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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

(Unfilmed Teleplay)

Writer: Gabe Essoe
Script Date: ??
# Pages: 69
Season: ??

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Main Cast
Magnum, Higgins, T.C. & Rick
Recurring Characters
Sherry Nelson, Alex Hammond, Richard Lamb, Richard Watt, Jerry Conrad, Ho Chan, Dano, Manny, Kamuela "The Kaz" Searles
Robin's Nest (Guesthouse, Front Gate and Road, Lawn, Main House - Study, Guest Bedroom), King Kamehameha Club (Beach Bar, Liquor Cellar), Island Hoppers Office, Morgue, Cemetary, Sherry's Apartment, Honolulu Hotel, Police Station, Beach House, White Dragon Tea Room
Episode Summary
Robin's Nest Grounds and Guesthouse - Day

Magnum receives a book in the mail called How to Write to Bestselling How-To Book and attempts to starting writing his How to be a World-Class Private Investigator book. He is using Luther Gillis' So You Want to be a Private Eye? book for inspiration. Lots of Magnum narration here in this opening scene. Rick calls Magnum and says that he has two beautiful women lined up for them for the afternoon. Magnum declines as he wants to start writing his book. T.C. calls and asks Magnum to bring him some parts for van. Magnum declines. Higgins crackles in on the intercom and asks Magnum if he is done with the typewriter. "No!" shouts Magnum. Later that night Higgins escorts a lady named Sherry Nelson to the guesthouse to meet Magnum. Magnum is sound asleep at the typewriter surrounded by empty beer cans and empty potato chip bags. He's only typed one page so far. Sherry is an old friend of Magnum's. Her fiance Jerry has just been killed in a hit-and-run accident.

Morgue - Day

Magnum visits the morgue and identifies the body (based on photography given to him by Sherry). Tanaka comes in and starts asking questions.

Oahu Cemetary - Day

Sherry's husband Jerry Conrad is laid to rest. He worked at an insurance company in San Francisco. After the funeral, two men named Richard Lamb and Richard Watt approach Magnum and Sherry. They say they were friends and co-workers of Jerry's. They give their condolences. Tanaka asks Sherry some questions.

Sherry's Apartment - Day

Magnum escorts Sherry to her apartment where they find that it has been ransacked. Tanaka and some police officers arrive. Tanaka asks more questions and shows Magnum and Sherry a picture of an old stamp. He says this stamp is very valuable and was recently stolen from a someone in San Francisco by Jerry Conrad. He says Jerry has a long rap sheet. Sherry says she didn't know anything about all of this. A tip comes in to the police officers that someone was seen leaving the apartment through a window a few minutes earlier, and that that person (an asian man) is across the street at a newstand right this very minute! Tanaka and Magnum quickly formulate a plan. Magnum and Sherry walk onto the street. Magnum approaches the newstand and soon grabs the asian by the arm. The asian man (a cat named Ho Chan) then proceeds to kick Magnum's ass with a barrage of karate kicks and punches! As Ho runs away, he is quickly apprehended by a mysterious woman who easily subdues him. Tanaka and Magnum thank the woman. Her name is Alex Hammond. She says she is an insurance investigator from San Francisco. Alex says the stamp is called the "1856 half-cent Blue British Guiana".

Robin's Nest - Higgins' Study - Day

Higgins takes out several large leather-bound, gold-emblossed stamp albums (Robin Masters personal collection) and tells the story of the "1856 half-cent Blue British Guiana" stamp. Sherry is invited to stay at Robin's Nest for her safety. Higgins discovers Magnum's attempt at writing a book. They engage in a humorous exchange of dialog regarding the book.

Honolulu Hotel Parking Lot - Day

Alex Hammond is taking pictures. She talks to a boy named Manny. Manny give her a description of the guy who stole the car that killed Jerry.

Police Station - Day

Tanaka tells Magnum some background information on Ho Chan.

King Kamehameha Club - Liquor Cellar - Day

Alex talks to Rick and asks him to find out the name of the person who stole the car that killed Jerry. Rick agrees if she will go out to dinner with him. She agrees. Based on her description, Rick says that man is Kamuela "The Kaz" Searles, a local hood.

Police Station - Day

Watt and Lamb talk to Tanaka and ask if they can see Jerry personal effects (to look for missing insurance files). Tanaka says they've already been claimed by her fiance Sherry. Watt and Lamb leave disgruntled.

King Kamehameha Club - Liquor Cellar - Day

Magnum talks to Rick. Rick is upset at Magnum for not helping him the other day. Ricks tells Magnum about his meeting with Alex.

Low Income Residential Street & House

Magnum enters the house of "The Kaz". "The Kaz" is dead from gun shots. Alex is hiding in the closet. Alex says "The Kaz" was already dead when she got there. She says she is trying to track down the stamp. She tells Magnum to not get in her way.

Robin's Nest - Day

Watt and Lamb talk to Sherry about the stamp. Sherry says she doesn't know anything about the stamp or where it is. Watt and Lamb leave. They don't believe she is telling the truth. Sherry picks up a framed photo of Jerry and removes what appears to be the missing stamp from back underside of the photo! Sherry then packs up her stuff, tells Higgins she's leaving for L.A., and splits. Sherry gets in a taxi at the front gate which is soon hijacked by a man. The cabbie is kicked out of the car. The man turns out to be Jerry! Watt and Lamb follow the taxi.

Police Station - Day

Tanaka and Magnum learn about the abduction and get a sketch from the cabbie. Magnum figures out that the sketch is of Jerry Conrad!

Hotel Room - Night

Watt and Lamb enter their hotel room and find Alex Hammond sitting on their bed. Alex asks them what they are really doing in Hawaii. After a lie, Alex says she knows who they really are (Ernie Tilton, a cat burglar, and Wilson Aames, a forger).

Desolate Beach House - Night

Jerry is holding Sherry hostage. Sherry has been roughed up a bit. Sherry somehow gets a hold of his gun and accidentally shoots him in the gut.

Outside the White Dragon Tea Room - Night

Sherry meets with Ho Chan and another chinese man. Alex emerges from the shadows with a gun drawn. Magnum soon emerges, also with a gun drawn. Alex shoots the henchman. Chan kicks Magnum to the ground. Magnum knocks Chan out (as he was just about to pulverize Rick). Sherry shoots Magnum in the shoulder (who was protecting Alex). Alex shoots Sherry's gun out of her hand.

King Kamehameha Club - Beach Bar - Day

Magnum is talking to Rick and T.C.. Alex arrives and gives him one thousand dollars (for his help in finding the stamp). Alex leaves to go back to San Francisco and asks, "Have you ever considered another line of work?"
(to Magnum)
Rick: I don't mind threesomes, but I want to give Vicky my undivided while you show Janet the sights, okay?

(to Dano, the policeman)
Tanaka: Book him, Dano.

Higgins: By the way, I've taken the liberty of retreiving Mr. Masters' typewriter.
Magnum: What did you do with my work?
Higgins: If you mean that droll one-page manuscript you've been slaving over, I corrected the spelling and left it with the empty potato chip bags.

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