out of Sync") they half-heartedly agree (in principle) to get together again, at some unspecified time.
Lt. Nolan Page (Joe Santos) Lt. Nolan Page Joe Santos Death and Taxes (7.6), Laura (7.18) & Others Hard-nosed, no-nonsense Honolulu police lieutenant who "helps" Magnum on several cases, most notably the "Ripper Case".
Milton 'The Ripper' Collins (Kenneth Tigar) Milton Collins Kenneth Tigar Death and Taxes (7.6) Otherwise known as "The Ripper", he's a crazed, nursery-rhyming, serial killer of prostitutes. Killed by Magnum in the climactic scene.
Lily Catherine Hue (Kristen Carreira) & Magnum (Tom Selleck) Lily Catherine Hue Kristen Carreira Little Girl Who (7.7), Limbo (7.22) & Others Daughter of Magnum and Michelle. Conceived during Magnum and Michelle's "reunion" in Season Two's "Memories Are Forever" (2.5), Magnum didn't learn of her existance until five years later in "Little Girl Who".
Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) Jessica Fletcher Angela Lansbury Novel Connection (7.9) World-renowned mystery novelist and crime solver. Teamed up with Magnum and the gang for a crossover adventure in 1986. She helped free Magnum from bogus murder charges.
Mano (Dick Jensen) Mano Dick Jensen Kapu (7.10) Hawaiian chief and leader of the people of "Kapu", a "forbidden island" off the coast of Maui.
Bryant Calvin (Shavar Ross) & Melody Calvin (Martina Stringer) Bryant & Melody Calvin Shavar Ross & Martina Stringer Missing Melody (7.11), The Great Hawaiian Adventure Company (8.9) & Others T.C.'s kids. Never seen or mentioned in six years worth of episodes, they suddenly appeared for an island visit (where Melody was promptely kidnapped before she even had a chance to exit the airport!).
Judge Hannibal Kearns (Michael Constantine) & Carol Baldwin (Kathleen Lloyd) Judge Hannibal Kearns Michael Constantine Death of the Flowers (7.12) Carol Baldwin's former law professor and mentor. Committed suicide after he was about to be exposed for corruption.
Linda Lee Ellison (Patrice Martinez) Linda Lee Ellison Patrice Martinez Forty (7.17) & Resolutions (8.12) KSHL-TV Channel 3 news reporter who falls for Magnum (and vice versa).
Michael Doheny (Frank Sinatra) Michael Doheny Frank Sinatra Laura (7.18) Retired New York City police sergeant who makes his mission in life to track down and kill the man responsible for the rape and murder of his grandaughter. He was successful in that endeavor.
Phoebe Sullivan (Barbara Rush) Phoebe Sullivan Barbara Rush The Aunt Who Came to Dinner (7.20) Magnum's beloved Aunt. She's a successful playwright (Murder Came Knocking) currently suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.
Frank Foley (Lyman Ward) Frank Foley Lyman Ward The People vs. Orville Wright (7.21) Icepick's longtime accountant ... that is, until he tried to embezzle thousands of dollars from him! Killed in a shootout with Magnum and T.C.
Quang Ki (Richard Narita) Quang Ki Richard Narita Infinity and Jelly Doughnuts (8.1) Brother of Col. Ki (killed by Magnum) and archnemesis of Magnum. In avenging his brother's death, Quang Ki attempted to kill Magnum's ex-wife Michelle and daughter Lily via a car bomb. Michelle was killed, Lily wasn't. Magnum could have killed him with a sniper shot in "Unfinished Business" (8.8), but at the last minute decided not to in order to save the life of a MIA/POW.
Rita Parker (Janis Ward) Rita Parker Janis Ward Innocence... A Broad (8.3) Wife of garbage mogul Joe Hatten, beautiful, bubbly Rita "assisted" Magnum in a memorable case. After learning that Magnum will let her tag along on the case, she famously replied with, "This is so great! Do you supply a gun, or should I bring my own?"!
Biff Ikeda (David Ige) & Barbara Ikeda (Nobu McCarthy) Barbara & Biff Ikeda Nobu McCarthy & David Ige Tigers Fan (8.4) Tanaka's sister and nephew. Biff loves to play baseball.
Abigail Baldwin (Celeste Holm) Abigail Baldwin Celeste Holm The Love That Lies (8.6) Carol's mother. She still lives in the same Oahu house where Carol was raised.
Brenda Babcock (Eileen Brennan) Brenda Babcock Eileen Brennan The Love That Lies (8.6) Carol's biological mother (result of an affair with Carol's father). Reunited with Carol in 1987. Lives on the mainland, works in showbiz.
Connie Northrop (Margaret Colin) Connie Northrop Margaret Colin Legend of the Lost Art (8.10) Esteemed anthropologist who gets involved in the search for the elusive "Lost Art of the Ancients". She was briefly involved in a relationship with Magnum in the early 80s (not seen in any episode).
Bruce Kunkle (Ray Buktenica) Bruce Kunkle Ray Buktenica Transitions (8.11) Robin Masters' accountant for ten years .... that is, before was caught by Magnum and the gang in a scheme to steal the latest Robin Masters novel, Transitions. He's a horrible dancer.
Thomas Sullivan Magnum II (Howard Duff) Thomas Sullivan Magnum II Howard Duff Resolutions (8.11 & 8.12) Magnum's grandfather, also known as "The Captain". Like his father and son, he's a Navy man (Captain). Known to never stay in one place for very long. He barely knows Magnum. He didn't even come to his son's (Magnum's dad) funeral after he was killed in Korea!

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