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Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

(Unfilmed Teleplay)

Writer: Karen Klein
Script Date: 11/29/1982
# Pages: 68
Season: 3

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Main Cast
Magnum, Higgins, T.C. & Rick
Emily Fletcher, Alice Fletcher, Charles McCauley, James Barron, Keoki Pahinui, Roger Winston, Forbes, Jed, Chi-Chi (Poodle) & Ling-Ling (Poodle)
King Kamehameha Club, Robin's Nest, Fletcher Mansion, "Fletcher Island", Art Gallery, Marina, Red Dragon Bar, Seedy Apartment
Episode Summary (Written by Doc Ibold)
The episode opens up with a montage of shots with Magnum spending a day with a beautiful young woman named Alice Fletcher. The montage consists of scenes of things like the two of them swimming, romping on the beach, having lunch and finally ends up with palm trees framing a sunset.

There is then a Magnum narration:

"Did you ever have a fantasy that there you were, lying on the beach on a tropical island and this truly gorgeous looking woman comes up and starts talking with you... And then you end up spending the day together, and the evening? Well, the only trouble with fantasies is... Sometimes they come true."

The scene fades to the two dancing at the King Kamehameha club, telling each other that they will never forget this night and Magnum asking Alice what she is doing tomorrow. Alice tells Magnum that there will be no tomorrow, and this is goodbye forever. Magnum, confused, asks why because they had only just met that day.

Alice dramatically announces that the very next day, she is getting married to Charles McCauley, the Australian Ambassador to the United States, and she wanted to have one last fling and asks Magnum to forgive her.

Magnum asks where Charles is and Alice replies that he's off at a stag party and probably getting drunk and not to worry about it. Magnum finally agrees that this is to be their final good bye and shakes her hand, and walks away. Alice asks for a goodbye kiss. He leans in to plant on one on her cheek, but she grabs him and kisses him passionately on the lips and tells him she'll never forget him.

Just as Magnum turns to leave, he runs into a "paunchy, balding bull of a man in his 40's exploding in jealous rage", Charles McCauley. He grabs Magnum by the shirt and starts beating on him. Magnum gets away and McCauley chases him, tossing aside anything in his way, tables, chairs, busboys, etc. Magnum is trying to explain it wasn't what McCauley was thinking, but McCauley is having none of it, calling Magnum every name in the book. Magnum agrees with him, trying to calm the situation down, all the while dodging punches. Finally Charles lowers his head like a bull and charges Magnum, who finally connects with a punch and knocks McCauley out.

At this time, Rick comes out and sees his club trashed by the melee and laments the scene in front of him. Magnum checks on McCauley to make sure he's OK, and Alice turns on Magnum like a lioness and tells Magnum to "get his hands off her husband." She slaps him and the scene ends with Magnum breaking the 4th wall and looking at the camera and putting his hand to his aching jaw.

The King Kamehameha Club offices with Higgins and another man, James Barron

Higgins, as usual is chastising Magnum for the episode, with Magnum protesting his innocence saying he barely knew the girl. Higgins tells Magnum that this was no ordinary "girl" and was Alice Fletcher, a member of one of the most distinguished and socially prominent families in the islands, and that he jeopardized a relationship with one of the "Crown Colonies."

Higgins introduces Mr. Barron as a member of the U.S. State Department. Mr. Barron tells Magnum that while McCauley has accepted the U.S. apologies, Alice Fletcher's older sister is asking for more punishment to be handed out. However, in return for Magnum's services as a PI, she is willing to drop assault charges. Magnum protests and Barron interjects that she mentioned if Magnum did not take the case, she would make sure that everyone in Honolulu society would "avoid the club like the Black Plague".

Higgins immediately tells Magnum he's taking the job, and Magnum protests. Higgins tells Magnum that he doesn't know Emily Fletcher and that he is, indeed, taking the job. Magnum yells that this is blackmail and how could Higgins be bullied by a social snob, which leads to the following awesome exchange:

Higgins: Thomas
Magnum: What?
Higgins: I am a social snob!

Next Day

Magnum is driving the Ferrari up a coastal highway narrating that Higgins had filled him in on the Fletcher family. They had financial and land holding worth millions, and their family tree was in the history of the Hawaiian islands going back to the early 1800s when King Kalakua gave them an entire island for putting down a riot of whalers in Lahaina (Maui).

A large estate with park like grounds and palm trees lining the road

It is obvious that Alice and Charles' wedding reception is going on. Magnum narrates about Fletcher Island was a remote island in the chain with about a few hundred pure-blooded Hawaiians residing there. The island was forbidden to tourists and even local Hawaiians. Magnum then comments that most of the world even forgot the island even existed.

Magnum exits the Ferrari, noticeably out of place at the reception in his Hawaiian shirt and jeans. He approaches the greeting line, but turns around once he is confronted by two little white poodles (named Chi-Chi and Ling-Ling) who promptly chase him up a tree.

The reception is over, with Alice going toward the mansion. We see a twenty-something Hawaiian man (Keoki Pahinui) watching her from the bushes. He follows her into the house and into her bedroom where she is taking off her veil. He startles her, but she recognizes him and asks why he is there. He replies that she thinks he should be peeling coconuts on Fletcher Island, and that he was stupid enough to think she loved him. She begins to flirt with Keoki, who has none of it and throws her to the bed. Alice then becomes angry and said he was a fool to think she would marry some Hawaiian lounge singer. Keoki replies that her people stole the islands from his, and he'll take some of it back and throw it in her face.

Magnum's still in the tree, and a haughty young woman in an out of date wardrobe approaches the poodles growling at the tree. She turns out to be Emily Fletcher, Alice's older sister who asks who Magnum is. He replies, and she says that he is early and must stay in the tree until Alice is off on her honeymoon. She then leaves.

A little while later, a forty-something man with a cold air that is masked by his cultured persona. The poodles growl at him. He looks around to make sure no one is looking and gives them a kick in the rear, and the poodles run off crying. He then shakes Magnums hand and introduces himself as Roger Winston, a friend of Emily's.

Roger and Magnum end up in the Mansion, where Emily dismisses Roger with a peck on the cheek and tells him she will see him at the gallery opening tomorrow. He tells Emily she is making a mistake (in hiring Magnum is the undertone), and leaves the room.

As soon as he leaves, Emily cuts into Magnum, telling him that he is a disgrace, a Don Juan, and a gigolo, but that she'll hire him anyhow. He asks Emily what for, and she takes a framed photograph off a table and hands it to Magnum. It is a picture of Keoki Pahunui holding a large fish and grinning. She tells Magnum that he disappeared from Fletcher Island 6 months ago with the notion of becoming a lounge singer, and that she hadn't heard from him since.

Magnum asks if Keoki could even sing, which Emily says that he could like an angel. Magnum dismisses it as a young man trying to test his wings. Emily claims that she is responsible for the well-being of the Hawaiians on Fletcher Island, and that Keoki was no more ready for the outside world than his ancestors. Magnum tells Emily that people aren't possessions, and gets up to leave. She scolds him and calls him an aging beach bum and tells him he can't quit. There's another verbal barrage of insults between the two and Magnum finally snaps and says that she's a spoiled brat and he's going to do what someone should have done long ago and takes her over his knee!

As he does this, he realizes how foolish this is, as does Emily and they both laugh and declare a truce. Emily still wants magnum to find Keoki, so she gives him the last letter she received from him. Magnum tracks it to Keoki's old apt and finds out where he used to sing at.

Red Dragon Bar

Keoki is at the bar with 2 rough looking men, and they are speaking over a map of Fletcher Island. The two men, Forbes and Jed, laugh and say it will be like taking candy from a baby. Keoki looks uneasy. Magnum orders a beer and the bartender points out Keoki. Magnum approaches the three men and asks for Keoki. He acknowledges Magnum, but becomes curtly responds to Magnum when he finds out Emily Fletcher is looking for him, and tells Magnum he doesn't want to talk to Emily or any other Fletcher. When Magnum presses on, Keoki brushes him off. Forbes and Jed tell Magnum to back off, but when Magnum further speaks to Keoki, Forbes and Jed knock over the beer, blinding Magnum. As Magnum stumbles around, Jed slugs him in the face and the three men flee the bar.

A seedy looking apartment over a Chinese grocery

Keoki, Jed and Forbes are all present. Forbes is angry at Keoki, because as everything was ready to go, his "big sister" came looking for him. Keoki protest that she isn't his sister, but just acts like it, and that the fight was unnecessary. Jed, the muscle of the group, is concerned that they've been seen. Forbes formulates a plan for Keoki to visit Emily at the mansion and tell her everything is all right, and that it was all a misunderstanding. Keoki wisecracks that it'll be hard to make nice when Jed laid out that guy who was sent to find him. Jed grabs him by the throat and tells him he'd better go along with Forbes plan. Forbes assents by saying that Jed has a real talent for messing people up. The let him go and condescendingly pat him on the back. Keoki leaves. Jed and Forbes decide to go see their boss, as they feel Keoki is having second thoughts.

Fletcher Mansion living room

A visibly beaten up Magnum is being tended to by Emily and remarks that ever since he got involved with this family, he keeps getting hit. Emily asks about Keoki and Magnum replies that he's hanging out with some rough characters. Emily decides that enough is enough and that she's going to find Keoki herself and send him back to Fletcher Island. Magnum tries to calm her down and says he's going to try to talk to Keoki without his "bodyguards".

Keoki suddenly appears and says that he doesn't have his bodyguards with him. Emily is overjoyed and runs to embrace him. Then she holds him at arms length and scolds him for missing Alice's wedding, about not a word exchanged in six months, and how worried she was. Keoki brushes it off and says that he's been playing gigs all over the islands. He apologizes to Magnum and says that his friends, his managers, are a little overprotective. Emily is amazed he has managers, and Magnum accepts the apology.

Emily asks him when he's going back to Fletcher Island, and Keoki replies that he isn't. She asks him if it's about his silly singing career, and Keoki responds that he realizes that's what she thinks, one of her good little Hawaiians pursuing a silly pastime. Emily tries to apologize, but Keoki leaves. Emily asks him to at least visit the Island. Magnum leaves the room.

Fletcher Mansion exterior

Magnum confronts Keoki at his car and tells him he's in some sort of trouble. Keoki denies it, but Magnum doesn't fall for it. Keoki accuses Magnum of calling him a liar, and Magnum admits it. Keoki tries to get in his car, but Magnum holds him back. Keoki again denies lying, but Magnum gives him a business card and tells him to keep it and to contact him anytime. Keoki keeps the card, then leaves.

Fletcher Mansion living room

Emily has been crying but tries to conceal it. She tells Magnum she's all right, but Magnum doesn't believe her. She finally breaks down and says that Keoki is like a little brother to her, and that she feels like she has lost him, and that he is so hurt and angry. She is about to break down again, but her will takes over, and she starts getting her things together. She tells Magnum that she needs to go to the opening of Roger's art gallery and thanks him for his assistance. Magnum offers her a lift. Emily tears up again.

Roger Winston's Art Gallery

It's an eclectic mix of modern art and Polynesian antiquities. Many of his well-to-do clientele are milling about for the champagne open-house reception. In the midst of this, we see a shot of Roger conferring with Forbes and Jed by a large tiki! Forbes is explaining the situation of Keoki cleaning up the situation with Emily. Whenever a client passes by, Roger sounds off a genial greeting to a guest. Forbes relates that he believes Keoki is softening up. Rogers asks is Forbes and Jed have been able to glean the site from Keoki yet. Forbes says that he hasn't divulged it yet, as he feels it's his meal ticket. Roger is irate and says that he could sell any of the artifacts on Fletcher Island to anyone in the room, at any price, no questions asked, and that he intended to do so. Forbes asks how, and Roger says he's moving up the timetable and asks if they would be seen from the village. Forbes and Jed say that from the map Keoki showed them, they won't, but want to know what to do about Keoki and the detective. Roger says he doesn't care how they get Keoki, but to leave Magnum to him.

Roger Winston's Art Gallery-Exterior

Emily and Magnum pull up in the Ferrari. As they are about to exit the car, Forbes and Jed exit the gallery. They meet eyes with Magnum and then make dash towards their car and take off. Emily is clueless as to what is going on. Magnum puts the car into gear and floors it in pursuit.

The Streets

Ferrari and generic non-descript car tear around corners. Emily is outraged and demands Magnum stops the car at once. Magnum catches up to the car and pulls along side. Emily asks him if they are drag racing, and then the cars take a steep turn together. Emily holds on for dear life and demands that Magnum stop the car. Magnum tells her to "Shut Up!" Incredulous that someone has told her to shut up when no one ever had before, Emily thinks Magnum is insane and tells him so. Magnum doesn't care.

Still racing side by side, and the non descript car losing ground, Jed tries to bash the Ferrari. Magnum swerves and avoids this. Meanwhile, Forbes pulls a gun and Emily is crying for someone to stop the race. She sees the gun and demands that someone put the gun away because a race isn't worth dying for. Magnum pushes Emily down towards the floor as Forbes takes a shot. Emily, oblivious, is outraged that someone would take a shot at them, scolds Forbes and flings her purse at the car (missing by a mile).

Emily, now incensed, demands that Magnum catch Forbes and Jed, and Magnum once again tells her to shut up. Emily once again demands, as she will not have people shooting at her. She then puts her foot over Magnum's and pushed down the accelerator. Magnum is displeased. The Ferrari then spins out, nearly flips, and Jed and Forbes car gets away.

Magnum gets out of the car and Emily asks him why he let them get away. Magnum points out the obvious point of Emily putting her foot on the accelerator. Emily contends that Magnum didn't have the fortitude, or else the men would have been caught. Magnum retorts by saying that he wanted to make sure Emily didn't get her head blown off. Emily, defeated, says that she could have taken care of herself. Magnum then tells her that he knew the men, and that they were Keoki's managers. Emily says that they need to do something. Magnum says to think about it, and Emily suggests a drink.

The King Kamehameha Club

We see Magnum and Emily at a table. Emily has two empty wine glasses in front of her, and is drinking another. She's visibly buzzed. Magnum is nursing a beer. Emily states that she didn't know why she didn't drink before, as champagne is such a happy drink. She giggles. Magnum is amazed that she can laugh. Emily giggles again and said she was horrible for calling Magnum a gigolo earlier. She then sits up with a start and says there are only 50,000 left. Magnum, confused at the sudden turn in conversation asks "50,000 what?"

Emily then recounts that she was talking about Hawaiians, and that there were almost a million Hawaiians when her family first came to the islands, and now there are only 50,000. She says that there needs to be a safe place to preserve them, but she knows she can't hide the world from them. She then thinks of what's becoming of Keoki and muses off. Magnum tries to comfort her, but she continues. She relates that she was raised on Fletcher Island and Alice went away to boarding school, and that she loves Fletcher Island. She then tells Magnum that it's a magical place, and asks if he would like to hear a legend about it, but then suddenly recants. Magnum prods her and she finally relents and tells him:

"Once there was a great king of the island of Lanai... King Oponui (fictional) and his wife, Queen Kalani (fictional). And they loved each other very much. But it was in the days when King Kamehameha the Great was fighting to unify all the islands. Oponui was against this, even though he knew he would lose in the end, in the last great battle. So Oponui ordered Queen Kalani to run away and hide on the island now called Fletcher Island, so she could be safe. But she didn't. She waited until after the great battle - and her poor husband died in it - until after dark, and stole out onto the battlefield and took King Opnui's great feathered cloak and helmet, and all his weapons ... and took these with her to Fletcher Island. She climbed high into the mountains... the pali... and hid all those things in a secret place where no one would ever find them. And when she died, she was secretly buried there too. Legend says she guards the island still."

Magnum remarks that the story was beautiful, and the band kicks up. Emily wants to dance. As they go out onto the dance floor, Emily seems like a difference person. Magnum comments that she's a much nicer person by not walking around with a poker up her backside and that she's quite attractive. Emily becomes suspicious, and asks if he said the same thing to Alice and other women. Magnum tells her to calm down and trust him. Emily replies its hard to be rich and trusting in the real world. Magnum theorizes that this is why Fletcher Island is so special to her, because it is Emily who needs the safe place, not the Hawaiians.

After this touching moment, and it being the King Kamehameha Club and dancing involved, you can guess what happens next. As the two are dancing, a hand grabs Magnum's shoulder, spins him around and punches him in the stomach, and then the face, and then crashes into a table, destroying it. It is Roger Winston. Rick looks up from the bar and yells out "Not again!" Emily wants to know what Roger is doing there.

Magnum, Rick, Emily and Roger all end up in Rick's office. Magnum is icing his jaw and saying he feels like a human punching bag. Roger apologizes and said that he overreacted when Emily didn't show up to the gallery, and when he saw Magnum and Emily, and it was reminiscent of Magnum and Alice, he lost it. Magnum accepts it and Emily tells Roger that she and Magnum were trying to find a way to help Keoki. She decides that she is going to go with Roger to the Red Dragon Bar. They go to leave and Magnum asks Emily to stay for a minute.

Magnum asks Emily if anything was ever found in the burial site. Emily claims it was all a myth and that it was silly of her to have told him. Magnum asks her if she's sure, and she says yes. Magnum then relates he saw Keoki, Forbes and Jed looking at an island map. Emily asks if it was Fletcher, and Magnum replies that he believes that it was. He also drew a link between the thugs coming out of the gallery and asks Roger sells ancient artifacts. Emily doesn't believe him and says he must have been hit harder than she thought. Magnum presses on that maybe there IS a burial site. Emily still denies it. Magnum then posits that there has to be a black market for antiquities for unscrupulous dealers and collectors. Emily then says that Roger would never do such a thing. She leaves the room.

Rick, who's been working at his desk comes over and comforts Magnum, but tells him that things are about to get worse. Incredulous, Magnum asks how. Rick presents him with an $800 bill of damages to the club. Magnum protests and Rick tells him to talk to Higgins. The phone rings, and Rick answers. He tells Magnum it's for him. Magnum takes the phone.

Marina phone booth

It's Keoki. He tells Magnum that he has to talk fast and they're about ready to leave for Fletcher Island. A gun comes into the frame and rests on Keoki's neck. It's Forbes and Jed. They grab him and push him toward the dock. Magnums voice is heard from the dangling receiver.

King Kamehameha Club

Magnum say he knows what the crime is, but doesn't know where it is. Rick looks confused. But Magnum gets an idea and says that he may know someone who does.


Jed and Forbes tie up Keoki in the speedboat. Keoki tells them the deal is off. Forbes puts a gun to Keoki's face. Keoki just stares at him.

Fletcher Mansion

A cab is pulled up to the front door, and Emily is about ready to get into the cab. Magnum screeches up in the Ferrari and asks where she is going. Emily replies that even though it's none of his business, she's flying to Fletcher Island. Magnum tells her about the call from Keoki. Emily looks horrified. Magnum says he'll take her there. The Cabbie protests that she's his fare, so Magnum gives him five dollars, which the cabbie accepts. Emily tells Magnum that there are no outsiders allowed on Fletcher Island, ever. Magnum tells her that since its being invaded by art thieves and kidnappers, she might want to make an exception. Emily tells him that his services are no longer needed. Magnum calls her the most obstinate person ever. Emily tells the cabbie she would like to leave. Magnum tells her that she just can trust anyone. Emily gets in the cab. The cabbie tells Magnum that he thinks he's right, gets in the car then drives off. Magnum watches the car, then remembers and yells "Hey, what about my 5 bucks?"

T.C.'s apartment building, nighttime

Magnum rings the doorbell, then beats on the door. T.C.'s sleepy voice is heard through the door asking who it is. When Magnum replies, T.C. says the answer is "No!". Magnum asks "No to what?" T.C. then opens the door and peers blearily at Magnum and says "To whatever it is you're going to ask for". Magnum tells T.C. that he's turning into a very cynical soul. T.C. wonders who's fault that may be, and tells him to quit the jive as he knows he has that "I need a favor" tone in his voice. Magnum then says to imagine a moonlit ride over the Pacific to an untouched tropical paradise, forbidden to the outside world. T.C. asks him if he knows what time it is. When Magnum replies that he doesn't, T.C. grabs Magnums arm and looks at his watch. It's 2am. T.C. says that he can't tell Magnum how little interest he has in moonlight on the Pacific at the time. Magnum still tries to cajole him about his sense of adventure. T.C. is about to shut the door when Magnum finally breaks tells him he needs a little favor. T.C. says "to forget it, no way Jose, absolutely not..."

T.C.'s chopper at night

Magnum says that he knew T.C. would come around once he explained the situation. T.C. says he's still confused that "he's flying in the middle of the night to someplace where ain't NOBODY is supposed to go, to stop a crime that MIGHT be going down against some folks who TOLD you to get lost" and tells Magnum that he has a talent for something. Magnum that's him, and T.C. continues the tirade that magnum is bullheaded and the Fletcher lady doesn't want him there and that he (T.C.) KNOWS he doesn't want to be there. Magnum tells T.C. that there's something there that people are willing to kill for. T.C. asks what. Magnum replies "some sort of buried treasure or something". T.C. yells out "That's it" and turns the chopper around. Magnum asks him what he's doing and T.C. replies he's going home to his nice warm bed that he should have never left. Magnum tells him to turn the chopper around or else. T.C. asks "or else what?" Magnum say or else he'll be very unhappy. T.C. chuckles. Magnum, suddenly serious, tells T.C. that he has a strong feeling, like back in Nam that something's going down on that island and Emily will be in the middle of it. T.C. gives Magnum a long hard look and turns the chopper back around. T.C. asks for a share of the treasure, and Magnum says he's not sure it works that way. T.C. tells Magnum that he asks for a LOT of trust.

Fletcher Island, deserted beach

T.C. lands the chopper. He and Magnum get out. Magnum has a flashlight and map. T.C. asks what to do next. Magnum says that according to the map, the village is a half mile up the coat. They start walking. T.C. comments that the place gives him the heebie-jeebies, and Magnum comments that it does bring back memories. T.C. hopes they don't get shot at, and Magnum tells him he would never lead him into danger. A shot rings out. Emily steps onscreen and tells them to put their hands up, unable to see who it is. Magnum tries to say who it is, but Emily shoots again. Magnum and T.C. duck. T.C. gives Magnum an "I told you so" look, and Magnum finally yells out that it's him. Emily stops shooting, and tells him she expressly forbade him from coming on the island, and she should shoot him for trespassing. She asks T.C. who he is, he responds. Magnum asks if she's here to stop Roger and his goons. She says she is, and that she'll manage alone. Magnum tells her she needs help and she knows it. She finally relents. Magnum says that it's settled and she can take them to the burial site. Emily feigns ignorance again, but Magnum finally gets her to admit she knows where it is. T.C. suggests using the chopper, but Emily tells him it's too small on the mountain to land, but there is a beach near there called Cooks Cove. T.C. goes back to the chopper, and Magnum and Emily head into the island.

Ridge- Sunrise

Magnum and Emily emerge from the jungle to a high ridge with an incredible view of miles and miles of coast. Magnum is gasping for breath. Emily isn't breathing hard at all. She tells Magnum that they're at about 4,000 feet. Magnum asks how she knew about the burial site. Emily replies that she always knew. When Magnum asks how, Emily tells him that the legend IS true, and that Queen Kalani was her great-great-great grandmother, as well as Keoki's. Magnum says that the knowledge must have been passed down for all those years and remarks that he never shared a sunrise with royalty before. There's a warm moment between the two.

Ridge, later that morning

Emily points to the top of a waterfall and says they need to go there. They both begin climbing. Once they reach the top, Magnum asks where they go next. Emily walks right through the waterfall. Magnum follows.


Magnum remarks that he can believe what he sees. Inside the cave is a whole array of ancient Hawaiian artifacts - a feathered cape on a rack, a war helmet, war clubs, knives, tapa wrapped gods, and a oblong coffin made of sennet. Magnum asks who the mummy is, and Emily replies that it's her grandmother, and says that the coffin itself is priceless. Offscreen, we hear Rogers voice, telling her that he couldn't agree more. Magnum and Emily turn around to see Roger, Forbes, Jed, and Keoki, with his hands behind his back. Keoki explains that they made him lead them there, and that he was sorry and tried to stop him. Jed punches him in the stomach. Emily is outraged. Roger then throws two large sacks down and tells Emily and Magnum to fill up the sacks. Emily calls him a villain. Roger slaps her across the face. Magnum starts for Roger, but Roger points his gun at Magnum and tells him to get to work.

Cooks Cove

Magnum, Keoki, and Emily carry large sacks of artifacts, followed by Forbes, Jed and Roger. Jed runs ahead and pulls a camouflage tarp off the beached speedboat. Roger tells them to load the boat. Magnum looks for a change to make his move, and finds it. He fires off a quick karate chop that dislodges the gun from Roger's hand, Keoki goes after Jed. Forbes is looking for a clean shot, and Emily pulls a war club out of her sack. Roger is scrambling for the gun, but Magnum kicks it away. Forbes is about to shoot Magnum when Emily jumps on his back. Keoki and Jed are trading punches. Forbes then throws Emily off his back, but she dislodges the gun with the war club. Forbes lunges for her, and she cries out for Magnum. Magnum is about to finish off Roger, but when he hears the cry, Roger scuttles away down the beach. Magnum remarks that he's tired of being punched at and knocks out Forbes with one shot. Emily, now with Forbes' gun points it at him.

Roger is fleeing down the beach, but out from behind a hill comes T.C. with the chopper. Roger runs in one direction until T.C. cuts him off. Then, he runs in the other direction, but T.C. again cuts him off. He starts running in the other direction, but T.C. is just too fast.

Meanwhile, Magnum has taken the gun from Emily and goes over to where Jed is mauling Keoki. He points the gun and Jed freezes. The game of tag between Roger in the chopper is coming to an end, as Roger is out of breath He finally stops in his tracks, while T.C. lands and get out of the chopper.

"You're it!", T.C. says

Fletcher Village

The village is small and charming, with a luau going on. Everyone from the island is in attendance. There's food, music, dancing, and everyone is having a great time. Magnum recounts that in honor of saving the artifacts, Emily decided to throw an old-time Fletcher Island luau. And for the first time, company was invited.

T.C., Magnum and Rick are in T.C.'s chopper as it floats out of the sky, as they land they are greeted with affection and leis by Emily, Keoki and the villagers. As they sit down, the party dies down and Keoki announces to the villagers that the Bishop Museum is having a special showing of the Fletcher Island treasures. Emily then says that as a small measure of appreciation, they are going to bestow a check of $1000 to Magnum. Everyone cheers and the party starts up again.

Keoki hugs Magnum, who then sits down with T.C. and Rick. Rick snatches the check from Magnum and says "Ill take that". Magnum protests, but Rick reminds him that he owes the club for damages. Magnum says that he only owes. $800, but T.C. chimes in and says that with all the flying around he's been doing, the remaining $200 will do for gas money. Magnum tells them that they're breaking his heart, and Emily comes over and puts a lei on Magnum, and kisses him sweetly. Rick and T.C. look on wryly.

Rick comments, "I think you'll recover"

Emily then pulls Magnum over to the dance where everyone is dancing Tahitian style. Emily and Magnum join in. Magnum looks right into the camera, then flashes the trademark smile.

Freeze Frame

The End

Higgins: I will not have the social credibility of this club jeopardized by your romantic escapades. Either take this job or never set foot in this club again.
Magnum: This is blackmail.
Higgins: Right.
Magnum: How can you let some social snob blackmail you like this, Higgins?
Higgins: Thomas.
Magnum: What?
Higgins: I am a social snob.

Magnum: I knew you'd come around once I explained the situation to you, T.C.
T.C.: Then how come I'm still confused? Here I am in the middle of the night, goin to some island ain't nobody supposed to go to, to stop some kinda crome you think maybe might be goin down ... against some folks already told you to get lost. You sure do have a talent for something, pal.
Magnum: Thanks T.C.
T.C.: Yeah. A talent for being bull-headed! That Fletcher gal don't want us to be there, and I know I don't want us to be there.
Magnum: T.C., you've got to trust me on this one. There's something on that island I think people are willing to kill for.
T.C.: Oh, yeah? Well you still ain't told me what, yet.
Magnum: Well, a kind of buried treasure.
T.C.: Buried treasure! That does it!
(T.C. turns the chopper back to Oahu)

Special thanks to Doc Ibold for providing the script & all of the info about this unfilmed episode!

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