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Pahonu (aka "The Robin Masters Estate") has a new owner!
3/26/2015 - Longtime Pahonu owner Eve Anderson has sold the hallowed property to Chicago businessman (and close friend of President Barrack Obama) Marty Nesbitt for a cool $8.7 million. Mr. Nesbitt bought the property with his own money and didn't have any partners or co-investors in the transaction. It appears that the Obama's were not behind the purchase of the property (although we'll have to wait and see, I guess). He hasn't said anything publicly about possible future renovations to the property, but we do know that the mortgage is nearly $1 million more than the sale price, indicating some major reinvestment is probable. Let us hope it is restored to its former glory.

Jonathan Higgins 
New Animated GIF's page
11/12/2014 - Animated GIF's are here! Thanks to Magnum Mania! forum member marlboro we now have some fun-filled Magnum animated gif's available for all to see and use. The new page can be found here ('Pics' section) and features 20 animated gif's created from many memorable Magnum moments (including Higgins dancing, the Magnum eyebrow wink, T.C.'s chopper and many more). More may be added in the future. Give your browser a little bit of extra time to load the page when you first view it. Magnaminous!

Peter Fleming (ConchRepublican) 
Magnum Madness Thursdays on Cozi TV!
2/28/2014 - Longtime Magnum Mania! forum member ConchRepublican (aka Peter Fleming) has done several great Magnum P.I. promos for Cozi TV. Last year he did the 'Ultimate Fan of Magnum P.I.' spots. Well, this year kicks off with 'Magnum Madness Thursdays'! Throughout the month of March, sixteen episodes of Magnum will air (four each Thursday) with viewers having the ability to vote for their favorite in each bracket. The Fan Favorite winner will then air during the Magnum marathon on April 6th. The sixteen episodes were hand-picked by Peter Fleming (his "sweet sixteen"). You can catch the promo he did for 'Magnum Madness Thursdays' here. Watch Cozi TV for more! Great job Peter!

Robin's Nest (Pahonu) 
Robin's Nest for sale!
1/23/2014 - The Anderson Estate (also known as "Pahonu"), the real life setting for Magnum P.I.'s Robin's Nest, has gone on the market (41-505 Kalanianaole Hwy, Waimanalo, HI 96795). The 3-acre oceanfront property, with its beautiful 11,000 sq. ft. Spanish Colonial Revival main house designed by Louis E. Davis (built in 1933), has a list price of $15,750,000 (Sotheby's International Realty)! The assessed value of the property is around $8,000,000 and Zillow estimates it to be worth roughly $9,000,000. Let us hope that whoever buys the property will not tear down the main house and boat house and subdivide the property into multiple units. This is an historic piece of property. Renovate and restore, please!

Update: The property is now listed at $10,700,000!

Encore Channel 
Magnum P.I. on Encore Classics
11/30/2013 - Magnum P.I. has been added to the schedule of the new Encore Classics channel (premium cable and satellite) and will debut on December 2nd at 8:00PM. Encore Classics (formerly Encore Love) will focus on classic film content, along with some off-network comedy and drama series from the 1970s to the 1990s. It appears that Magnum will air Monday through Friday, 6:00PM and 8:00PM. The first Magnum Encore episode to air will be the pilot movie "Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii". It appears that the episodes will air in the correct order, starting with Season One. The current and upcoming Encore channels schedule can be found here. Encore will air a Magnum P.I. marathon on New Year's Day. Happy New Year!

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