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Ki'is Don't Lie Ki'is Don't Lie

Emeralds Are Not a Girl's Best Friend

(Simon & Simon Crossover Episode)

Episode Screen Caps Season Number: 2.1 (Simon & Simon)
Air Date: 10/7/1982
Writers: Bob Shayne, Richard Chapman
Story: Michael Sloan, Glen A. Larson, Philip DeGuere
Director: Lawrence Doheny
Producer: Richard Chapman
Exec Producer: Philip DeGuere

Main Cast
Jameson Parker (A.J. Simon), Gerald McRaney (Rick Simon)
Recurring Characters
Jeannie Wilson (Janet Fowler), Mary Carver (Cecilia Simon), Eddie Barth (Myron Fowler)
Guest Stars
Tom Selleck (Thomas Magnum), John Hillerman (Jonathan Higgins), Morgan Fairchild (Catherine Hailey), Joe Mantegna (Henry), Panchito Gomez (Manuel), Eduardo Ricard (El Presidente Ramon), J.P. Bumstead (FBI Agent)
Episode Brief
P.I.'s Rick and A.J. Simon are in Hawaii tailing a con artist who Higgins has just entrusted with $350,000 in proceeds from his charity event. The three follow her to South America, where they reel her in with a con of their own, using a huge emerald and A.J. as bait.
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1 This Simon & Simon episode is the second part of a special "crossover story" with the Season Three Magnum P.I. episode "Ki'i's Don't Lie" (3.3). The episodes aired back-to-back on the same night. The crossover episodes were an effort on CBS' part to boost ratings for Simon & Simon (which was sagging in the ratings after its first season). This included moving the show to a new time slot immediately after Magnum P.I. on Thursday nights. Simon & Simon's ratings improved dramatically after the Magnum P.I. crossover story and time slot change.

2 The syndication version of "Ki'i's Don't Lie" contains a different ending than the original broadcast version. In the syndication version, the events are wrapped up with Catherine Hailey being caught at the airport before she flees to South America. The alternate ending was done so that "Ki'i's Don't Lie" could be viewed in syndication as a stand alone episode.

3 Magnum P.I. co-creator Glen A. Larson helped to create the story for this episode, but interestingly he was not involved in the story creation of the MPI crossover episode.

4 The beginning of the episode features a "Episode Brief" of the events seen in the Magnum P.I. crossover episode and contains the following narration:
"Last hour on Magnum .... While Rick and A.J. matched wits with Thomas .... a beautiful con artist escaped with $350,000 dollars .... And now continuing on tonight's Simon & Simon..."

5 Tom Selleck's credit appears as "Special Appearance by". John Hillerman's credit appears as "Guest Stars".

6 Most of this episode takes place in a fictional South American country - "The Republic of Costa Nueva".

7 This is an early-career appearance for Joe Mantegna. Joe will go on to have a very successful career in TV, Film, and Theater.

8 John Hillerman's voice is noticeably hoarse in most of his scenes.

9 The hilarious ending implies that Rick and A.J. will be staying at the Robin's Nest guesthouse for a lengthy amount of time while they testify at Catherine Hailey's trial, much to Magnum's playful dismay. They also apparently have free access to Robin's Chevy Blazer, all perks for helping recover the $350,000!

10 The shot of Magnum driving in the Ferrari at the end of the story is stock footage, originating from the first season. Notice he is wearing a navy blue top, but when he gets out of the Ferrari at the Estate, he is wearing a green vest and a cap. (Noted by Jay-Firestorm)

11 Higgins spent 28 days of unrelenting misery in a Kanji tiger cage (date unknown)!

12 Higgins participated in an assault up the Khyber Pass against Afghan fighters. No date is mentioned, but the only time the English Army saw action near the Khyber Pass during Higgins' career was in 1940, so it must be then.
Magnum: I don't even know you guys.
A.J. Simon: So trust us.
Magnum: Oh, that's a hot one! You gotta be kidding.
A.J. Simon: Alright, so don't trust us! We'll keep in touch.
Magnum: Let me talk to Higgins.

(To Magnum)
A.J. Simon: Oh listen, I did take the liberty of rearranging some stuff in your closet. We needed some more room.
Rick Simon: Yeah, you never know how long these court cases are gonna drag on.
(Rick and A.J. begin to walk away towards the tidal pool)
A.J. Simon: Hey, remember that embezzlement case in Fresno?
Rick Simon: Oh boy, we were stuck there for three months ...
Magnum: (smiles)
1 When A.J. meets with Catherine out by the pool, the camera goes back and forth as they speak to each other. Look closely at her drink, the amount of liquid in the glass changes several times. (Noted by seahawks1)

2 When Catherine moves the satchel across the table, her finger nails are painted are orange but the insert shot shows her nails as pink. (Noted by Little Garwood)

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