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The Look

Episode Screen Caps Episode Number: 72
Season Number: 4.9
Air Date: 12/8/1983
Writer: Louis F. Vipperman
Director: Harry Falk
Producer: Reuben Leder
Exec Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Recurring Characters
Gillian Dobb (Agatha Chumley), Jean Bruce Scott (Lt. Maggie Poole)
Guest Stars
Gretchen Corbett (Holly Hudson), Stephen Young (Don Cassidy), Raymond O'Keefe (Benny Bryan), Ralph Strait (Ralph), Joe Moore (Russ Griffith), Nevada Woodward (Julie Meade), Devon Guard (Lori)
Episode Brief
A familiar voice on the radio leads Magnum to Holly Hudson, a popular Saigon disc jockey. Magnum discovers that Holly's been the recent victim of some very vocal death threats, but she's more concerned about the whereabouts of her missing fiance.
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1 The Holly Hudson character is not-so-loosely based on the pioneering New York City WNEW-FM (102.7) disc jockey Allison Steele (aka "The Nightbird"). In the opening scene, Magnum is listening to Holly's program on station 102.7.

2 Rockford Files alum Gretchen Corbett (Holly Hudson) makes her second guest starring appearance on the show. She previously appeared in "The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club" (1.11). Gretchen and John Hillerman were in a 1976 episode of Wonder Woman together, one which also featured Robert Loggia (Phillipe Trusseau from the "Pilot Movie").

3 Magnum mentions that he moved away from Tidewater, Virginia when he was "very young". This will be contradicted in several later episodes, most notably in "Going Home" (6.7) where we learn that Magnum graduated from Tidewater High School!

4 Longtime Oahu news anchor Joe Moore (KHON-TV) makes his second of five appearances on the show. Joe served two tours of duty in Vietnam as an Army journalist with the 25th Infantry Divison and was a newscaster with the American Forces Vietnam Network in Saigon. Over the years, he has also appeared in episodes of Hawaii Five-0, Jake and the Fat Man and One West Waikiki.

5 Jean Bruce Scott (Lt. Maggie Poole) makes her only appearance in Season Four. This is the last time she will be seen until the Season Seven episode "Death and Taxes" (7.6). During this "hiatus" she was a cast member of Airwolf. Her look has changed. She no longer has big glasses and has a more casual hairstyle.

6 Magnum briefly breaks the 4th wall (approx :10) when Higgins incorrectly guesses what the edifice is that Magnum is building. What's interesting is that he turns around to do it instead of just a slight averting of a gaze.

7 Several of Universal Studio's stock cover versions of various songs can be heard in this episode. The songs, with the original artists, include the following: 8 The Zombies 1964 hit "She's Not There" subtly features in the plot. Towards the end, when Magnum is trying call Holly at the station from Higgins' study, "She's Not There" is playing in the background on the radio. This helps to clue Magnum in on the fact that Holly is playing a pre-taped radio broadcast, and she is, in fact, not at the radio station! Magnum then says, "She isn't there. She taped that show when I was at the station. She isn't there." (Noted by Mark R.Y.)

9 When T.C. goes to visit Lt. Maggie Poole he wears a Marine jacket that says "Capt. Theodore Calvin, USMC". He says he is going to a reserve meeting, which would mean his current reservist rank is Captain. In the Vietnam War flashback scene, T.C. is clearly shown wearing Warrant Officer insignia which suggests that his change in status from Warrant Officer to commissioned reserve officer is intentional. (Noted by Stephen Huntley)

10 Rick is seen wearing an MIA bracelet, something he doesn't normally wear.

11 The King Kamehameha Club Jeep Wagoneer is seen for the second and final time. It was previously seen in Season Three's "Basket Case" (3.15).

12 The "KTDE" radio station scenes were filmed at a location just west of Waimanalo Beach, on Kamehame Ridge. The site was a Nike missile "administrative" installation up to the mid 1960s, and later a Witness Protection System safe house. Today it is a Winners' Camp for teens. Kamehame Ridge will later be used to film many of the "trapped under a plane" scenes in Season Seven's "Solo Flight" (7.16). (Noted by rubber chicken)

13 The climactic scene at the scenic overlook was filmed at a spot not too far from the "KTDE" radio station location. This location is used by hang gliders and was used for the final scene of Season Two's "Mad Buck Gibson" (2.9). (Noted by rubber chicken)

14 During WWII, Higgins was in Burma and participated in "Operation Neville", an assault on a bridge over the Irrawaddy river*. The operation failed, due in part to the fact that Higgins' men spent most of the night before drinking a concoction called "Bullfight Brandy", a potent substance that rendered anyone who drank it virtually uncontrollable for 48 hours. (Noted by Stephen Huntley)

* Probably as part of the Irrawaddy River operations in early 1945.
T.C.: Only someone who is tall, black and beautiful would call themselves a "Fox".

Rick: Twenty bucks says you're wrong, even money.
Magnum: Twenty bucks?
Rick: Put your money where your mouth is. (smiles)
Magnum: Well, I'm a little tapped out right now.
T.C.: Now there's a news flash.
Magnum: What with all the party expenses and all. I tell ya what, I'm expecting a check from a client, if you can trust me you got a bet.
Rick: Ok, you're on.

Holly Hudson: It's always been like this, even in 'Nam. Everybody had some idea about who I was, who they wanted me to be. They hear my voice on the radio, they think they know me.
Magnum: They want to know you.
Holly Hudson: No, they don't! No....they don't. They don't want to know me, Holly Hudson. They want to know some larger than life fantasy.
Magnum: Kinda goes with the terretory.
Holly Hudson: Yeah, well I'm changing terretories.

Ralph: Mr. Magnum, thanks for the invite. This English ale's got the kick of a Molokai mule. And any time you wanna break into a place I'm guarding...Open sesame!

Magnum: Higgins, don't ever sneak up on somebody like that, ever!
Higgins: I was hardly "sneaking".
1 In one of the most glaring continuity errors of the entire series, the birthday sign attached to the left skid of T.C.'s helicopter is present as T.C. and Magnum leave the estate, but in the next shot, as T.C.'s Chopper is in mid-air, it's gone. When they arrive at Kaheo Point, the sign has returned!

2 Agatha Chumley has been good friends with Higgins since they first met in 1975 and yet, she doesn't know his birthday?

3 The Oldies radio station where Holly Hudson works features posters of several 80s musical artists, including Quiet Riot (Hair Metal) and Boy George (Glam Pop). An Oldies radio station would never have these types of posters on the walls. (Noted by Wally)

4 When T.C. and Magnum arrive at the lookout point where Holly is holding Cassidy under gunpoint, the chopper rises up into view and you can clearly see that the pilot is not T.C. It appears to be a Caucasian man wearing a ski mask! (Noted by Frodoleader)

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