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I've just been reading on a german blog, that Orson Welles was supposed to appear as Robin in the final episode, but did not make it until then.
So they changed the script and came up with the less satisfying resolution.

Is there any truth in this or pure speculation?

Edit: Welles died October 1985 and the last episodes where probably shot in 1987/88 so the blog is obviously talking nonsense....

Orson Welles was the voice of Robin Masters in the earlier seasons and it's been speculated that they were going to get him to portray Robin in an episode (previously, the body was that of an extra whose face was never shown). Welles passed away before they ever got to using him so they came up with this running storyline to try to rationalize not having Robin around any longer. Once Welles passed you never even heard a voice as Masters, he'd be referenced as having had lunch with Magnum or flying in for a day or whatever, but they didn't give us physical proof of him again.

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The great debate. I must weigh in :lol: Yes JQH is Robin AND no he is not. Does he in fact write the novels I would say yes, he does, the evidence I have seen points towards it. To those who say Higgins isn't capable of coming up with such writing I recall him telling a "scandalous" story in the chopper in Bird Man of Budapest something about a bearskin rug and finding a "hidden" microfilm? But I have digressed. What if Higgins and Robin have long been friends, lets presume soon after Higgins enlisted and went to war his life was saved by a young Robin and company. Therefore Higgins would almost owe him one but doesn't necessarily get along with the man. So several years later when Higgins comes across the man who saved his life, a struggling writer whose barely able to make ends meet, he offers to help him out and co-write a novel if you will. The catch was that no credit is to go to Higgins in order to protect his good name. After the first novel is such a success they both decide to keep "writing". Now enter Magnum, a well decorated Naval Officer and not very successful PI (at first) who does a favor for Robin in someway and as repayment he gives him a suedo job at the estate helping with security and a place to live. Now as stated before Higgins only tolerates his business partnership with Robin because it allows him to live a somewhat adventurous life, collect art, direct plays, write his memoirs, raise exotic flowers drink VERY expensive wine, and other things he might not be able to do on a retired SgtMaj. salary. So the animosity towards Robin is projected towards TM. He then is forced in a way to go with what ever his business partner (Robin) does Like gambling the estate away lol. And J Digger, well that's easy. Higgins gave the finished edited tape to Robin to give to the Publisher, but Robin gave it to Magnum to safeguard until his next trip. When Higgins found out that he didn't give it to the publisher he was so mad he was going to quit the charade and resign the partnership. Remember Higgins wasn't very mad at Tom? haha well that's my theory anyway. Criticism is very welcomed lol.

I was there, you know.

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