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Discounting his Vietnam years, Magnum has "dispatched" ~ 50 bad guys!

Deceased Episode Notes
Philippe/Le Bull Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii (2) (1.2) In a Honolulu International Airport men's room.
Choi China Doll (1.3) Shot in a cemetary.
Starguard operative J. "Digger" Doyle (1.17) Might have been Rick.
Henry Ellison The Woman on the Beach (2.3)  
Col. Ki Memories Are Forever (2) (2.6) In "Little Saigon", Honolulu.
David Bannister The Jororo Kill (2.13) "Nuns don't work on Sundays".
Ivan Did You See the Sunrise? (2) (3.2) Avenged the death of "Mac" (Ivan was unarmed).
Miyoshi's hitmen The Eighth Part of the Village (3.4)  
Edwin Clutterbuck Black on White (3.6) Edwin was in "Mau Mau Warrior mode" when he was killed.
Eric DeForrest Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (4.17) w/ backup Walther PPK handgun (after long one-on-one fight).
The Kiedash brothers On Face Value (4.19)  
"Gerald Calvin" Under World (5.5) Killed in an underwater "scuba fight".
Numerous North Vietnamese All For One (2) (5.16) In a Cambodian battle. Magnum's body count hard to gage as numerous people were involved (including Rick, T.C., Higgins & others).
Two goons Summer School (6.13)  
Numerous members of the "Higgolution" Mad Dogs and Englishmen (6.14) Working in tandem with Higgins, over a dozen killed. Heavy machine guns and a M72 LAW 66mm anti-tank weapon were used.
Driscoll Way of the Stalking Horse (6.17)  
Bank Robber(s) One Picture is Worth (7.3)  
Milton "The Ripper" Collins Death and Taxes (7.6) At the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium.
Gen. Minh Little Girl Who (7.7) At the Valley of the Temples.
Paul Mayfield Novel Connection (7.9) Unintentional
Norm Vogel Kapu (7.10) Presumed
South American henchmen On the Fly (7.15) Six or seven henchmen killed during a coordinated attack at the estate. Higgins and Maria Torres also involved.
Warehouse gangster Limbo (7.22) Shot with the remaining bullets of his Colt Government Model .45 ACP handgun.
Grady, The Captain, and his cronies Tigers Fan (8.4) ~ 4 kills (nighttime sneak attack aboard a boat).
Linda Lee's security guard Resolutions (2) (8.13) Presumed (w/ knife, in a haunted house/funhouse)

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